Israel's Future

From defeat to reconciliation to peace -- but only in that order.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: Assumptions and Reality

The Mideast conflict is about eradicating false assumptions and joining forces with Ultimate Truth.

The UN Won't Investigate the Real Tragedy

There is no justice to be had in the UN for the Jewish state.

The "Occupied Territories": A Primer

"Occupied" or "disputed" territories? The difference is enormous. Here's everything you need to know.

Israeli Premonition

A 1968 essay about Israel and the world sounds eerily prophetic for the situation today.

The True Face of Israeli Youth

A new poll reveals surprises that undermine the stereotype.

Europe's War Against the Jews

Europe hates it when Jews fight back.

Turning A Blind Eye to Murder

Western diplomats and journalists are legitimizing mass murder.

Cry of A Nation

Getting out of this mess is less of an individual challenge, and more of a national unity project.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: The Land of Spiritual Acquisition

Like any precious achievement, God ensures that Israel is acquired only through real struggle. Understanding this unlocks the mystery of the current Mideast situation.

The Axis of Evil

The real agenda of Arafat and the Palestinian leadership is now, and has always been, the elimination of Jewry from the Middle East.

It's Not About Occupied Territories

Arafat began his reign of terror with the Palestine Liberation Organization before one Israeli ever stepped foot into the West Bank or Gaza Strip.

Lebanon: The Fuse for Armageddon

Just end the occupation of the West Bank, say the Arabs, and we will guarantee Israel peace. Lebanon proves otherwise.

Media Critique #42 - Atrocities of the British Press

The method of the IDF operation in Jenin helped reduce civilian casualties. The UK media parrots Palestinian claims it was a massacre.

Today We Buried Gedalia

As we remember the great sacrifice of the soldiers who were killed defending Israel, the following is a tribute to one of the latest heroes of Israel.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: What Are We Dying For For?

Israel's moment of truth forces Jews worldwide to identify themselves.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: Israel Independence Day: Pain and Blessings

Yom Ha'Atzma'ut will be rather painful this year, especially for those of us fortunate enough to live in Israel.

Jews At War

An Israeli soldier in the reserves describes what it is like to wage war in a uniquely Jewish army.

Why Israel Fights

Terrorism is pushing Israeli society to the limit. Survival demands that they fight back.

Peace at Any Price Equals War

History shows once again that appeasing terrorists emboldens them to more violence.

Don't Hold Israel Back

For over half a century, U.S. attempts to rein in Israel militarily have encouraged Arab aggression and contributed to a series of inconclusive wars, setting the stage for even bloodier clashes.

Can The Whole World Be Wrong?

The whole world condemns Israel. What else is new?

No Alternative To Winning

Former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in his speech to members of the US Senate in Washington, explains that only by dismantling the entire network will we be assured of victory.

Banish Arafat Now

If this fighting is ever to end, it must be shown that there is a price for violence, terror and duplicity.

The Media's 'Occupation' Myth

Instead of factual reporting, the mainstream media has placed culpability on both parties, creating a perception of equal aggression, of a 'cycle' of violence.

Missing: Realistic Take on Arafat

The purpose of Palestinian violence against Israel is not directed at winning an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza. It is the destruction of the Jewish state itself.

The Suicide of the Palestinians

Beyond barbarism in the Middle East.

End Game

The primary objective of Arafat's terrorist regime is not to establish the twenty-second Arab state, but to destroy the only Jewish state.

Our Enemy Is One

In radical Islam, America and Israel are facing the same enemy.

The Only 'Solution' is Victory

If Israel is to protect itself, it must achieve a comprehensive military victory over the Palestinians, so that the latter give up their goal of obliterating it.

Media Critique #41: Misreporting Terror

Suicide bombers are coming from Arafat's Fatah Al-Aqsa Brigade, even as Arafat meets with U.S. envoy Anthony Zinni to pledge his devotion to peace.

Why I Am Not Afraid

Terrorists want our fear as much as our blood. Whatever happens, they sure won't get my fear.

Why Live In Israel Today?

Despite the uncertainty and threat of terror, Israelis are here to stay.

The Only Way to Peace

A clear perspective on the Mideast -- past and future -- from the London Sunday Mail.

Key facts In The Mideast Conflict

Nearly every dispatch from the Middle East lacks basic context. Here are some of the facts to keep in mind when reading these flawed reports.

Arab-Israeli Conflict #4: The Birth of Terrorism

After 1967, the scale of terrorism intensified, with the PLO increasingly choosing to attack Israeli targets, or simply Jews, outside the Middle East.

Media Critique #40: Critique of the Washington Post

Lee Hockstader delivers page one sympathy for Palestinian combatants.

Roadblocks of the Spirit

An Israeli reserve soldier describes his experience guarding a roadblock.

Israel's Right to the Land

A skillful presentation by U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) on the Senate floor, March 4, 2002.

Time to Proclaim: I Am A Jew

With the crisis in Israel, a non-Jewish columnist for the Montreal Gazette stands united with the Jewish people.

Playing the Anti-Semitism Card

An equation of Jew-hatred with fear of Islamist terror is not only misleading, it is offensive.

Help Israel Now

In difficult times, we can't continue as if nothing has happened.

Arab-Israeli Conflict #3: Six Day War

Arabs launch a war of annihilation, and wind up humiliated.

Running on Empty

Israelis are feeling a sense of desperate tension.

The Saudi Peace Sham

This phony plan designed to get Arafat off the hook is guaranteed to make things worse.

Stopping the Horror

The situation is nothing short of desperate. The time has come to lift our spiritual cataracts.

Upside-Down World

Events in the Jewish world can sometimes only be explained while standing on your head.

And We All Pray...

How do we Israelis deal with this constant killing that lurks around every corner, flaring up in periodic, spectacular displays of just how evil man can be?

Evil Is Now

For one woman, Saturday night's slaughter in Jerusalem rips apart the denial that Evil wants to wipe out the Jews.

Behind the Saudi Peace Plan

Saudi Arabia talks peace from one side, and war from the other.

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