Jewish Captives In Iran

Thirteen Jews held captive in Iran are threatened with capital punishment for spying.

A Time to Weep

We avoid pictures from the Holocaust because we don't want to cry. But only tears open all the gates of heaven.

Heart of the Nation

At the mass rally on January 8 in Jerusalem, the most powerful words came from Avital Sharansky, who'd led an international struggle for the release of her husband, Soviet refusenik Natan Sharansky.

Fighting for the Jewish Quarter

Talk about dividing up the Old City stirs memories of the Jewish Quarter which was destroyed by Arabs in 1948.

Media Critique #20 - Toddler 'Dies'

Reporting a murder in the passive form changes the meaning entirely. Someone at the Associated Press tried to pull a fast one.

Media Critique #19 - Reuters Photo Bias

The world's largest news agency distributes photos that focus heavily toward the Palestinians as victims.

Media Critique #18 - Sanitizing Arafat

Time magazine treats readers to 3,400 words, painting a rosy picture of Yasser Arafat. Most of the facts are incorrect.

Media Critique #17 - The British Guardian

British newspaper blames Israel for everything. When readers complain, the newspaper blames them, too.

Media Critique #16 - Sympathy for a Terrorist

When a Palestinian murders 8 Israelis, the world media downplays the event -- or ignores it altogether.

Media Critique #15 - Harper's Magazine and The Palestinian Question

This overview of Palestinian issues is grossly one-sided. Such blatant propaganda does not belong in any respectable publication.

Media Critique #14 - Jerusalem Rally on CNN

Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Jerusalem. CNN treats it like a sneeze.

National Public Radio and Terror

NPR consistently softens the image of those who kill Israelis.

Media Critique #11 - Times of London, December 4

By manipulating fact and omitting context, The Times of London portrays Israel as initiating violence and stealing Palestinian land.

Media Critique #9: CNN

CNN continues to misrepresent events in Israel and create a climate of public opinion against Israel.

Media Critique #7 - CBS News

CBS and 60 Minutes gives Yasser Arafat an unchallenged forum for some outrageous allegations.

Media Critique #6 British Media and Selective Omission

Between the BBC and the Times of London, the British media is becoming notorious for biased anti-Israel reporting. Some glaring examples from the past week.

Media Critique #5 Barak's "Difficult Consequences"

Barak warns of 'difficult consequences' if Arafat fails to curb violence; at least 5 Palestinians killed in new clashes.

Media Critique #4 News from London

BBC and the London Times consistently distort the facts to portray Israel as the aggressor.

My Friend Taki Has Gone Too Far

Last week's anti-Israel diatribe by The Spectator's High Life columnist is almost worthy of Goebbels, says Conrad Black.

Media Critique #2 CNN

In this article, CNN distorts the facts, skews the picture and downplays an attack on Jewish civilians.

Media Critique #1 - Newsweek's media analysts identify a variety of journalistic violations in this "mainstream" article.

7 Principles of Media Objectivity

With the media playing a key role in Mideast events, ensure that you're more than a passive player in the process.

Tears At Rachel's Tomb

An American woman visits Rachel's Tomb, Judaism's third holiest site, and learns how Jewish destiny embraces all generations.

Shilo: A Mother's Story

As the intifada rages in Israel, one mother writes of the effect on her family and her faith.

In the Heart of Jerusalem

During a month in the Old City of Jerusalem, a Seattle native learns a lot about the security situation -- yet discovers even more about his heritage and himself.

Goodbye to Mother

The principal told the girls that their teacher, Mrs. Rina Didovsky, would not be returning to their classroom because she had died of her wounds. The girls began crying and wailing.

A "Minor" Incident

How bad can "light injuries" be? As someone who works in Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Center, I know the extent to which "light injuries" can leave permanent scars, both physical and emotional.

Where Were You CNN?

Amidst the grief of a friend's funeral, an Israeli woman declares: Jews are human, too.

Fearful Nights in the City of Peace

I peered into the eyes of my 11-year-old daughter. Yes, I said. If the worst should happen we must not be afraid because there is meaning to living as a Jew.

Terror At The Tunnels

An American-born Torah scholar takes a wrong turn, and is nearly lynched to death by a Palestinian mob. His wife tells about it.

The Murder of Baruch Cohen

March 19, 2001 Efrat, city in mourning.

A Funeral, A Name, and A Question

One Israeli immigrant mourns the tragic loss of another. A stranger, yet a sister.

Little Bodies

Even within hell, it takes a truly twisted and evil mind to smash a boot down on the face of a porcelain doll and declare war on a child.

Hitting the Heartland

A group of Aish students tour America, and discover that a good idea is worth pursuing.

Suicide Bombings

155 Israelis have been killed by Palestinian suicide bombers since the Oslo process began in September 1993. This list does not include other acts of Palestinian terror.

The Myth of Israeli Aggression

The old David & Goliath model has now been reversed -- with Palestinians as the pitied underdog.

The Myth of Israel Using Excessive Force

Children are dying in the Mideast riots. Who's to blame?

The Refugee Issue

The issue of Palestinians refugees is a sticking point in the peace negotiations. But who is responsible for these refugees?

Children Soldiers

How tragic that Palestinians send their children at risk of death, and then cynically use this against Israel to win world sympathy.

Senator Feinstein on the Peace Process

On the occasion of the new Israeli government taking power, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, a long-time supporter of the Oslo Accord, gave a passionately pro-Israel speech.

Voice From The Senate

Senator Connie Mack of Florida gave a speech on the Senate floor two years ago, calling for peace based on security, freedom, and a change of heart. It is prophetic.

Bombing...For the Right of Return to Netanya

A heinous suicide bomb in Netanya on March 4, 2001 makes one wonder: Exactly what land are the Palestinians trying to liberate?

Lessons From the Taliban

The Taliban's wrecking of the Bamiyan Buddhas stems from the same hatred directed at Israel. So where's the public outcry over the destruction taking place on the Temple Mount?

Dear Jacob: A Letter from an 11-year-old Israeli

"Tell your parents to tell all of their friends what is really happening over here. And tell everyone they know to come here soon. This is your home, too."

Palestinian TV: Kill All The Jews

The Palestinian Authority is inciting the current wave of violence through its official media. Jews and Americans are the prime targets.

Media Critique #8 - Teen Newsweek

American schoolchildren get a taste of Palestinian propaganda -- without even knowing it.

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