21. Special Status of Mezonot

A mezonot ingredient is always considered primary, even when not the majority.

22. Soups & Cereals

A hodge-podge of ingredients produces some complex rules.

23. Unauthorized Brachot

An unnecessary bracha is a problem of "saying God's Name in vain."

24. Honor for Brachot

How to ensure that brachot are said with the correct spiritual intent.

25. The Right Environment

When saying a bracha, the surrounding environment must be dignified and clean.

27. Introduction to Shinuy Makom

Changing locations can terminate a bracha's effectiveness.

28. Leaving the House

Walking outside implies a cessation of this eating session.

29. Outdoor Eating

The difference between enclosed areas and open areas.

30. Shinuy Makom: Wrap-Up and Review

Instances when a bracha remains in effect even after making a shinuy makom.

31. Bracha Achrona - Introduction

The guidelines for saying bracha after finishing to eat.

32. Which Bracha Achrona to Say

Guidelines for the Three-Faceted Blessing, and the "miscellaneous" after-bracha.

33. Bracha Achrona on Mixtures

When foods are eaten in combination, which after-bracha do you say?

34. Birkat Hamazon – Part 1

The special after-bracha said following a bread meal.

35. Birkat Hamazon – Part 2

Grace After Meals requires extra dignity and concentration.

36. Time and Space

An after-bracha is subject to restrictions of when and where.

37. Bracha Achrona: After the Fact

What happens of you mistakenly said the wrong after-bracha?

38. Being Motzi Others

One person can say a bracha and exempt another person's obligation.

39. Answering Amen

When another person says a bracha, we answer "amen" as a testament that the statement is true.

40. She'hecheyanu & Other Events

The blessing that thanks God for enabling us to reach a special milestone.

41. Fragrances

Four different blessings said upon enjoying the aroma of trees and flowers.

42. Natural Phenomena

Special brachot said on the wonders of creation.

43. 100 Blessings Each Day

Averaged over a typical day, one bracha is said every 10 minutes.

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