Jtube: The Dog House

What do women really want from their husbands?

What do women really want from their husbands?

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(11) Anonymous, January 4, 2011 7:46 PM

It speaks to both sides

I (a man) definitely found this video funny. But, as commenter 9 Chana touched on, this says something about women at the same time as it does about men. Yes, any gift that is given should have the benefit of the receiver in mind, more so than the giver. But I will tell you this. I once gave my wife a vacuum for her birthday and I lived to tell the tale. It was simple. The vacuum we had was no good. She really, really wanted a new one and made that clear to me. She was very happy to receive it because it was something she needed and wanted. On the other side of things, I've completely struck out with jewelery that has sometimes never even been worn. It's really a matter of how you perceive things. In short, we all have work to do.

(10) Adrian, December 4, 2010 2:33 PM

That's a good one

That's a good one to play to ALL men. I can see the funny side to this clip, and as I am a man, Husband & father of three and I can relate to the theme of this articale very well as I had done this act with my wife very early in our marrige. I must say that after much heated debate and also my wife not letting me to forget it for quite some time, I changed my ways in how I treated her with gifts and on other occasions. We must treat everyone with fairness and equility in all we do and say.

(9) Chana, December 1, 2010 7:00 AM

Needed to watch that!

That was really hilarious!! I told my husband that it might be offensive to him but when he watched it, he got a good laugh too! It's okay to laugh at ourselves.... Oh, and about the "onesidedness", it seems to portray women as lacking practicality but rather needing jewelry and the such. So it's not just pointing fingers at men....but hey, who cares.

(8) Anonymous, December 1, 2010 4:39 AM

Are men really that dumb?

Actually, many are. It is a shame that their mothers, the women who raised them, did not think to teach them how to be good husbands and fathers. This video is a joke, but it is also a sad reality as stated in some sincere comments that women think they just have to put up with whatever they get because men are incompetent. My sons know how to buy their wives gifts that make them feel special. They cook, they clean, and they are great with kids. Needless to say, I get along well with my daughters in law.

(7) , November 30, 2010 8:03 PM

Why the dog house?

If women can--and do--send men to the dog house, is it alright for a man to send his wife to the cat house?

(6) rachel, November 30, 2010 6:21 PM

thanx for the laugh

Both my husband (of 22 yrs) and I watched this video and had a great laugh together. It reminded us of some silly gifts received in the past and how and I laughed then because they were things you could never imagine being presented as a gift.

(5) Hinda Glassner, November 29, 2010 10:05 PM

Where do you buy a dog house?

I guess after G-D made man and saw all the mistakes, he had to make us! I should have sent my hubby to the dog house a long time ago but I keep hoping he'll finally wise up. He does have other qualities so we make the best of it, right girls?!

(4) Anonymous, November 29, 2010 5:19 PM

lighten up

The correct spelling is misandrony, and I disagree. This film is not misadronous.

(3) Anonymous, November 29, 2010 4:04 PM

One sided?

How is it that after so many years of studied opposite sex psychology we are still unable to understand that men actually think different to women. My girlfriend hosted a party the other night and told me the extensive effort and ideas that she put into it. Decor, games, themes and chat topics... Honestly I don't know any men that could throw a party like that. It would be more of a BBQ and beer type get-together. Inconsiderate? Lazy? Or is it that perhaps ever since the existence of men - they have different likes to women. When women ask men to watch a girly movie, go shopping for clothes, join her at a tea party, and they refuse, why is it that they are upset, annoyed and feel mistreated but yet, when a man asks a girl to come with him to a bar, watch a war movie or go out to look for tools at the hardware store it just considered not feasible and unheard of at all. One sided? What do you think?

(2) Lauence Fisher, November 29, 2010 9:38 AM


I met my friend outside a jewellery shop and he was holding a little box. He said to me: "I asked my wife what she would like for her birthday and she said anything with diamonds in it." "So what's in the box?" He replied: "A pack of playing cards."

(1) GHOSTpssrby, November 29, 2010 5:07 AM

This is disgusting. The misandry* in this video is disgusting. Would they get away with a 'kitchen duty' commercial where women are stuck in the kitchen? No! The men are treated like animals in this video, and we're supposed to laugh. I'm not laughing. *According to this comment box, the word 'misandry' doesn't exist. How convenient.


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