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How does a person stay true to his principles?

How does a person stay true to his principles?

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(7) giles, January 18, 2014 4:50 AM

zen jewish

lincoln was not a tzaddik gamur nor a wicked tyrant as claimed by the war of northern aggressio revisionist dixiecrats. he was a principled pragmatist. not a yid but a mensch. even if his ancestry was 'melungeon' and he had some drops of sefardic north african from his mother, like elvis. we don't want to claim him since klara hitler is reckoned to be of berber and sefardi descent. we want to praise his wisdom not his genetics. wise jews are not uniquely wise. lincoln's menchlekeit is the takhlit of yiddishkeit. maybe he was a crypto jew which is more important than a known one like bernie madoff. some are tribal jewels others are universal jewels. to the nations light. shalom shalom.

(6) Kuppel Lindow, April 23, 2013 4:02 PM

It's about following a visionary.

I agree that this clip doesn't belong in Jewlarious, but it's awesome!

This clip is a parable for following the mitzvot. So many times the Torah says "And so-and-so did what Hashem told him to do." So what? Wouldn't one expect Moshe or Aaron to do what Hashem commanded them?

Here's the deal. Lincoln is saying to his colleague, that his short term plan may be fine, but the long term consequences could be devastating because he isn't taking all the variables into account. Lincoln wants to go slowly, be benevolent and thoughtful over the long haul in order to keep the country intact. (See the Treaty of Versailles for the opposite.) There's a message here.

Hashem told us to do mitzvot. Do them His way and not vary. Humans are short sighted and connot possibly see all the pitfalls along the way. Hashem, however, can. Therefore, do it Hashem's way, the thoughtful and all-knowing way. Give G-d the benefit of the doubt and don't rely on our short-sightedness.

Now we see the praise of Moshe, Aaron and others who simply did what Hashem told them to do. They didn't add their two bits which they understood would be terribly imperfect. Nadav and Avihu tried to subvert the system and look what happened to them.

"We will do and then we will listen." is the way to follow Hashem for His ways are perfect.

(5) Johnny Vanbiesbrouck, March 31, 2013 1:47 PM

Abrraham was Jewish

So much circumstantial evidence points to Abraham being Jewish or at the very least coming from Jewish Descent. Why doesn't someone do a book on this. there is tons of empirical evidence in the library of Congress

Andrea, July 28, 2013 8:01 PM

Wishful thinking. While it's true that President Lincoln was as close to a Tzaddik as we've ever seen in the White House, it's simply not true that he was Jewish. By the way: it's also true that he declared that the religion he would choose, if he had to choose, is the one that enjoins man to "Love G-d with all your heart and all your soul." That's part of the Sh'ma, the Jewish pledge of allegiance to G-d. However, his mother was not Jewish, she did not have Jewish blood, nor did Mr. Lincoln ever convert to Judaism. Abraham Lincoln is one of my heroes, and I'd love to claim him as one of ours, but it;s just not so.

(4) Anonymous, March 17, 2013 6:26 PM

Lifelong task...

You ask, How does a person stay true to his principles? I think the annswer may be looked as plain and simple...if we strongly believe in Torah and preserve Judaism, we would have not problem in staying true to our principles and to what the Creator offers and has been offering to us throughout our lives for the past three thousands years.

Thank you very much for an excellent topic to think about.

(3) mordi, March 13, 2013 7:45 AM

Mixed up

This was not funny. It is short and to the point and has great lessons for Judaism. It speaks of respect. It speaks of change. It speaks of unity. It speaks of war. It speaks of peace. It speaks of timing.

It is a great feature. Place it where it will be more effective. It will be a mitzvah.

Place it in the more serious heading so that more people will watch it, and learn from it.

(2) christine robey, March 12, 2013 10:58 PM

One day at a time.

If we live according to our principles in private, and in the little things, then the big things will naturally follow and no law or culture will be able to prevent those principles from bearing fruit.

(1) Elisheva, March 12, 2013 4:03 AM

Make A Big Plan To Live Out Your Principles

By every means possible a person committed to their principles will stay on course when, after doing the following, they receive a true vision. Pray to G-d about your true purpose and where it's not working; read the most inspiring sources to bring forth your best version of yourself (ie Torah and Mishneh Torah, et al); study more diligently than you are comfortable doing; make a huge (and what some might call impossible) plan to make the world a better place by inviting others to embrace these principles; adjust the launch of the plan to allow for the gathering of core builders
and supporters; when there is enough stability among the core builders and the supporters for the plan to be worked, launch it. This is how one stays true to their principles. With what we build together.


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