Sending Our Son to the I.D.F.

Emotions run high as one Israeli family sends their first-born son off to the army.

The Jerusalem Burials

The day after the pizzeria bombing, a surreal scene enveloped the Jerusalem cemetery. Too many funerals, not enough tears.

Inside the Cauldron: Eyewitness to Jerusalem Bombing

A rabbi who survived the carnage describes its horror and heartbreak.

Media Critique #30: Terror in Jerusalem

Mass carnage of Jewish civilians is not enough for CNN to stop parroting the Palestinian line.

All My Fault

One Jerusalemite stares at the charred wreckage and ponders the irrational world response.

Children of Death, Children of Life

Terrorist bombs kill innocent people. They also leave wounds for life.

Media Critique #29 - No Quarter To Terrorists

The world jumps on Israel for its campaign to eliminate the Hamas terrorist threat. What alternative option would they recommend pursuing?

Yes, Blame Arafat

The new revisionist view of last summer's Camp David Mideast summit— perhaps best described as a "don't blame Arafat" campaign - is morally and historically false.

Media Critique #28 - Arafat's Rehab at the Times

After being denounced by the world as an obstacle to peace, Yasser Arafat is now rehabilitated by the Western media.

Arafat Always Goes Too Far

A commentary piece in The Wall Street Journal (July 9, 2001) documents the PLO's sordid, bloody past.

Egypt and the "Israeli Terrorist Plague"

Egypt has signed a peace agreement with Israel. But that doesn't prevent Egypt's official media from publishing vile anti-Semitic manifestos.

UN Travesty Brewing

Thought "Zionism-is-racism" was bad? The upcoming UN World Conference Against Racism may become a platform for something much worse.

Islam's War Against the Jews: Quotes from the Palestinian Authority

Palestinian TV, radio, newspapers and textbooks -- in teaching the Islamic attitude toward Jews -- have fueled an intense hatred for Israel and promoted violent jihad.

Martyrs and Mothers

A culture of martyrdom has permeated the Palestinian populace. The result is the death of young Palestinian boys, many innocent Israeli victims, and weeping mothers left behind...

Operation Refuah: The Love Campaign

Join the campaign that is employing unconditional love as a powerful weapon against baseless hatred.

To Baby or Not To Baby

One woman's struggle with the fateful decision whether to have children.

My Promise to Kaya

When Jews are in trouble, it sometimes takes courage to speak out. Whether the threat is in Germany or in the Middle East.

Faisal's Trojan Horse

Faisal Husseini, hailed by CNN as a moderate voice of peace, admits that negotiations with Israel are just an interim strategy to liberate the entire land.

Media Critique #27 - White-Washing the Bloody Hands

A vile, insulting screed from the Washington Post tries to win sympathy for the bloody-handed Ramallah lyncher.

7 Ways You Can Help Israel

Whether you're thousands of miles away, or living right in Jerusalem, you can help make a difference in these difficult times.

Why Are They Saying All Those Terrible Things About Israel?

Israel-bashing in the media: is it just coincidence, or are there other factors driving this trend?

Remember the Bible

It is time to stop being afraid of mentioning the Jewish people's biblical right to the Land of Israel.

Media Critique #26 - CNN's "Shootout"

When a Palestinian commits pre-meditated murder against an Israeli at point-blank range, CNN merely says that a 'gunfight broke out.'

Media Critique #25 - Toronto Star's Biased Contenta

One of Canada's leading newspapers consistently publishes a one-sided view of the Middle East, to the point of glorifying suicide bombers.

The Mother Brigade

My mother led a one-woman solidarity mission to Israel to prop up the nation's economy and flagging spirits.

The End of Oslo

Yasser Arafat is an obstacle to peace.

Moshiach and the World Today

For millennia, Jews have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Moshiach. Today we need him more than ever.

Unity and Tragedy

When a Jew is struck down by terrorist bullets, everyone feels the tragedy. And through that unity, there is hope.

Go To Israel

Youth movements have cancelled summer trips to Israel, and the Maccabiah Games were almost postponed. Now may be the perfect time to visit.

My Cousin Yehuda

A cousin of the 5-month-old baby who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists reflects on this barbaric killing.

The Jerusalem Generation

Internet, 21st century, global economy. It's a new generation of young people. What vision is the Jewish community offering them?

Media Critique #24 - Arafat Unmasked

What we knew all along – that Yasser Arafat is responsible for the violence – is now gaining a voice in the mainstream media.

Missionaries Impossible

"Jews for Jesus" enlist the Holocaust in a grotesque attempt to snare Jews.

Media Critique #23 - Associated Press Mess

Associated Press focuses on the suffering of the bomber and downplays his bestial act.

Night of the Sirens

How does one respond to Israel's recent tragedies?

Palestinian Intimidation of Journalists

Through both official policy and covert methods, the Palestinian Authority forces journalists to skew their reports.

"New Rules" For Mideast Reporting

Next time you read about Israel in the newspaper, be sure you know how to read between the lines.

Blaming the Settlements

It's all because of the settlements? Don't you believe it!

Will Our Children Marry Jewish

The Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth spells out his view on the issue of Jewish continuity and how to achieve it.

The Propaganda Barrage

Murdered Israeli children, the Pope's visit to Syria, and a boatload of weapons off Gaza.

No More Watermelon

A tour of duty in the Israeli army shows one man the pain of a nation, and the pain of a family.

Freedom for Israel's MIAs and POWs

Will the world have to wait 14 years to learn the fate of Avitan, Binyamin and Suaed?

Palestinian Violations of Peace Agreements

Since the outbreak of violence in the West Bank and Gaza, there have been repeated Palestinian violations of signed agreements.

Palestinian Denial of Religious Freedom

A History of Denial of Rights to Christians and Jews by the PLO and Palestinian Authority.

Did Sharon Spark the Riots?

Media reports claim that Ariel Sharon's walk on the Temple Mount sparked the riots. A high Palestinian official claims otherwise.

Israel's Humane Army

The head of the International Law Branch of the Israeli Defense Forces talks about Israeli restraint, and efforts to reduce Palestinian casualties.

The Education of Meira and Muhammed

Meira, a Jew, sings the Sesame Street song, "Let's be friends" in Arabic. Muhammad sings the PLO's marching song that calls on every Palestinian youngster to take up arms against the Jews.

House Resolution Condemns the Palestinian Leadership

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution (H. CON. RES. 426) placing sole blame on the Palestinians for the recent violence (2000).

Targeting Children

"Perhaps it is not surprising that parents and leaders who proudly sendchildren to die in attacks against Israel would resort to targeting Israeli children as well."

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll

What does the Palestinian public really think about the present and future of the Mideast conflict? This opinion poll reveals some startling results.

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