Jtube: What Would You Do?: Anti-Semitism

How would you react if confronted with Anti-Semitism?

How would you react if confronted with Anti-Semitism?

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This video encourages the discussion of Jewish values as they relate to contemporary culture. Jewlarious does not endorse any particular film.

Comments (51)

(51) Anonymous, February 14, 2015 12:29 PM

This is a great video for those who are antisemitic. That clerk was really rude! This illustrates another point. Think before you speak!

(50) victor, July 14, 2011 1:02 AM

antisemitism comng big way

Antisemitism has not really gone down. All it has happened is that Jews managed to make non-Jews, particularly Euro-American Christians, feel guilty about the Holocaust, that is all. There is no genuine change. Antisemitism can not be erradicated, particularly in countries where Jews achieve much influence such as the US today. Yes, the US is where antsemitism will happen big way. People just freak out when they see Jews having so much influence in many areas, such as US foreign policy. When they freak out they will turn violent. As long are not smart enough to find a way to be truly accepted by non-jews antisemitism is as natural (not moral but natural) as water flowing downhill. It does not matter Jews achieve the influence trough sheer dilligence. The point is tge fear we create. The ADL canm intimidate and silence many but does not change attitudes it just pushes antisemitism underground and in the process generates even more. It is a crazy situation; Jews have to figure a true way to be accepted otherwise we will go back to the historical pattern. Keep in mind also Jews are pretty dumb at anticipating anti semitism, as history shows.

(49) Katriel, February 22, 2011 7:46 PM

aside from the statements although rehearsed are all too common, what really gave me a sense of tranquility was to see that some of the patrons of the bakery did not allow the actor to continue his comments and asked him to keep them to himself. In the end "we are all brothers and sisters" like one of the men said.

(48) Bessie A Welsh, February 4, 2011 5:12 AM

Stop anti semitism, Stop bothering Israel

The last thing the government wants is an outbreak of anti semitism. With the rise of anti semitism in the United States, it has gotten the attention of the government. Times will get better, liberty to be Jewish in anyway you chose here in the U.S; if you leave Israel alone. One mistake I have read about, that their are Jewish groups trying to get Israel to conform to U.S. standards of Judaism. When this started in the 70's, is when anti semitism started rising in the U.S. When the Reform movement was sweeping Europe in the late 1800's, were they trying to get Israel to conform to them, then? It's a big mistake! These various groups need to leave Israel alone on these matters. Will they get the message! Learn from history and don't make the same mistakes again. The Reform movement and various other Jewish groups, fits into exile countries, Israel is not an exile country. Stop bothering Israel, and it will stop anti semitism here in the U.S.

(47) Anonymous, January 31, 2011 4:33 AM

Nothing changes

Society needs someone to kick around so they may feel superior. That has been the role of the Jews throughout history and not much has changed. Thankfully, there are the handful of folks who get it. Unfortunately, the vast majority still look for our horns and feel the Final Solution should be continued. And some wonder why Jews live in enclaves? Your story is the reason.

(46) george chapman, January 29, 2011 11:06 PM

closet jew

i have been in australia since 1961 and have been subject to antisemitisme in the most unusual places,ie lawn bowls clubs.other tenants in unit complexes,and middle class people,even some door knocking religious groups,possibly becouse of their ignorance of their own religion

(45) It's so obvious...., January 29, 2011 4:34 PM

Propaganda designed to "Divide and Conquer".

"United we stand, divided we fall". So who benefits? If you believe the bigot is not also an actor, you need to grow up and learn some history. Elites have always tricked the masses into fighting with each other, so they can continue to exploit us all. Why don't we stop fighting long enough to stand together against war, fraudulent bankers, corrupt politicians and starvation? Because we're too busy fighting over our petty differences, because we're naive enough to believe propaganda pieces like this!

(44) Dave, January 29, 2011 3:27 AM

I love the States

I am Jewish and from Germany. This video proves why I like the United States. Here in Europe, Germany and other countries people would not have been so outgoing against antisemitism and xenophobia. Eventhough one person had some antisemetic remarks, here in Germany (!) people would have just had standing by doing nothing. God bless.

