"I am a Jew. My mother is a Jew..."

I don't know what kind of Jew Daniel Pearl was -- if he went to synagogue regularly or thought about keeping kosher. And it just doesn't matter.

Arab-Israeli Conflict #2: 1948 War of Independence

A few rag-tag Jewish militiamen manage to stave off a coordinated Arab onslaught.

Ray of Hope

A deadly attack left Karnei Shomron residents stunned, but the pain is accompanied by a ray of hope.

A Zionist Manifesto

Is Israel fighting a losing battle?

Media Critique #39 - Classic CNN Bias

CNN mentions the name, age and hometown of the suicide bomber -- but not of the Jewish victims.

Lot's Wife

A mother, whose son was murdered by Arab terrorists, calls on Palestinian mothers to stop the sanctification of their children's death.

Arab-Israeli Conflict #1: Pre-State Palestine

Arab riots and British capitulation characterized Palestine in the first half of the 20th century.

Arafat Must Go

How many moments of truth does a liar get?

Arafat's Contempt for Human Life

Arafat's "vision of peace" is another attempt to hide evil behind a respectable veneer.

Why Support Israel?

If Israel were wiped out tomorrow, Europeans would ask for a brief minute of silence, then sigh relief, and roll up their sleeves to get down to trade and business.

Jihad University

The Al-Arian case is not about academic freedom of speech but about a professor being held accountable for being part of a terrorist apparatus that has killed Americans.

Arafat's Blurred Vision

Arafat's "Vision of Peace" NY Times op-ed warrants a full rebuttal.

Where No Bullet Can Penetrate

First-person account of the shooting spree on Jaffa Road.

The Normal Life?

In Israel, we cannot go on pretending that all is well and normal.

Why Israel Does Not Want U.N. Observers

History shows that international observers will not protect a cease-fire; they will protect the Palestinians' ability to violate it.

Get Me To The Church On Time

Choosing to marry someone who shares the defining values of your life is not racist.

My Value as a Jew

As a Jew living in the Jewish land, my value has appreciated a thousand-fold.

Bernard Lewis Unplugged

Professor Bernard Lewis, the great historian of the Muslim world, talks about bin Laden, the Intifada, and the new threat from Iran.

Jews Without Children: A Tu B'Shvat Teaching

Men and women like myself, who are unable to have children, should not feel that they are incomplete Jews.

Denial: A River in Egypt

The Arab media denies reality and claims the recent capture of the cargo ship carrying 50 tons of contraband arms is an Israeli fabrication. But what else is new?

Understanding the Bat Mitzvah Attack

Our response to this terrorist tragedy must be activism, not despair.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This was a cruel senseless murder of a man who epitomized the hope for coexistence.

Hebron Surprise

The physical reality of a mythical city.

Arabs Still Want to Destroy Israel

The latest terrorist attack in Israel reminds us that while Militant Islamic rule in Afghanistan may be history, militant Islam is not.

Ship Of Truth

The ship is an announcement of Arafat's duplicitous intentions: a temporary truce -- as he girds for war, a far wider, deadlier, more explosive war.

Israel Update: January 2002

In this issue: PA pays fake prisoners, celebrity status for the mothers of rioters, and Arab MK's are at it again.

Who Are We Fighting?

The war against terror should be aimed at Militant Islam.

France and England's Jewish Problem

When a British journalist blows the whistle on European anti-Semitism, some try to minimize the damage.

The Heroes Among Us

Israel's heroic and breathtaking operation serves as a potent reminder of just how special this country is.

Dishonest Reporting 'Award' 2001

Recognizing the year's most skewed and biased reporting.

Give Revolution a Chance

Toward transforming the Middle East.

Arafat's War on Terrorism Bombs

Arafat is committed to continuing the slaughter until he has all he wants.

A Hand, Not a Handout

President Bush has called on Americans to reach out and help others. Here's an Israeli who sets a good example.

Three Principles for Victory

Moral and strategic clarity, along with the imperative for victory over terrorism are the necessary values for winning this war.

Hebrew School Daze

Are Jewish day schools undemocratic?

An Old Story: Anti-Semitism, Past and Present

The worst things to accuse the Jews of: racism, apartheid, genocide, colonialism.

The Courage to be Different

A Jewish boy's request for a Christmas tree leads to an important discovery: to be truly universal, we must first be able to give to the world our own unique light.

Textbook Incitement

Peace does not lie in characters and covenants alone. It lies in the hearts and minds of people.

Israel Update: December 2001

In this issue: Fatah continues the Intifada, French Ambassador poo-poos Israel, and Arab MK's show their true colors.

Media Critique #37 - Newsweek-MSNBC Rewrites History

A comparison of the lives of Sharon and Arafat packs a lot of bias into 100 words.

Arafat's Palm Pilot

Arafat's speech was far too little, and way too late.

Arafat's Suicide Factory

Why blame Arafat for the suicide bombings?

How To Work Miracles - The God Factor: Part 2

The distinction between the natural and the miraculous is only one of human perception. Everything that occurs is really a miracle.

Intersecting Lives

Two young women snuffed out by terrorists. Their lives so different, yet so much the same.

Arabs Have Never Accepted Israel

The latest attacks on Israel remind us that the attempt to destroy the Jewish state has gone on since it came into existence in 1948.

Intellectual Honesty

Acknowledging and admitting one's limits is a sign of greatness, not weakness.

Cycle of Absurdity

With the body count of Israeli civilians mounting, it's time to get tough.

Truth versus Terror

With suicide attacks plaguing Israel, it is more important than ever that the media get its facts straight.

European Media and Anti-Israel Bias

A British journalist in Israel chronicles the shocking, systematic anti-Israel bias of the European media.

Reuters' Overshadowing Bias

When Palestinian gunmen machine-gun Jewish shoppers, Reuters lumps the attackers' deaths together with the victims.

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