Life as a Wedding: The Meaning of Lag B'Omer

The finite as a portal to the Infinite.

The Star of David

The deeper meaning of this iconic Jewish symbol.

Lilith: The Real Story

Why it's a mistake to make Lilith an icon of Jewish feminism.


Is there any substance behind the latest fad: kabbalistic red strings?

Star of David

From the Holocaust to the Israeli flag, what is the deeper meaning of this six-pointed Jewish symbol?

Kabbala #1: What Is Kabbala?

Kabbala is the Torah's expression of the way the world works. Removed from its source, it's a lot of rubbish. (First in a series.)

Witchcraft and Judaism

If magic and the occult do exist, why are they so evil?

Superstitious Minds

Wear a red string if you wish, but not as a magical talisman.

Judaism and Dreams

The significance of dreams in Jewish thought.

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