(43) Beverly Kurtin, January 27, 2011 11:16 PM

Jew v Jew

The first day I was old enough to enlist in the Air Force, I joined with the hope that I'd get to Biloxi, MS for advanced electronics training as I wanted a career in broadcasting engineering. My girlfriends were getting pregnant right out of high school and the idea of wasting my life like that was odious to me. Our flight was organized and the Jew-hate started on day one. There were only two Jews in our flight. All through basic she and I took hell. In addition to the usual garbage that was heaped on us, we were physically attacked, our bunks were messed with just before an inspection and our lockers were turned upside down. Fortunately, our flight instructor knew what was happening and made us the floor supervisors. Just 13 years after the Holocaust, deniers were crawling out of the wood work like cockroaches. We found out who the troublemakers were and had the girls to another barracks. Eventually they received dishonorable discharges. When the final exam results were released, the two Jews shared the top honors; we were exactly 99.6% Today's Air Force might as well be a Christian Church. Non Christians might as well stay out of the Air Force. That is because the Air Force Academy is indoctrinating cadets to either become Christians or find themselves in a heap of trouble. I'm glad I'm out. Back when I was in the AF, if a woman became pregnant, she received an honorable discharge and was kicked out of the service. Such is life

(42) James Kendall, January 27, 2011 3:56 AM

Mostly encouraging

I am glad that the vast majority of those that spoke out, decided to speak out against the bigoted comments of the actor. It's not always easy to face anti-semitism or any form of hate when out of your element, and even more so when facing it among family. If I may, a few years ago my mother-in-law (a pastor) was driving my wife and myself around for a little shopping. During a conversation she stated the phrase "Jew them down". All of a sudden I was stuck inbetween respecting my mother-in-law by not correcting her and..well, correcting her. I knew she didn't mean what she said. Luckily my sweet wife saw the look on my face and asked, "Was that wrong?" I said yes and my mother-in-law asked what was wrong. I explained what she said and she didn't even recall it for a moment then, embarrassed, said it was wrong and apologized. Facing what is wrong is never easy but so much more satisfying for the soul than doing nothing.

(41) Anav, January 26, 2011 11:24 PM

I would want to talk to his manager.

I'm a Hebrew Israelite/Mesrachim/Ethiopian Jew. So I would catch it from all sides. I definitely would talk to his magager on the subject. If I feel that didn't help, then I would drop the better business bearu a letter of discontent. Also a call to the Jewish Defense League,and the NAACP would also be contacted. About the young lady in Austrailia who had a penny rolled to her, I too would roll it back, and said, ' is that what you think I'm worth? I answer to a 'Higher' calling.

(40) Anonymous, January 26, 2011 10:38 PM

The Jewish bystanders

The reason why the Jewish bystanders didn't respond to the anti-semetism is because we Jews have come across so much anti-semetism in our lives and history that it has become natural for us to experience it. Another reason is because those Jews who aren't religious are usually embarrassed about their Jewishness and try to hide it. What they don't realize is that what's the point of trying to be like the people who hate us?

(39) Buzzie, January 26, 2011 7:27 PM

Proud of their response except the one.

Glad to know I control the economy and money, can use that to get people to listen, because MONEY TALKS. Thought the show on this was funny to see how people responded. The clerk looked more Jewish than the ones with the Hebrew T-shirts on. Different ethnic groups saying they weren't going to buy there and walked out. Loved the guy who said he wasn't Jewish and being so voicest defending the Jewish people. The guy who said no I'm not a Jew but what you said is inappropriate. It was a feel good thing to see these people confronting the clerk. The big bad guy, toned it down some, not much, but some when confronted by the Host of the show. Surely he felt somewhat as a fool for how he responded so angrily with the hidden camera. I have stuck up for other people and ethnic groups and their religions when it includes them in the picture. If they try to include me (convert me) I take on a different role of defense for my own soul. These kids weren't trying to push anything onto anyone else. Amazing how everyone in the bakery got involved. They had the time to linger and not a one said they were in a hurry and throwing a fit they weren't being waited on. Amazing people in NJ.

(38) fwmalkin, January 26, 2011 4:38 PM

Reaction to anti-semitism depends on circumstances.

I enlisted in a pilot training program with the US airforce during world war ll. A group of enlisteed were shipped to Florida for basic training. At 18 years of age it was my first day away from home. Ejight cadets were assigned to the 7th floor of a hotel in Miami Beach were we were required to walk up the 7 flights of stairs to our assigned room. I was the first to reach the room, proceeded to drop some of my belongings on a bed, then took my small personal items and arranged them in the top drawer of chest of 6 drawers. A member of our group came over and said, "I want that drawer". I answered, "I was here first, it's my drawer". He then answered, "Goddam Jew, I'd rather kill a jew than kill a Jap". Although I lived in a mixed neighborhood all my life, I never encountered real anti-semitism. So how did I react, well when this guy grabbed the drawer, I slammed it on his fingers, hard. He yealled, but we knew that any fisticuffs would have resulted in our being elininted from the training program. Unfortunately, I had to live with this guy;s anti-senetuc insults for the first six months of my training.

