Jtube: The Internship

How can you stand out in an interview?

Jtube: Surfing Rabbi

How does nature inspire you?

Jtube: The Best Football Play

Who do you think benefited from this more – Keith or his teammates?

Jtube: Sleeping on Strangers on the Subway

What acts of kindness have you experienced that have changed your life?

Jtube: Encouragement: Pass It On

Who encouraged you to accomplish something you would have never done without them?

Jtube: New Girl

How do you know if you are a good person?

Jtube: Parental Guidance

Have parents today forgotten how to say no?

Jtube: The Bronx Youth Poetry Slam 2013

Does watching this kid make you proud to be Jewish?

Jtube: Kid President Talks to Teachers and Students

What are you going to do this year to be awesome?

Jtube: Stark Trek Into Darkness

When should a rule be broken?

Jtube: My Shoes

How do we know if we are praying for the "right" thing?

Jtube: Quantum Heroes

What "soul markers" have you accumulated as you approach Yom Kippur?

Jtube: Here Comes the Boom

What have you achieved that once seemed impossible?

Jtube: Onion Special Report

In what ways has society's sense of entitlement become skewed?

Jtube: Frasier: Lashon Hara

What are the dangers of Lashon Hara (gossiping)?

Jtube: 92Y Talks: Gene Wilder

Does the increase in violence and lewd language in movies impact our society? How?

Jtube: Despicable Me

What was the strangest rule you had growing up?

Jtube: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Why is it so difficult to find our soul mate?

Jtube: Homeland: Assimilation

How do we instill a desire in our children not to assimilate?

Jtube: Adopt A Jewish Mother

Why are Jewish mothers stereotyped so unfairly?

Jtube: Ross Bennett: Is Ross Jewish?

What distinguishes Jews from those who are not Jewish?

Jtube: 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee

Is there value in still knowing Yiddish today?

Jtube: My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech

How would you live differently if you were told that you only had a few months left to live?

Jtube: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Which love should be stronger: the love you have for your kids or the love you have for your spouse?

Jtube: Duck Dynasty

How have TV and films changed since you were a kid?

Jtube: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Why aren't we happy with how we look?

Jtube: Sandford and Son: New to Judaism

What was one of the most impactful Jewish books you’ve read?

Jtube: The Colbert Report: Tragedy in Boston

What is the best response to terror?

Jtube: What Would You Do: The Kippah

What would you have done if the applicant was wearing a turban or a hijab?

Jtube: Raising Hope: You’re Jewish

What would you do if you suddenly found out you were a member of a different religion?

Jtube: Wreck it Ralph

Can we change who we are?

Jtube: Tim's Place

What would it take for you to dance to work each morning?

Jtube: Lincoln

How does a person stay true to his principles?

Jtube: First World Problems Anthem

Why is it so hard to appreciate what we have?

Jtube: The Dictator

What do you think the international community should do to stop the Iranian nuclear threat?

Jtube: For Your Consideration

If you could institute a new word that would make people shake their "graggers" [noisemakers], what word would it be?

Jtube: Paperman

Did you experience any divine intervention in finding your partner?

Jtube: Oprah: Hair Covering & Modesty

Why does Judaism place such a high value on modesty?

Jtube: Dead Poet's Society

How can we teach our children to "seize the day"?

Jtube: The Jonathan Ross Show

What is the best advice to give a soon-to-be Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Jtube: The Tonight Show: Muhammad Ali, the Hasid

Why aren't there more famous Jewish athletes?

Jtube: Different Strokes: Conversion

If you weren’t born Jewish do you think you would convert to Judaism?

Jtube: Last Man Standing

How should we talk to our children about death?

Jtube: The Apprentice (UK)

What is the true meaning of kosher?

Jtube: Sanford and Son: You’re Jewish!

How do you think most non-Jews would react to finding out that they were Jewish?

Jtube: Saturday Night Live: Jewish Willy Wonka

Why is food so central to Jewish life?

Jtube: All in the Family: Archie’s Jewish Friend

How important is it to keep your Jewish name?

jtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live

As Jews, is it better for us to stand out or blend in?

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