Stars of David: Stanley Kramer

Producer Stanley Kramer was the conscience of a generation.

Stars of David: David Mamet

Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet stands up for Israel.

Stars of David: Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra’s life was full of inconsistencies. But in his support for Israel he was remarkably consistent.

Sidney Lumet’s Forgotten Role

Standing up for the Zionist cause and for black civil rights.

Stars of David: Elizabeth Taylor, RIP

Elizabeth Taylor stood up for Israel.

Stars of David: Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht, controversial and imperfect, did what he could to help rescue Jews and publicize the atrocities in Europe.

Stars of David: Dennis Miller

Comedian Dennis Miller rants in support of Israel. Sadly, he’s one of the only ones.

Stars of David: Gertrude Berg

Gertrude Berg created the American sit-com. And she did it by portraying a proudly Jewish family.

Stars of David: Sandy Koufax

During a time when many Jews found it difficult to be different, Sandy Koufax was proud of it.

Stars of David: In the Lion's Den

A sole Jewish high school student stands up for Israel against an angry mob of demonstrators.

I Am Issur

Kirk Douglas stood up for Israel and the Jewish people. That's what makes him a “Star of David.”

Stars of David

Jewlarious is launching a new series profiling people who have stood up for the Jewish People or Israel.

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