(37) Anonymous, January 26, 2011 11:13 AM

I would have probably gotten into a fight with him and had the cops called on me

I have repeated incidents of intimidation, and discrimination at bars, crazy making, and overall harassment. There is nothing that can be done about it, people are stupid and ignorant, God will punish them. It hurts so much when people discriminate against you for anything like this. I have never emphasized my Jewish religion when I tried to make it as an artist, and I had one bakery like this tell me to leave or they would call the police, and although it was never spoken, I knew why they were acting that way. They concealed it, so they wouldn't get busted. People are so ugly and dangerous, they will do anything to hurt Jews, because they are so jealous of them. Jews know how to manage money. As far as pushy goes, I wouldn't say pushy, I would say we are definitely NOT sheep, we know what we want and go after it. We are certainly not to blame for the war, once a scapegoat, always a scapegoat. It's a lose lose fight. I feel sorry for Jewish people now, and anyone trying to have children, I live in a predominately anti Jewish state, and I couldn't find anyone to have children with that's how bad it is here. It was one excuse after the other, goy men are abusive, they drink, and they are lyers, and cheaters. If I were those people, I would not go to that bakery after that incident.

(36) malka, January 25, 2011 11:39 PM

i am jewish and i live in australia, which i believe is very antismitic country.australia has an underlying and deep anti semitic and antiracial attitude to anyone who is not white doesnt celebrate christmas or easter and doesnt go to sunday church, in fact the govt. still has a white australia policy, has never got rid of it. i have had antisemitic remarks said against me, but i never let them get away with it.you said that someone rolled a penny down the school corridor at you, i would have picked it up and rolled it rightback at that person and said, we jews give so much more money than you do, i dont need it, i will never let a goy make me feel less than i should be.

(35) tom dades, January 25, 2011 10:52 PM

To Devorah: They are told

If you watch the show, they always inform the people that it is a show. So, the people who walked out are told it was a set up, so nothing to worry about.

(34) Ester Tarnogol, January 25, 2011 10:45 PM

It´s time to wake up, the video is very moving

I wasn´t in such a situation, thank to G-d until now, but I think that I´ll answer to the antisemit people. In any case I usually phone de Television o Radio when I listen, infamy speechs, and I give my phone number but they never answered back. We need MASHIAJ now and I pray every day he´ll come just in this moment. I live in Argentina and I´m 61. Please go on with this matter because is important to be ready for the answers we must give. Thank you

(33) Anonymous, January 25, 2011 10:28 PM


I would make sure that all Jewish people in that neighberhood would boycott that bakery and let them know why.

(32) Lloyd Oestreicher, January 25, 2011 9:01 PM

Confronting Anti Semitism

Tell the perpetrator he is a jerk. Insult him back. You might even get into a fight. The only place I was really insulted was in th army, and my CO put the guy in jail.

(31) Anonymous, January 25, 2011 8:44 PM


I'm encouraged to see that so many non-Jews gave the actor/bigot what for. I hadn't expected that at all.

(30) GILBERT S. LEWIS, M.D., January 25, 2011 8:13 PM



(29) Harvey, January 25, 2011 7:43 PM


No one countered the anti-Semitic comments with facts proving him wrong. Jews do not control banks, etc. Madoff hurt more Jews than non-Jews, etc.

(28) Speedy, January 25, 2011 7:18 PM

Is the program doing good?

The whole segment is probable belie, all of them probable actors/ess even the "customers". There is something to learn and discuss from it though. Each person can see someone in it how they think they would of responded if this had happen where they were at (for real). Is this segment, making people aware of anti-Semitic, how to respond and how to follow through? Or is it feeding some peoples warped minds to be anti-Semitic or fuel it up what they already have? Which is it?

(27) Anonymous, January 25, 2011 5:59 PM


Edna, I am #9 and what your did was 100% correct. You stop the anti-semites dead in their tracks at the time they make those remarks. Thank you for standing tall!

