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Kaluach for Windows.

(For Windows Only. This program will not run on a MAC.)

This user-friendly software program is a Jewish calendar covering thousands of years, giving you dates of holidays, weekly Torah portions, candle-lighting times -- plus lots of other fun gadgets. It even lets you add birthdays and yahrzeits of loved ones, with a reminder for every year.

"Kaluach" converts Hebrew dates to the civil calendar and vice versa. Plus it switches from English to Hebrew.

"Kaluach" covers hundreds of cities throughout the world. Simply set the location for anywhere in the world and all times are automatically adjusted.

Instructions: Click the link and save the file wherever you like. To run the program, simply click the icon. Shortcuts can be made and placed wherever you like.

"Kaluach" is a free download from, courtesy of Yisroel Hirsh, the creator of Kaluach.