Deuteronomy: The World of Covenant

The unique covenant on display in the Book of Deuteronomy.

Jacob vs. Esau, Part III: The Next Generation

Joseph embodied Jacob's mission to the world; Judah embodied Israel's.

How the Mighty Fall

An excerpt from the just-published book, Wisdom for Living: Rabbi Noach Weinberg on the Parashah.

Abraham: Altering the Course of History

Our forefather changed the way the world thought about itself, life and especially the Creator.

Jacob vs. Esau, Part II: Jacob Becomes Israel

Jacob, in assuming Esau’s mission, receives both a second wife and a second name.

The Ten Commandments

The experience of synesthesia, where the Jews at Mount Sinai actually saw sounds.

Jacob vs. Esau, Part I: The Two Roles

Unravelling one of the most cryptic episodes of the entire Torah.

Covenant of Abraham

The father of the Jewish people is a beacon for all humanity.

Abraham and Healthy Spirituality

Our forefather Abraham not only taught the world about God; he taught us how to discover Him.

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