(26) Bevy, January 25, 2011 5:22 PM

Edna, you did the right thing

Edna, you did the right thing! I was in Chicago with a colleague, the first cab drive he said he had to take a detour because of road construction to where we were going. I had wondered if this was so. The next day when we were out, we were catching a cab to go back to our hotel, a block from Michigan Ave., to get our suitcases before boarding to leave Chicago. The taxi driver kept going around in circles in downtown Chicago. I stuck my head through the space and started screaming at the driver, that he was just racking up the meter and I kept repeating the address and he was going in the opposite direction to where the hotel was. He drove several more blocks and pulled over and called me crazy and told us to get out and didn't charge us. Our thoughts were, how are we going to board on time, when I looked up and I spotted our hotel two blocks away. I really get fed up when people try to rip me off and yes I speak up, even if I do get called crazy in the process. I wouldn't shop at a store, catch a cab, or do business etc, who I know ahead of time, are antisemitic. In this video, it wouldn't be because the owner wouldn't put up the flyer, but what he added to his "No."

(25) Henry Wiltschek, January 25, 2011 4:34 PM

The Jews have taken a lot of beatings - and being thrown into Gas Chambers

Unfortunately this happens and still happens,. which are hard to break. If we are confronted by some young Neo Nazis - it is very hard to reason with them, I'm in the fortunate position as a German and catholic coming here 55 years ago being able to disarm most Jewish slurs with some " friendly " innocent comments like: What's wrong with Jews ? I have met lots of Jews coming out of Concentration Camps in 1945 and worked with Holocaust Survivors for many years ! Most people are totally ignorant about ( Jewish ) History not knowing, that Jews were not allowed by the Trade Guilds, to participate in any of " honorable trades, like being Blacksmith, Taylors, Carpenters etc. " but being relegated dealing with 2nd hand / dirt goods, like picking up scrap metals, glass and rubbish.- Another " dirty " commodity, at that time was " money " which the Jews could handle and make money with.. - No wonder, that we have some successful Bankers ( who certainly do NOT control the world's Money ), Merchants and many Professionals. - Besides a long list of very successful Entertainers, ( Jack Benny) and composers ( Irving Berlin and others too numerous to name ). In very short confrontations with some people it is difficult to get this across. People may have had bad experiences with " hard dealing Jews ", but nobody has a monopoly on this. One can have equally bad situations with many other nationalities, driving hard bargains. Also, going back some 1000- 1200 years and longer, it was the Clerics who always blamed the Jews for every natural and other disasters, epidemics, every illness,floods etc. I could not understand and it was beyond me, coming to Canada after the war and here the discriminations against the Jews, that there were signs up " No dogs or Jews allowed " This is unbelievable for what the Jewish people have suffered. - But we have to build bridges and hope for better understanding among people.

(24) Kendali Freitas, January 25, 2011 3:41 PM


The time to stand up for Israel is yestarday. We're way late in speaking against anti-semitism. Glad to see some folks out there voicing their support for the Jews.

(23) Devorah, January 25, 2011 3:20 PM

A bit unfair

Okay, the results of the set-up were somewhat predictable and at times heartening, as when the non-Jews were defending our rights vociferously. But stop to consider. This WAS a setup, with actors on both sides, EXCEPT for the spectators! The bakery was real, and its name clearly publicized over national television. So was the name of the town. Notice how many of the customers reacted by saying, "Let's get out of here. We are not buying from this place anymore." The name of a decent neighborhood business, and the name of the town of Bloomfield, NJ, has been needlessly besmirched. Even when the story eventually is revealed to us viewers, there were dozens of real-life customers who were never the wiser, and now have a really yucky feeling about anti-Semitism being alive and well in this town. Is that totally fair?

(22) Simon, January 25, 2011 2:48 PM

Affinity for Jews, can’t do without them.

A couple of business accomplishes that l have met will always warn me "stay away from Jews business people--they are difficulty people and hard to agree with, they are proud. Personally l have done business with Jewish companies, l have learned a lot on improving my job from the standard they uphold. Having been fond of Jews from biblical stories l have grown to have a different perspective, call it tolerance. Are Jews difficult? Yes if you don’t understand them, it is easier for mature Christian to understand Jews from the aspect of love and also from spiritual aspect. Attitude is a big player on how people behave towards each other. The attitude of knowing it all will always likely result into a confrontation. There is no doubt that Jews are ahead with intelligence in many areas which becomes obvious with time in a community, this in itself will arouse jealousy. Over and over again through history Jews have learnt to hold together, probably Jews keep secrets of what others think should be public domain. It is hard to find a Jew talking about their God and yet people want to learn about this God who makes them so successful therefore somehow there is frustration. True Jews are pushy in a subtle way probably as part of competition. What happens with the Jews will always happen in other communities where one race is more successful than the others. Learning to fight back in love will cool the attitudes.

