The Gender of God

By understanding God's manifestations in both male and female imagery, we can begin to unify our connection to the transcendence reality.

God and Jewish Belief

God is both the Force of creation, and the Director of history.

Making Contact

How can we perceive the Infinite while stuck in a finite world?

The Design Argument

Does the intricate design of the universe serve as evidence for the existence of God?

Transcendence and Oneness

Kurt Vonnegut and encounters with the Infinite source of existence.

Belief in God

Strengthening one's intellectual understanding and emotional connection to the Divine.

If You Were God

We often question God's ways. But given the chance, how would we do things differently?

God and Nature

All events, large and small, ultimately result from God's will.

Understanding God

The Creator of space and time is unique from all existence.

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