Understanding Judaism – Introduction p. xvii – xxii



(1) What is the meaning of the Christians term 'prayer' and what is the Christian concept of prayer?

(2) What is the meaning of the Jewish term for prayer, Tefillah, and how does the concept of prayer differ for the Jew?

(3) Why would a Jew who is ill be told to change their name?

(4) How does Christian confession bring a person to atone for sin?

(5) What are the three steps to teshuva, and how does the teshuva process differ from Christian confession?

(6) Why does the person who has done teshuva warrant a different decree from God?

(7) What moral questions are raised by the actions of Devalera, the Prime Minister of Ireland, and of Eichmann after the Second World War?

(8) According to Judaism, can a righteous gentile have a portion in the World to Come? What would they have to do to be considered 'righteous'?

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