Speak Hebrew with Moshe and Leah

Start the animated ulpan. This animated Ulpan is a first step in understanding Hebrew speech. Ulpan is a word derived from Aramaic - it means "learn."

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Some simple words to start with

This charts list most of the words that are used by Moshe, Leah and friends. Use the transliteration to perfect your pronunciation of each word, emphasize the part in bold - not sha-lom but sha-lom. If you are not familiar with the Hebrew letters start by Learning the Hebrew Letters.

English Hebrew   Transliteration
Hello   sha-lom
Who?   mi
I/I am   a-ni
You (a girl)   aht
You (a guy)   ah-ta
You (guys)   ah-tem
You (girls)   ah-ten
We/we are   a-nach-nu

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