UK Anti- Semitism

The openly expressed loathing for Israel and Jews among a large swath of Britain's elites is cause for concern.

How Nachmanides Rebuilt Jerusalem

Forced to flee from Spain at age 72, the great sage restored Jerusalem's ruins.

Goodbye, Seri

People ask me how a life that ends at the age of six can possibly have meaning. Now I have an answer.

Jerusalem, My Home

How absolutely fortunate that I am living here, in this Holy, wholly unbelievable country.

Teaching the Holocaust to Our Children

In order to understand who we are, our children need an authentic exploration of our past, including the Holocaust.

Environments of Hate

Indoctrination in the Arab World and propaganda advocacy in American university classrooms.

Only In Israel_

A small glimpse of the special daily life we merit to live in the Holy Land.

Boycotting Israel?

Then unplug your computer and throw away your mobile phone.

Denying the Holocaust

As a child, I was obsessed with the Holocaust and swore I would tell the story. Then I became a mother and everything changed.

I Was Raised for Jihad

I grew up in Gaza, indoctrinated to hate Israel and the West. For peace to take hold, things have got to change.

Threads of Hope

A unique tapestry memorializes those killed by terror and represents the unity of the Jewish people.

The Middle East's Forgotten Refugees

I was born in Iraq and my family survived the Farhud, the Arabic pogrom of 1941.

Operation Pesach

Passover Food Fund, military style.

Orphan No More

A young bride receives the gift of love and concern.

Age Fifteen

Fifteen is the number that conceals God's name, and is the mysterious turning point for three generations of one family.

The Flower of David

Israeli 'survivor' flower boasts cells in shape of Star of David.

EMT No-Gossip Zone

A gleam of light finds its way into a forlorn area.

Saboteur or Shahid?

By granting shahid status to the murderer, the PA media are portraying bombing as a positive religious act.

Love's Pantry

One grassroots organization is keeping thousands of Israeli families from starving.

Israel's Super Mario

Meet Israel's pioneer of organic agriculture: an observant great-grandfather who fled from the Nazis 64 years ago.

Raising the Children of Terrorists

Not one parent owned up to contributing to a culture in which suicide bombers were teen idols.

Along the Talmudic Trail

How learning Talmud every day, rain or shine, indelibly altered my view of reality.

Thursdays with Chaim

Which is harder: Saying goodbye or saying hello?

Finding My Place on the Jewish Bookshelf

The beauty of Jewish learning is that one needs is an inquisitive mind and a desire to find what being Jewish is all about.

Just Doing

When tragedy hits our lives, do we stop living?

NGOs and the Anti-Israel Agenda

The role of NGOs in exploiting human rights to demonize Israel.

Birthright Buzz

I was a proud Jew, but until I experienced the wonder of Israel, I had no idea what being Jewish meant.

Take Israel Off Travel Warnings List

The U.S. State Department should stop telling Americans to defer travel to Israel.

A Very Special Passenger

Something extraordinary happened on my recent flight to Israel.

Zaidy Says Hello

Advice to my newborn grandson on his first day on Earth.

Israel, Tikkun Olam and the Tsunami

The Israeli response to the tsunami displays the nation's ingenuity, deep caring, and professionalism.

Guardian of British Distortion

Irresponsible coverage leaves Israel reviled in Great Britain.

Rise Up from the Ashes

One couple's special Jerusalem story.


If this Tsunami was a shofar, then there is at least one word that seems to be calling out to us from its stormy voice: Humanity.

Stop the Bias at CBC

It's time for Neil Macdonald to go.

An Islamic Reformation

I realized that I had grown up behind a wall of fear, media lies and deception that separated us Muslims from the rest of humanity.

The Incitement Yardstick

Media incitement per se is not the problem. The problem is Palestinian aspirations for Israel's destruction.

The Shechita Controversy

The "PETA Principle," the moral equating of animals and humans, is an affront to the very essence of Jewish belief.

One Family: Israel's Pearl Maker

Out of every evil force there is a counterforce of good. Case in point: The OneFamily Fund.

My Meeting with the King

Meeting the King of Morocco opened up new vistas in my understanding of God.

On Demographics

Each year an estimated 50,000 or more potential Jewish lives are aborted in Israel.

Everyone's Child

In Israel, we're all one big family and Jewish mothers are everywhere.

The People of Israel

What shaped our trip to Israel wasn't the death of Arafat or even the beauty of the land. It was the people.

The Nazi Who Returned to Harvard

New research shows that Harvard, like other elite institutions, was largely unmoved by the early horrors of the Hitler regime.

Arafat the Monster

He left this world peacefully, unlike the thousands of victims he sent to early graves.

Yassir Arafat, 1929-2004

HonestReporting's biography, with links to important sources.

Reunion: A Holocaust Memoir

Suddenly I froze. Before me stood Ana, our Jewish Kapo, an image that I had tried with all my might to erase from my memory.

Bitter Medicine

Israel-bashing in medical journals.

Higher Ground

The role of time-honored Jewish values during war.

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