The God Factor: Part 1

Chanukah comes to teach us how history can take the most unlikely turns and produce the most improbable victors.

Reflections from the Land

For a young Toronto family, a year-long sabbatical in Israel reaps unexpected rewards.

Secretary Powell's 'Vision' is a Mirage

Powell made numerous false assumptions in his speech, chief among them that the Palestinians would be satisfied with their own state adjacent to Israel.

Victory Shifts the Muslim World

The Sept. 11 attacks were expected to take a major step toward extinguishing America. Instead they served as a rousing call to arms, reducing the prospects of militant Islam.

Shootout in Gaza

Media reports of an IDF mission in Gaza don't seem to match the experience of a soldier who was there.

The 'Good' Terrorist

When a man sprays machine-gun fire at a busload of schoolchildren, is that activism, militancy -- or just plain terror?

Israel Update: November 2001

In this issue: Arafat fails to crack down on terror, and Hamas calls for putting anthrax in the U.S. water supply.

Media Critique #35: Spouting Off

Some small papers join in the slander against Israel -- including an accusation of discrimination against Christians.

Terror First Hand

On a bus targeted by a terrorist, a 16-year-old girl faces death.

Neighborhood Bully

He's criticized and condemned for being alive. He's not supposed to fight back, he's supposed to lay down and die.

We Have Lost A Father

The Jewish world lost one of its greatest leaders, Rabbi Shach, whose concern encompassed every Jew.

Media Critique #34: Eyeless In Gaza

Harper's magazine accuses Israeli troops of murdering Palestinian children for sport.

U.S./Israel Parallels on Terrorism

With both nations facing a similar war against terrorism, it is wrong for the United States to demand more of Israel than it asks of itself.

Israel Now

Is the future of American Jewry secure?

Dear George

How Prime Minister Sharon should respond to Tom Friedman's mock letter from President Bush.

Resurrecting an Ancient Face of Evil

Virulent anti-Semitism is alive and well, and proliferates across the Arab world.

The Day Rechavam Ze'evi Was Assassinated

For me, Wednesday, October 17, was a day that started in tragedy and ended in celebration.

With Allies Like These...

If these are the partners we are relying on in our war to rid the world of terror, that war is as good as lost.

The Sheik's Screed

The Arab world spreads a conspiracy theory about a purported Jewish plot to terrorize America and discredit Islam.

Containment: The U.S. War Aim?

Without precise goals, the war will almost certainly go awry. Here's one suggestion: contain radical anti-Westernism among Muslims so that its adherents no longer assault Americans or their allies.

Media Critique #33 - Danger of Militant Islam

Is Bin Laden motivated by radical Islamic teachings? Some fifth columnists say ‘no -- it's all Israel's fault.'

Spread Freedom In The Mideast

The democratic world must not only destroy the empire of terror, it must also seek to expand the very freedom our enemies want to destroy.

Israel Update: October, 2001

In this issue: anti-American incitement in Palestinian textbooks; two-faced terrorists; and the squeaky un-clean record of Yasser Arafat.

Seeking Peace

Let us say to our enemies: We do not seek our freedom at the cost of yours; therefore do not seek yours at the cost of ours.

Learning How To Speak To Generation X

Lack of knowledge and an ingrained sense of moral relativism make it difficult for Jewish college students to fully identify with Israel.

The Common Islamist Rage

The terror attacks on Jews in Israel have little to do with the living conditions of Palestinians.

Quash the PLO, not the PA

Splitting the PLO from the PA presents the United States government with the option to officially label the PLO - and not necessarily the PA - as a terrorist group.

In the Name of Allah

We Jews know well the dangers of blaming an entire group for the actions of individuals.

Apocalypse Now?

The terrorist's power is psychological. What will happen to the Western world when its bubble of security and control is pricked?

Of Bombings and Hope

The Jewish people know what it's like to endure vicious attacks. And we can learn how to avoid them, too.

Hero of Flight 93

Jeremy Glick joins a line of courageous Jewish heroes.

Celebration of Terror

When Palestinians celebrate terror attacks, the media is strong-armed into suppressing its coverage. Here's why.

A Middle East Party

Palestinian nationalists and Islamists share a hatred of all things American. Both are taking indecent pleasure from American suffering.

Preparing for War

While President Bush prepares America for war against the forces of evil, with the advent of Yom Kippur Jews are preparing for an additional war against an implacable foe.

The Tightrope of Life

Terrorists aim to destroy the survivors as well by instilling a sense of paralyzing fear. We must not let them win the war against our nerves.

Media Critique #32 - Terror and the Media_

The terror war has gone global. How does this media coverage affect Israel?

Revisiting A Mideast Must-Read

A 1984 book on the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the Mideast — now more than ever.

The Day the World Changed

Our situation has rarely looked so desperate.

Why Israel is Losing The Media War

A 3-month investigation reveals the underlying basis for Palestinian sympathies in the media.

Durban: A Circus of Calumny

By means of the disgraceful conference in Durban, history has given us, the Jews, a sign. And we had better learn how to decipher it.

Israel's Best Defense

The usual array of pro-Israel activities just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Here's something that everyone can do to directly affect the situation.

Israel's Message at Durban

Here is the text of Israel's key statement at the UN Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa, written by Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister.

Remembering "Shema Yisrael"

The son of a Holocaust survivor, is also the father of a Sbarro survivor. His message spans the generations.

No More Labels

There were no "Charedim" (orthodox Jews) who died in Sbarro.

Arafat's War: How To End It

This magnum opus from a popular syndicated columnist puts events of the past year into perspective, and offers a strategy for the future.

Ice-Cold Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers chicken out. Now what about the rest of us?

Media Critique #31: Moral Absurdity Downunder

"60 Minutes" in Australia justifies suicide bombings and denying Israel's right to self-defense.

Shiva Call

Is it possible to pay a shiva call to a stranger? One woman discovers that it's not so strange at all.

We Are Not Moving

Our enemies seek to destroy more than our bodies: it is our spirit. It is in this that they are most mistaken. Nothing is so indomitable as the Jewish spirit.

Staying the Course

A leading Jewish journalist views the Mideast conflict from other side of the Atlantic.

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