(21) Anonymous, January 25, 2011 2:03 PM

I'm surprised .......

..........that no one threw a pie in his face.

(20) Edna Gorin, January 25, 2011 1:52 PM

neither did I

Lori, It is good to know that this didn't only happen to me, for I felt so ashamed whenever such a situation came up. Though in a cab, once, the driver told me half joking half serious that the people outside who were orthodoxs where just the sweaty stinking people he would never pick up and drive anywhere. At that moment I todl him, "there must be an awful smell in this cab, for I am Jewish too, so stop for I am going to pay for these two blocks you drove me, but here I get off" I was amazed at my reaction, so was he, maybe some lesson for him, and for me to react. Was I right?

(19) Robby Snyder, January 25, 2011 1:36 PM

God's Chosen People

Our Jewish friends are near and dear to God's own heart.. his chosen people and woe unto those who persecute them!

(18) Anonymous, January 25, 2011 1:29 PM


It was very encouraging to see the non-Jews' responses.

(17) Deborah Harris, January 25, 2011 2:49 AM

Believable because of uneducated people

There are some who still don't believe that the holocaust happened. There are some who have so much hatred in their hearts, their eyes are blind to any truth. There are some who love and respect and pray for the Jewish people and for Israel. I'm one of many around the world. The some don't matter. Their opinions are not worth the aggravation. I was pleased to see that many stood up for what many believe is persecution against the chosen people of God. Thank you for this display of what many people do for the cause of loving and knowing the truth in history.

(16) Suzanne Wilson, January 25, 2011 12:47 AM

Being a Jew

He made my blood boil. How arrogant he is. He and his family needs to be sent back to whare ever they came from!!! I might have thrown a pie or something in his face!!!

(15) Texan, January 25, 2011 12:09 AM

Thank God

I am so happy to see that people spoke up and walked out. I have never understood why people hate the Jews. My family supports Jews and Israel.

(14) Bonnie Bridge, January 25, 2011 12:09 AM

How Dare anyone say anything about the JEWS

I am a Christian and I am appaulled that you would show something like that one television. And if I were there I would have done more then leave and tell him to shout up. Everyone has a right to live and believe the way they want too. I believe in God and I believe the Jews are Gods chosen people. I also believe what the bible says pray for my people and I will bless you. Go against my people and have a lot of problems thats not exactly the quote but its pretty close. I would rather be on the side of God in this then against him. There are so many signs going on now. People need to stop blaming and start loving and believeing in God and his people. Thanks for letting me say my piece.

(13) Alexandra Cohen-Klinger, January 24, 2011 7:29 PM

Stand up to be counted!

I think that more people like these that stand up for our Jewish family need to step forward. Partial quote of a message by Pastor Martin Niemoller-First they came for they Jews and I did not stand up because I was NOT a Jew..then they came for me, and there was no one left t speak for me....stand up folks and be counted..

(12) Rick, January 24, 2011 4:49 PM


Very good video. Says a lot. The one non-Jew in particuliar that said they were "our brothers and sisters" was more right on than any of them. I believe the Torah mentions loving "Your neighber as yourself". To me, that means everyone. We are all human beings living in a country that has fought for freedom for many years. I love Israel and the Jews and I'm glad I was not there during the filming.

(11) ruth, January 24, 2011 4:23 PM

not ethical to stage this

I understand that it's interesting to see what people will do in certain situations, but it's not ethical to create this anti-semitic atmosphere by the actors to see what will happen. This staged event created very bad feelings among many who were present. It was not a fun candid camera situation. The ends don't justify the means. There are better ways to learn about anti-semitism in a community.

(10) YoJewMama, January 24, 2011 2:12 PM

not surprising

I found an article about a shooting at a synagogue in the San Fernando Valley some time ago. It was an early morning shooting in an underground parking lot and Jews were injured. They press reported that there was not evidence of a hate crime. Really? Then, the comment section had many comments that blamed the Jews for the troubles they are experiencing. Much hate. Mostly unnoticed. Every Jew should have a valid passport at all times, even in the wonderful USA.

(9) Allan, January 24, 2011 1:57 PM

What about JESUS?

