6. Reward for a Mitzvah

God wants us to serve Him out of love.

7. The First Exception

Without God in the picture, morality is relative.

8. Measure for Measure

God directly links a person's actions to the nature of the reward and punishment.

10. The Issue of Martyrdom

Three Jewish laws are better to die than to transgress.

11. Life Above All

The result of observing mitzvot is good health.

12. Enjoy Life on This Earth

According to the effort is the reward.

14. God's Omnipotence

Would we rather limit God’s power, or limit His goodness?

15. God's Goodness

A medicine may be bitter, but it is not bad.

16. Are We Close to the Messianic Era?

This world has a warranty, destined to expire.

17. Deeds of the Ancestors Foretell

Seeing a replay of the Jacob period of Jewish history in our time.

18. Deed and Creed: Finale

In order for redemption to come, we must first open the door.

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