Learn Hebrew: The Carmel Forest

A story about the power of nature and of human generosity.

Learn Hebrew: Migrating Birds

Israel is the world capital for migrating birds.

Learn Hebrew: Olives

The symbol of peace, light and longevity.

Learn Hebrew: Be’er Sheva

Exploring the capital of Israel’s Negev region.

Learn Hebrew: The Russians!

One million immigrants have changed the face of Israel.

Learn Hebrew: Israeli Foods

This nation of immigrants has a wide variety of national foods.

Learn Hebrew: Zion

The Jewish dream of return to our land.

Learn Hebrew: Brit Milah

The Brit Milah ceremony: the most ancient Jewish ritual.

Learn Hebrew: Amusement Park

Why does Tel Aviv have a flying camel?

Learn Hebrew: Nature Reserve

Freshwater springs and old oak trees.

Learn Hebrew: Cats

The most popular pet in the world.

Learn Hebrew: Dogs

The Jewish canine corps.

Learn Hebrew: Acco

An ancient city by the sea.

Learn Hebrew: City of Haifa

A beautiful combination of blue sea and green mountains.

Learn Hebrew: Nobel

Israel’s tenth Nobel laureate is a woman.

Learn Hebrew: Trains

Criss-crossing the Holy Land at high rail speed.

Learn Hebrew: Water!

Speaking about the source of life.

Learn Hebrew: Rosh Hashana

Beautiful symbols for the Jewish new year.

Learn Hebrew: Simchat Torah

The joy of completing the annual cycle of Torah reading.

Learn Hebrew: Winter Rain

With little fresh-water sources, Israel depends heavily on rainfall.

Learn Hebrew: Chanukah

The geopolitics behind this spiritual battle.

Learn Hebrew: Tu B’Shvat

A day for celebrating the wonderful world of trees.

Learn Hebrew: Purim

Celebrating our deliverance from the clutches of evil.

Learn Hebrew: Passover

The most exciting night of the Jewish year.

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