What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?

Years down the road, what would I be able to say that I did while Israel was fighting for its very existence in the war on terror?

The Global Surge of Anti-Semitism

Why the tendency to downplay Jew-hatred?

Choose Your Music

The Israeli army plays songs about peace and the end of war. The music speaks volumes.

Downfall of the Enemy

How should we feel upon seeing an evil person destroyed?

The Great Tu B'Av Project

A practical way to help fellow Jews find lifetime partners and build Jewish homes.

Coming Home, Full of Hope

July 11, 2002 -- I write to you, finally, as Noa Resi Hirsch, an Israeli citizen.

Terror and Denial at LAX

Call terrorism by its rightful name.

Maintaining Memory_

Do we really need a new Holocaust every few generations in order to remember? We already have a day: Tisha B'Av.

Rude Awakenings

Jewish students are becoming more defiant in the Middle East wars on U.S. campuses.

This is CNN?

By providing statistics for the last six months only, CNN's in-depth look at the Victims of Terror ends up downplaying the true story.

Winds of Change at CNN

CNN announces a series of major policy changes in favor of the Israeli position.

An Insane, Terrorist, Suicidal Society

The entire Palestinian society is responsible for the brutal, suicidal onslaught because those who do not agree lack the integrity and courage to rise up, condemn, and do something about it.

Bush is Rewarding Terrorism

The President's vision for a "provisional" Palestinian leaves one crude message: Terrorism pays.

A Tale of Two Families

The destinies of two families converge in the wave of terror.

Voices from the Valley of Death

A message to the Jews of the world from bereaved families during shiva.

Our Christian Friends

Being a friend to another person or to a group of people is different from using them, however amiably.

President Bush's Speech

An end to terror and violence along with PA reform must precede any declaration of statehood or final status negotiations.

Provisional Statehood is Folly

The reason innocents are dying every day is not because of the occupation, but because the Palestinians believe they can get land without peace.

No Partner

Arafat cannot be negotiated with. His chances are up.

Fashioned in the Womb

Encounters with cruelty and compassion, and the womb that breeds them both.

Shiri, My Song

Reflections from the funeral of a Gilo bus terror victim.

History Abuse

With the recent assault against the Jewish people and Jewish history, Tisha B'Av takes on a special poignancy this year.

Verbal Violence

More media bias from the New York Times. This time unrelated to the Middle East.

Paris, When It Sizzles With Hate

Is the French Jewish establishment in denial about anti-Semitism? A portrait of a community under siege.

Israel Update: June 2002

In this issue: Controversial Congressional race in Alabama, terror survivor speaks, the illogical boycott, and praying for the wounded.

The War on Euphemisms

Why aren't we denouncing Pakistan and supporting India with the same vehemence we bring to Israel and its enemies?

Israel Can't Do Business with Terrorists

Violence against civilians must be forcibly stopped, not forgiven.

Community Anguish

Once again tragedy has struck Shilo with the murder of Avi Siton.

First Report from the Holyland

Contemporary media bias against Israel has its spiritual roots in the biblical spy story.

"Lightly Injured"

Terrorism's toll is far greater than we think.

Creating Diamonds

A visitor to victims of terror discovers a sense of family, optimism about the future, and an unbreakable spirit that carries them through their almost unbearable pain.

The Abuse of History

Where ideology meets distortion in the Middle East.

Arab-Israeli Conflict #5 - Yom Kippur War

Once again, Syria and Egypt attack. And yet again, only a miracle stops them.

The Message in Arafat's Headdress

The Palestine that is always on Arafat's mind is not an Arab state that coexists with Israel, but an Arab state that takes the place of Israel.

Mom, I'm Moving To Israel

For the Jewish people, there is no such thing as a wrong or bad time to go to Israel.


Malicious and slanderous reports against Israel abound in the British press.

Immoral Equivalence

The Jews and their enemies today are no more morally equivalent than are the Peace Corps and Al Qaeda.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: Learning From Sadism

A thirst for violence is being drilled into Palestinian children. How should Jewish parents respond?

Why Fight

Historically, most conflicts are either settled, or decisively altered, by test of arms.

The Forgotten Weapon

Military prowess and diplomatic maneuvering have not helped. Maybe it's time to look 'up.'

Israel Update: May 2002

In this issue: Exploding myths, a visit to the Holy Land, and the question of pigskin for terrorists.

Standing With Israel

Those searching for heroes need look no farther than Israel, a country that has done more, for more people, with fewer resources and under greater threat, than almost any other.

No Joy In Stockholm

The resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Commission supporting the use of "all available means, including armed struggle" to achieve Palestinian statehood is far from being a garden-variety Israel-bashing move.

The Story of Jerusalem

The cherished history of Jerusalem, based on ancient Jewish sources.

My response to Anti-Semitism

The cause of anti-Semitism is also the solution.

Jenin: The Truth

The "Jenin massacre" is more than a fiction. It is a hoax, perpetrated in a world of monstrous moral inversion.

20 Facts about Israel and the Middle East

These 20 facts will help serve as a primer for those trying to understand the historical context of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

The UN's Israel Obsession

After Israel's modest, defensive, and long-overdue action in Jenin, the UN chimes in with condemnations. What's behind the twist?

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