The video is from an ABC TV show and is interesting. My answer to some anti-semites would be to ask if they were Christian. If the answer is yes then I would ask if they would treat their Messiah in the same way they are treating other Jews. Some years ago in the Sullivan County Catskills (of NY) the following happened.. I was driving behind a dump truck that was spilling pebbles unto the road. I happen to have a CB in the car and told the truck driver what was happening. From some other place out there in CB land came the comment "must be one of those Jews trying to get a free windshield". My almost instant reply was if "Jesus the Jew was driving the car would you speak to him like you are speaking to me"...the radio fell silent, the anti-semite had nothing to say.

(8) CLE, January 24, 2011 3:57 AM


People that have anti-semetic thoughts or talk because they aren't educated. Even if some people are, they still have their own mind...yet it seems all too often that people tend to 'go with the flow' rather than take a stand for what's proper and right.

(7) TMay, January 23, 2011 6:21 PM


I'll just repeat a story that I read in Montreal. The child in the story grew up to be a writer commentator. She was Jewish and her best friend was Catholic. One day when she must have been around 7, the mother of the best friend informed her daughter that she couldn't be friends with her Jewish friend because the Jews had killed Jesus. The little girl informed her friend. The little Jewish girl was amazed to hear this. She walked out of her house, over to her friend's house and knocked on the door. When the mother opened it, she said "Who's this guy Jesus and how did I kill him?" The woman got so entangled in trying to explain about how this all took place 2,000 years ago looking into the eyes of an innocent child 2,000 years later, that she realized that she was making a fool of herself and said something to the effect of "never mind" and the kids remained friends. The little Jewish girl grew up to be an articulate opinionated strong woman who said she believed in confronting situations her whole life.

(6) Sam Siegal, January 23, 2011 5:56 PM

I agree Jenny

I too would stand up to prejudice no matter who the target was. The other clip you brought up was the same show and the same actor playing the racist. It is mentioned in the full version of the show. I wonder what the elements were that had more people standing up in New Jersey? Either way, both scenes depict hate and bigotry and I would hope we live in a world soon that everyone would stand up.

(5) SusanE, January 23, 2011 5:32 PM

Keep in Mind this is a Scripted TV Program with an Agenda.

The Jewish couple and the woman Muslim in another video are very similar. Both are advertising their religion by what they are wearing. Hebrew on the tee- shirts and headcovering by the Muslim woman. Neither left when the shop owner said no. They stayed and argued. ~~~ Each episode had very different issues. One shopkeeper wouldn't serve a Muslim woman a product she wanted to purchase from the shop.. She stood and argued rights with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The shopkeeper in this video wouldn't accommodate the couples' request, when they asked to display a flyer in his place of business. The difference in the two instances is the Muslim woman wanted to buy a pastry and that was her reason for being in the shop. The young Jewish couple were asking to be accommodated and were not customers. When told no, they also should have left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If any of us feel our rights are being violated, there are steps to take peacefully to protect those rights by law. Nothing is accomplished by arguing with a bigot.

(4) Andre Ranulfo, January 23, 2011 4:41 PM

Try that in Louisiana!

(3) Jenny, January 23, 2011 2:15 PM

Doesn't this seem sort of familiar?

Yeah, it does- reminds me of a video posted on this site a while ago, with a very similar scenario- a hijab-wearing Moslem lady tried to order a Danish in a bakery, and the man behind the counter refused to serve her, showering her in accusations about how she's a terrorist, and the only ambition of her people is to destroy America, etc. Of course, they were also actors, and the other customers were watched to see their reaction. The point of the video as shown on this site was very different from this one, because in that bakery, only one or two people spoke up to complain about this man's action. It seems strange that there were two such different responses to the same scenario. It could be because of what #2 said about this being filmed in New Jersey, though that doesn't necessarily mean anything, and the other one being filmed in the South, I believe. But in answer to your question, if confronted with anti-Semitism, as a Jew, I would a hundred percent stand up to the accuser, but I would also do the same for anyone.

(2) Yitzi W., January 23, 2011 12:34 PM

Unfair- Try this test in Alabama or Kentucky

Doing this test in New Jersey is almost like doing it in Boro Park (Brooklyn). I think a more fair and unbiased test would be to try it out in Alabama or Kentucky. I’m sure there would be a very different response.

(1) Anonymous, January 23, 2011 10:54 AM

'am kshe aref"

Maybe we are a little pushy and wont take no for an answer but thats why we are still around today!!We may be a stiff necked nation but we are also very compassionate.


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