Jtube: Silicon Valley

What is your best suggestion for hiring a new employee?

What is your best suggestion for hiring a new employee?

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(2) NesanelS, May 27, 2015 3:54 AM

To Answer to the Point

About what some of the guys answered what was not the point of the question, I once saw a story about the Chazon Ish (a great rabbi who lived until about 60 years ago). He asked a talmid (student) if he has a pen. The talmid answered, 'I have one but it doesn’t write'. The Chazon Ish said to him, 'and I have a broom but it doesn't sweep'. In other words, one should answer to the point. In this case, the student should have simply answered that no, he does not have a pen. (Now, if, perhaps, the reason that the pen was empty was because he wrote so much Torah, he could have said that, and then it would be worth mentioning, but just in general a broken pen!)

(1) NesanelS, May 27, 2015 3:47 AM

Good Lesson for Life

As is usually the case, a person perceives himself as being normal, and that others have to adjust to him. Of course there are always adjustments that people have to make for others, and that actually makes a person feel better. We can give an example as follows. I remember watching the construction of a building. All the steel girders and floor beams are manufactured to specification. Yet the steel-workers still have to push a little to get them in place. I realized that once it’s done, they will have a perfectly level and plumed building. So the pushing of the beams into place; the adustments are actually a good thing. If, however, the beams would not have been made right, them all the pushing will not accomplish, because it’s not to the point. So too, if people are out to do their best for others, then adjusting oneself for another will actually help oneself become a better and happier person. Because one is less involved with oneself; less 'sunken-in' to oneself, and more involved with others. This actually makes the person happier, like with the beams, because one becomes ‘leveled’, and it is therefore good for a person to be involved with others. However, that is only when the others are being reasonable. However, if one were to go to Sedom, and there they'll laugh at his welcoming guests etc, and he's going to feel that he needs to adjust, that's obviously not good, and one must take this into consideration in many areas of life. By the way, it seems from the video that they ‘learnt’ a little how to deal with unusual people – like telling the second guy that they are ‘dog-friendly’. This too is a lesson. People always take lessons in life, and it is something that a person to realize, that others are allowing him his ‘edge’. However, he should realize that he should appreciate it, and at least work with them and be clear and reasonable (and not forget what he’s really there for..!).


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