Sinai for Non-Jews

What makes the giving of the Torah so universally relevant and necessary?

Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism

Exploring Judaism’s unique claim that no other religion in history has made.

What Is Torah?

More than the Five Books of Moses, Torah is the guide to living.

Addressing Biblical Criticism: A Critique of the Documentary Hypothesis

An in-depth examination of the story of the Flood yields numerous faults of the source-critical approach.

Overview of the Entire Torah

A big picture look at the books of the Bible and the Oral Law.

Judaism’s Unique Claim: National Revelation

Why is Judaism the only religion in the world that claims God revealed Himself to an entire nation?

Respect for Holy Objects

Taking care not to erase the written name of God.

Sanctity of Torah Scrolls

Our special relationship with sacred books.

Writing the Torah

Who composed the original Torah? How is a scroll written today? Is our current text accurate?

Accuracy of Torah Text

The great success of Jewish tradition is the meticulous transmission of the Torah text. But actually how accurate is it?

Process of Transmission

Everyone knows that the Talmud is full of disagreements. Does this mean that the information is inaccurate? Actually it proves the opposite!

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