Serpents of Desire: Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. An Introduction

Beyond the Lullaby Effect: Reading the Bible with open eyes.

Adam, Eve and the Elephant in the Room - Serpents of Desire, Part 1

Why would God want to withhold a knowledge of good and evil from us?

A Tale of Two Trees - Serpents of Desire, Part 2

Mankind's undetermined nature, perched precariously between mortality and immortality.

The Naked Truth: Serpents of Desire, Part 4

Discovering the key to the deeper layers of meaning beneath the narrative.

What's In It for the Snake? Serpents of Desire, Part 5

Forbidden Fruit and the assassination attempt.

Beauty and the Beast: Serpents of Desire, Part 6

Which Divine voice should you listen to? The voice of God that comes to you in words, or the voice of God that pulses inside you, that animates your very being?

The I of the Beholder: Serpents of Desire, Part 9

Desire can confound our perception of the way things really are. A biblical case study.

History's First Question: Where Are You? Serpents of Desire, Final Chapter

Even as God banished us from Eden, He bequeathed to us the tools we would need to make it in the new world of our own making.

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