From The Depths to the Heavens

The story behind Ilan Ramon's Torah scroll from the Holocaust.

Jerusalem's Supermen

Two unknown heroes tackle the poverty in Israel.

Israel is the New Jew

Canada's former prime minister notes that contemporary anti-Semitism has added the Jewish state to its list of targets.

Forestalling the Stage of Acceptance

It would be tragic to accept the crisis in Israel as a normal part of reality.

Ramon's Legacy

He embodies some of Israel's highest aspirations, most painful memories, and the dream of Jewish unity.

Ilan Ramon: Shattered Dreams

The death of Ilan Ramon shakes Israel to its core.

Israeli Elections: Democracy in Action

On Tuesday, January 28, Israelis will go to the polls to elect a new Knesset -- and to showcase the Mideast's lone democracy.

Immunizing Science Against Bigotry

Beleaguered Israeli doctors now have to fend off mindless attacks from their scientific colleagues, particularly in Europe.

The Scheming Canadian Journalist

CBC's Mideast correspondent instigates other reporters to join his protest.

Thank God

It's difficult to be upbeat when you are surrounded with enemies, terror, hatred and death. But there is much to be thankful for.

My True Hero

Yes, Colonel Ramon, Israel's first astronaut to enter outer space, is a hero. For me there is another hero: his mother, a survivor of Auschwitz.

With His Dying Breath

Noam Apter's heroic act saved countless lives. Why didn't more people hear about it?

Shame on the CBC

CBC's Mideast coverage is amoral, irresponsible and rife with double standards.

Rejecting Martyrdom

The daughter of an Arab warrior tells her tale.

Letting Terrorism Win

Why should Washington's plan to oust Saddam Hussein transform Iraq into a democracy prevent Israel from working a similar transformation of Palestinian society?

The Moderate Voice of Islam?

A self-proclaimed 'moderate' Islamic website condones Palestinian suicide bombings against civilians.

The Hidden Hero

Koby Azoulay operates a dry-cleaning service in Jerusalem. During his recent stint as a reserve soldier, he was instrumental in preventing three separate terrorist attacks.

Israel Needs You

It is up to every Jew in the Diaspora to snap out of this fearful mindset and come visit Israel.

Dishonest Reporting 'Award' for 2002

The British media's coverage of Jenin wins the ignoble prize for the most skewed and biased reporting on the Mideast conflict.


The story of Massoud Mahlouf Allon, who was mutilated and beaten to death while distributing blankets he collected from Israelis to poor Palestinians, is my pick for story of the week.

Campus Wars

Netanyahu's "soldiers of truth."

To Live As Jews

The horrific attack in Itamar is a wake up call to the entire Jewish people.

Why War

A reminder of some basic facts about the present war.

Hatred in Canada

It is somewhat surprising that the anti-Semitism in Canada has gone largely unnoticed.

Israeli Courage

What is it that allows so many Israelis to display courage and resilience in the face of tremendous challenge and difficulty?

Anti-Semitism on the Street

I thought my college campus was safe. The flying bottles and curses proved me wrong.

U.S. Aid To Israel

The Christian Science Monitor delegitimizes and sensationalizes the amount of U.S. foreign aid to Israel.

The Reality Dictionary

My trip to Israel disproved many commonly accepted definitions and assumptions.

Academic Mafia

Scholars sympathetic to Israel and critical of radical Islam are treated as pariahs in Middle East studies.

Do You Remember?

Israel is bleeding. It is not enough to know it. Feel it. Take it in. And do something about it.

Virtual Tourism in Israel

One visitor finds an innovative way to express unconditional caring and support for beleaguered Israelis.

A Student's Epiphany

Let's not wait till the next attack to actively fight against anti-Semitism.

The Deafening Silence

The terror attacks in Kenya foretells troubles for the entire free world.

Eradicate Terror

Terror should not be interpreted. It should be eradicated.

Teddy Bears for the Wounded

The terrorists want to make us feel powerless. Performing an important mitzvah like visiting the sick empowers.

Hebron and The Struggle for the Holy Land

Why are the three places in Israel that the Torah records as legal property of the Jewish people in dispute?

Learning from Sadat

Sadat's wisdom offers a model for seeking peace.

Snatching Lives From the Angel of Death

Laniado Hospital refuses to give up hope.

Was I Afraid?

My two years in Jerusalem taught me an important lesson.

Murder at a Kibbutz

The massacre in Metzer was an attack not on the idea of peace, but on the idea of Israel.

Israel's Grieving Families

A unique retreat helps Israeli families who have lost loved ones in a terrorist attack to cope with their grief.

Wake-Up Call

It's time to recognize that Israel is in danger and needs our help. If we Jews aren't going to respond to the call, who will?

Anti-Semitic Poet's Society

Harvard invites, then dis-invites, then re-invites, a prominent British academic who wants Jews ‘shot dead.'

Dishonest Reporting: Media Bias Against Israel

Dishonest reporting has made truth a casualty of the war, causing grievous damage to both Israel and the integrity of the journalistic profession.

Media Critique #50 - Scorning the Island of Democracy

Commentators make outlandish comparisons of democratic Israel to the world's worst dictatorial despots.

Keep Your Finnish Gas Masks

Dear Finnish Foreign Minister, It's a difficult situation and I am dreadfully sorry you are so upset with the Jewish people. We are, after all, only trying to stay alive.

Liberation of the Wall

In June 1967, Jews from all over the World were electrified that the Wall was once again in our hands.

Six Reasons Why The Wall Is Holy

The Western Wall is at the root of the Jewish nation.

Mystical Secret of the Western Wall

Through the centuries, one symbol of the Jewish People has miraculously remained intact: the Western Wall.

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