Learn Hebrew: Zion

The Jewish dream of return to our land.

Learn Hebrew: Pirkei Avot

Words of wisdom from the second century Sages.

Learn Hebrew: Spring Renewal

Revisiting the Carmel Forest fire, at this Passover season.

Learn Hebrew: Dolphins

Israel's intelligent, friendly and playful aquatic creatures.

Learn Hebrew: The Carmel Forest

A story about the power of nature and of human generosity.

Learn Hebrew: Migrating Birds

Israel is the world capital for migrating birds.

Learn Hebrew: Olives

The symbol of peace, light and longevity.

Learn Hebrew: Eilat

Israel’s southern port and popular tourist destination.

Learn Hebrew: Be’er Sheva

Exploring the capital of Israel’s Negev region.

Speak Hebrew with Moshe and Leah

Join Moshe, Leah and friends on their first day speaking Hebrew. An armchair adventure as they pick up their first Hebrew words. Hebrew is easy to learn and fun to speak.

Learn the Hebrew Letters

Learn The Hebrew Letters

Learn Hebrew: Brit Milah

The Brit Milah ceremony: the most ancient Jewish ritual.

Learn Hebrew: Cats

The most popular pet in the world.

Learn Hebrew: Nobel

Israel’s tenth Nobel laureate is a woman.

Speak Hebrew - Scene 2: Parts of the Body

Where's the 'rosh'? Here's the 'rosh'! What parts of the body can you name in Hebrew? Play the game of 'Eyfo Rosh' with Moshe and learn how to talk about your own body - in Hebrew.

Learn Hebrew: Israeli Foods

This nation of immigrants has a wide variety of national foods.

Learn Hebrew: Passover

The most exciting night of the Jewish year.

Learn Hebrew: Tu B’Shvat

A day for celebrating the wonderful world of trees.

Speak Hebrew - Scene 3: I Am Very Thirsty

Out in the desert with no water around for miles! Join Moshe and his friend as they find an ingenious solution to the problem.

Learn Hebrew: Chanukah

The geopolitics behind this spiritual battle.

Learn Hebrew: Purim

Celebrating our deliverance from the clutches of evil.

Learn Hebrew: Trains

Criss-crossing the Holy Land at high rail speed.

Learn Hebrew: Winter Rain

With little fresh-water sources, Israel depends heavily on rainfall.

Learn Hebrew: Simchat Torah

The joy of completing the annual cycle of Torah reading.

Learn Hebrew: Rosh Hashana

Beautiful symbols for the Jewish new year.

The Meaning of "Adam": Insights into the Hebrew Language

The potential to sink lower than the animals and rise higher than the angels.

The Word "Hebrew": Insights into the Hebrew Language

Jews are also referred to as Hebrews. What can this name tell us about the character of Jews?

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