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Why should we send our kids to Jewish school?

Why should we send our kids to Jewish school?

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(13) steven pudell, December 25, 2012 3:39 AM

Not an Atypical Story

1. Jack of course mispronounces words -- but ask yeshiva kids who bentch by heart to say each word - and often youll be astounded. 2. It may have been an orthodox school or a community school -- not that for these purposes does it matte. 3. I think that Jack's memories are typical of guys his (and my) age. We were both born in 1969. We went to Hebrew school. Not all that assimilated (although his father was a convert). Not all that negative. However, many of the kids I grew up with married non jewish spouses because it was just not that looked down upon by the time they married in the late 90s or early 2000s

(12) Aliza, May 31, 2012 12:36 PM

hope he did send them

There are lots of stories of kids of non-observant parents being sent to Jewish day school and bringing their families along for the ride - to light Shabbat candles, keep kosher, etc. Baby steps. Maybe it will happen with the Blacks, maybe not, but at least they're exploring it. I had to giggle, though, at "Chad Gad YaD" :) But Jack's remembering seders as a kid was sweet.

(11) Anonymous, May 30, 2012 12:34 AM

the mlack hamuves killed the butcher every1 knows that!

(10) Anonymous, May 14, 2012 1:32 PM


We all have to start somewhere Maybe Jack was so mesmerized by the angel of death that he never got to the last verse: And the Holy One Blessed is He came and slaughtered the Angel of Death . Jack Black is on Jewlarious and in the latest Muppet Movie, his pintale yid can't be buried too deep!

(9) Pascale, May 13, 2012 6:21 AM

Kol ha kavod

I am overjoyed at this interview! Thank you Aish.and congratulation to Jack for having such an open mind, and going back to basics. This is a message to all of us Jewish parents and children, live out the mistvot with joy and love, put yourself into it even if it is only one mistva, you have no idea what it's cosmic effect will be. That simple song that Chazal decided to include in the Hagada shel Pesah might just be Jack's ticket home....and kol ha kavod to him and his family for marrying a bat Israel, may Jack be an example and a light to all, may we learn to see with the heart and not the eyes, and may we he be zoche to reap hiciste nachos from his children and family!

(8) Anonymous, May 11, 2012 1:38 PM

Love Jack Black

Another reason to LOVE Jack Black. He is one of my favorite actors. It's hard to tell from this interview, Jack's level of knowledge or observance. It's sad to me that some observant Jews are so judgmental. I would say that passing judgment and talking the way they do would be something that Judaism does not espouse. You need to guard your tongues. Obviously Jack Black believes Judaism should be an important part of it his childrens' lives-- otherwise he wouldn't even consider sending them to a Jewish day school.

(7) Yehudit, May 9, 2012 7:00 AM

No judging

Im not judging jack, he's the result of a powerful culture that he had no strength against. But I was struck by his vivid childhood memories of the Seder, and though he doesn't know it yet, those are the seeds that will one day sprout. They are also the proof of the power of positive religious educational experience, something he may have lacked later on: a lesson for us all. Baruch Hashem he married a Jewish girl, his children are Jewish, there is hope.

(6) Anonymous, May 8, 2012 7:31 PM

V'shinantom l'vanecha .....

Jewish education from early on is vital. First the children must learn before they even understand and with learning and with time, they will understand the beauty and truth of Torah. That is why organizations such as Aish are so important bringing back Jews to their roots and to learn what it means to really be a Jew. It hurts watching someone like Mr. Black in this video who deep down probably would really like to know who and why he is, but it's a shame his little chit chat on TV shows the sad situation of today's Jew. Hopefully, he will send his children to at least a Hebrew day school for their family's Jewish continuity (BTW, there's no such thing as an atheistic Jew (just lying to themselves, and don't even know it).

(5) Lyone, May 8, 2012 6:44 PM

Good For Jack!

Such negativity toward Jack Black! But rally, I think he should be congratulated for wanting to educate his children from such an early age about Judaism.

(4) Anonymous, May 8, 2012 6:16 PM

Good for him

Weird to bring that up on TV; I cringed (sorry, Jack!). But as a life step for the Black family, it's just about a home run. For a guy like that to consider a Jewish day school?! Beautiful!!!

(3) Anonymous, May 8, 2012 1:49 PM

so sad

Send your kids to a Jewish school and maybe someday, you'll be more interested in your own religion. Kinda funny how he thought the angel of death kills the ox, but really sad how he thought that was all there was to it. I hope his kids can get back to their heritage if their father's not willing to bring it to them.

(2) ERA, May 8, 2012 3:18 AM

So sad

The really sad thing is he got all his details wrong--he mispronounced "Haggadah" and he forgot that it's not the angle of death who's top in "Chad Gad Ya"--It's G-d. Plus the angel of death kills the Shochet (slaughterer) not the ox, obviously. But he should still send his kids to Jewish school--or they'll be totally lost. Unless they find aish.com!

(1) Grace Fishenfeld, May 7, 2012 6:58 PM

Learn Together

Jewish History is filled with interesting relationships and events. It's study is a wonderland of excitement. Western civilization has been greatly influenced by Jewish History. It is a primary source for many religions. Loyalty, bravery, and a striving for knowledge are its highly prized endeavors. Respect for others and and the value in helping those in need is inherent in Jewish studies. If you feel that there is value in having your child connect with his/her roots while getting a good education, your family will profit by sending your children to a good Jewish school. You can still do this, however, in the public school system if you scout out a good Jewish cultural program at a YMYWHA and become active yourselves in learning more about who we are and how we got that way. Children and parents will enjoy being together as they share in the educational process.


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