UNRWA's Hamas Employees

A UN official admits that Hamas members are on his payroll. Media outlets ignore it.

Reuters Admits Appeasing Terrorists

Reuters refusal to use the word 'terrorist' is due to intimidation from thugs and their supporters.

Making Terrorists Pay

Applying the banal instruments of civil law to combat terror.

A Cantonist's Prayer on Yom Kippur

On that Yom Kippur the community wept, as they confronted the plight of Jewish children forced to serve in the Russian army.

Running for Israel

One race, one rabbi, one million dollars.

Media Ins and Outs

Selective reporting slants news coverage of key Mideast issues.

The Apartheid Propaganda

Labeling Israel as an "apartheid state" is the embodiment of the new anti-Semitism that seeks to deny the Jewish people the right of equality and self-determination among the nations.

What Are We Afraid Of?

Why is my home so far from my homeland? Why don't I live in Israel where history and destiny weave the streets of our identity as a people?

Something to Live -- and Die - For

Reclaiming the source of inspiration for our Israeli soldiers and ourselves.

How Arafat's Gunmen Suppress the News

Suppressing news by threatening reporters with violence or death is one of the dirty little secrets of Middle East journalism.

Arafat's Spots

Understanding Arafat before his attempted rehabilitation.

Tehilla's Fight Against Terror

A year after the tragic "Children's Bombing," what have we done to battle terrorism?

Dr. Applebaum's Legacy

15 North American doctors moved to Israel with their families to carry on the legacy of Dr. David Applebaum.

My Toughest Mission

An Israeli general faces the challenge of a lifetime - raising his autistic son.

Presbyterians' Shameful Boycott

Unless the church rescinds this immoral and bigoted denigration of the Jewish state, it will be contributing to anti-Jewish bigotry and the encouragement of terrorism.

Invoking Marla

Am I cheapening Marla's memory by using her death to teach a point about living?

Becoming a Student Advocate for Israel

With some basic knowledge of the dimensions of the Middle East conflict, any student can speak out on campus.

Israel: The Defining Moral Issue

The way the world treats Israel exemplifies a global moral sickness in which truth and goodness are ignored or attacked, while lies, wickedness and their perpetrators are appeased and supported.

Dining with Dignity

A unique Jerusalem enterprise feeds the soul, not just the body.

Why Do We Still Mourn

Why is there so much emphasis on remembering Jerusalem in our lives?

Who is Humiliating Whom?

The average Israeli is "humiliated and harassed" by being searched far more times a day than the average Palestinian.

A Prayer Is Answered

A special wedding in Jerusalem, arranged with heavenly assistance.

Israel's Response

Israel's response to the UN General Assembly on the ICJ fence decision.

Eradicating the Right to Self-Defense

The U.N. handicaps Israel, along with the rest of us.

The Case of Reuters

How ironic that Reuters -- founded by the son of a rabbi -- displays bias against the Jewish state.

The Pattern of Palestinian Rejectionism

Palestinian suicidal self-pity has led them from one historic calamity to another, and is precisely the reason why Israel is now building the fence.

Why Israel Needs a Fence

None of the arguments against the security fence have any merit.

Media Straddling the Fence

Coverage of the UN court's condemnation of the security fence omitted some key information.

A Bigoted Hague Decision

Israel is under neither a moral nor a legal obligation to give any weight to the International Court's predetermined decision.

Solidarity With Terror

A long, hair-raising article gives an inside look at the training practices of the International Solidarity Movement.

Practicing Rescue

Don't confuse knowing what to do in a terror attack with getting used to it.

It's the News, Stupid

Lessons learned from an intensive week in the Middle East.

I'm a Survivor

Kenny Sachs, a New Jersey native, always wanted to defend Israel. He finally got his chance and is grateful to be alive.

Sorry, I Can't Come to Your Wedding

A powerful and ironic reminder that God runs the world.

Unified Jews Theory

Why is there a lack of Jewish unity?

Living in a Bubble

The BBC's very own Mideast foreign policy.

Anti-Semitism and the UN

Has the UN arrived at a turning point? Or was Monday's conference merely a fig leaf -- a PR response to some bad press?

U.N.'s One Small Step

Is the U.N. finally ready to get serious about anti-Semitism?

A Fire that Destroys; a Fire that Builds

An arson attack on Aish UK should spur us to stand up for Jewish education.

Broken Wings

Mrs. Feinhandler may not be able to run, but she sure knows how to fly.

New Yorker Manipulations

Jeffrey Goldberg's recent piece about Israeli settlers so distorted and sloppy with facts as to raise questions about his other writing.

Arthur Cohn: Guardian of Zion

The Academy-award winning producer has made films throughout the world, but his heart is in Jerusalem.

Rules of War Enable Terror

Human rights are being used to promote human wrongs.

Blaming Israel for the Iraq War

Putting to bed the insidious charge that the primary interest of the Bush administration in going to war against Saddam Hussein was to defend Israeli security interests.

Through the Eyes of a Soldier

As an Israeli soldier disturbing the daily routines of Arabs, I began to question the validity of what I was doing. It didn't take long for me to find the answers.

Jenin: Massacring Truth

A new documentary explores the damaging myth and underlying media bias against Israel.

Does Oppression Cause Suicide Bombing?

Some overprivileged Muslims support a culture of death, while impoverished Tibetans celebrate life

Desperately Seeking a Jewish Connection

I never understood exactly how a person could love all of his fellow Jews until I started wearing my kippah all the time.

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