Does Oppression Cause Suicide Bombing?

Some overprivileged Muslims support a culture of death, while impoverished Tibetans celebrate life

Desperately Seeking a Jewish Connection

I never understood exactly how a person could love all of his fellow Jews until I started wearing my kippah all the time.

The Anti-Israel Monopoly in the UK

In Britain, it is open season on both Israel and the Jews.

Defending Israel's Positions in Rafah

Israel has no war with the Palestinian people but with terror; and with those who are determined to destroy the Jewish State.

To Be a Jew

What the murderers of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl knew.

It's Time to Get Angry

I am angry with myself and with other Jews in the Diaspora for not being angry enough.

Wake Up And Smell the Anti-Semitism

Virulent anti-Semitic campaigns are underway -- not only in the Middle East, but in Europe and America, too.

Buy Israel

Here's one very concrete way you can help: It's time for Jews around the world to "Buy Israel."

Except When You're Targeting Jews

There's only one exception when it comes to world politics.

Ruling the World

It's high time to fess up and tell the world the truth: We Jews do run the world!

The Revolutionary Revelation

What would a world without Torah look like?

The Swifts and The 13 Holy Soldiers

Reminders of what it means to be a Jew.

The Murder of Nick Berg

Trying to make sense of the savagery.

Abandoning Gaza Won't End Terrorism

The Hatuels opposed Ariel Sharon's proposed Gaza pullout because they understood that unilaterally surrendering land to Hamas and the PLO could only result in more terror and bloodshed, not less.

The Jewish Art of Reflectology

How to preserve your sanity and reach the ultimate purpose of life.

America - Hatred Among the Arabs

If Americans are hated in the Arab world, much of the blame can be laid to the influence of thugocracies like Mubarak's.

Disengagement from Genuine Peace

Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is rewarding terror and encouraging more bloodshed.

Fair Targets

No reasonable argument can be made that the decision to target terrorist commanders is unlawful under the laws of war or under international law.

Israel's UN Statement on Rantisi

Rantisi turned his craft from the healing of children, to the killing of children.

Can a Country be Born in a Day?

God has brought His people home and promised to one day give them peace. No people need it more. No people have earned it more.

Breaking Down the Walls

Having lived in Israel for the past 25 years, I am calmed by the knowledge that prayer is a potent force for security.

Essay Contest: "What Israel Means to Me"

The top five entries, in honor of the 56th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Faith in the Depths of Hell

Some Jews fought the Nazis with guns and sabotage; others fought by persisting in Jewish life.

One Proud Jewish Soldier

An ambush in Iraq leaves his leg shattered. What he learned about God, life and the army.

World Turned Upside-Down

A survey of media praise for Israel's strike against the Hamas leader.

My Arab Neighbors

A rude awakening after the death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Israel's statement at the UN

"There cannot be peace and terror. There cannot be peace and Hamas."

Sheikh Yassin's 'Happiest Day'

Early media reports misrepresent the IDF strike. Be on the lookout for these four myths.

An Army with a Heart

The IDF's duty is not only to defend the country, but to strengthen the weaker elements of Israeli society as well.

The James Carroll Paradox

Why has this thoughtful writer missed or distorted vital information about the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Four Points: Arguments for Israel

In this age of sound-bites, here are some key facts at your fingertips.

Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus

For 2,000 years Jews have rejected the Christian idea of Jesus as messiah. Why?

The Real Threat to Europe's Jews

European Jewry is slowly but surely disappearing before our eyes, melting away through a combination of ignorance, assimilation and intermarriage.

Helping Kids Recover

You never return to who you were after terror rattles your world; you become somebody else.

Anti-Semitism in 3D

Differentiating legitimate criticism of Israel from the so-called new anti-Semitism.

Identifying the New Anti-Semitism

Israel and the Jewish people have been singled out for discriminatory treatment in the international arena -- and worst of all -- singled out for destruction.

Who's Minding the Bus?

Re-examining the attitudes behind our security measures.

Israel's Anti-Terror Fence: The World Court Case

Although the ICJ proceeding is, in reality, a political attack on Israel's right to self-defense, here's a comprehensive explanation why Israel's security fence comports with international law.

Am Yisrael Chai

The indomitable spirit of Israel will be very much alive next week at a very poignant wedding.

So You Want to Move to Israel?

When I told people that my husband and I, with our five kids in tow, were moving to Israel, they thought I was crazy. At some level, I wondered the same thing.

Family Aftermath

Chezi Goldberg was murdered in a Jerusalem bus bombing, leaving a wife and seven young children.

Friedman's Conspiracy Theory

Shocking words from a New York Times columnist.

Israel's Untold Story

No sound, no fury. The international silence once again thunders in Israeli ears.

The Liberal Dilemma

Having been a liberal for my entire life, I was plunged into confusion by the world response to the situation in Israel.

Israel's Gift to a Terrorized World

No country's soul has been more severely tested than Israel's.

Remembering Chezi

Chezi Goldberg z"l, who was murdered in last week's Jerusalem bus bombing, cared and took responsibility for others. He was a true disciple of Moses.

If You Don't Cry, Who Will?

Chilling words from Chezi Goldberg z"l, a 42-year-old father of seven, killed in the recent Jerusalem bus bombing.

Found in Translation

The Spanish couple on the textbook was breezy and carefree. The Italians were beautiful and moody. Now I'm living in Israel learning Hebrew and it's a whole different story.

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