6. The Big Bang

A world that is getting older has to have a starting point.

7. Primal Existence

Understanding G-d's independence.

8. Existence as an Act of Will

G-d's existence does not depend on anything else at all.

10. No Conflicting Interests

Though we cannot describe G-d, we can describe our perceptive experience.

11. G-d's Expressions in This World

Which anthropomorphisms are appropriate?

12. Will We Ever Grasp G-d?

Some spiritual entities are bound by time, not space.

13. Is G-d Spiritual?

G-d is not an angel, love or peace – any more than He is wood or stone.

14. Review of Chapter One

The Ramchal's five key points.

15. One, Not Two

It is impossible for there to exist more than one G-d.

16. The Purpose of Creation

What are you trying to attain?

17. Created for Pleasure

Life, universe, and the purpose of everything.

18. The Garden of Pleasure

Every human activity is a pursuit of pleasure.

19. Why did G-d Create?

G-d is in full control, constantly offering us pleasure.

20. The Ultimate Pleasure

Building a relationship with G-d.

21. Emulating G-d

A shift in attitude can build a deep relationship with G-d.

22. Free Will

Are human decisions based solely on predictable factors?

23. The Pleasure of Choice

When we choose well, we should feel great about ourselves.

24. A World of Choice

Dilemmas, challenges, confusion... our greatest pleasures in life!

25. Holding the Branch

Constant choices between perfection and imperfection.

26. The Illusion of Imperfection

G-d has to go out of His way to create a world with deficiencies.

27. Spiritual Metaphor

How the "props on the stage of life" help us connect with G-d.

28. Learning from Relationships

Relationships provide the deepest insights into our connection with G-d.

29. Environmental Ethics

Sensitivity to animals helps develop greater sensitivity to people.

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