What's Holy?

"What is this madness that has overtaken the rest of the world? I believe the correct Jewish response is not to point fingers, but rather to introspect."

Israeli Synagogue Desecrated

Images of Kristalnacht were stirred up for Jewish residents of Efrat, as their synagogue was vandalized by Palestinian intruders.

Anti-Semitism Now: A View From South Africa

"Anti-Semitism is by no means dead. I can no longer pretend that I am just like everyone else on campus. If the world is determined to hate me, then I must be something special."

Anti Semitic Attacks in the Wake of the Middle East Crisis

This outbreak of violence in the Middle East and the resounding rise in anti-Semitic attacks worldwide are a wake-up call to Jews everywhere. A Jew is a Jew, no matter where they live.

Elie Wiesel Speaks Out

Our dreams of peace have gone up in the smoke of ransacked synagogues and blood-thirsty mobs.

Bring Us to Our Borders in Peace

"There is an undercurrent of tension. I am all too aware that, not so far away, Jewish police officers and soldiers are putting their lives on the line to protect Israel."

A Letter From the Front Line

This letter was written by Danny Verbov, the director of Aish HaTorah's Danny Frei Jerusalem Fellowship Program, and sent to the global Aish HaTorah family.

The Grapes of Joy

There's more going on than just gardening when working the land of Israel. My harvest this year included some very unexpected fruits...

Evangelizing the Jews: The New Techniques

Having failed in the past, some fundamentalist Christians are armed with a new arsenal of deceptive techniques to convert Jews.

Breaking Chains

Waiting for the birth of a first nephew is supposed to be a time of great happiness. For this aunt the wait is carving out a loss that will echo throughout a lifetime.

No Strike at Laniado

A unique Israeli hospital, founded on Jewish principles of kindness, has earned a reputation for the finest in patient care.

From Ruins to Hope

The renewal of the Jewish Nation in our time gives us an unprecedented chance for unity.

Tears on Tisha B'Av

It's a dynamic that transcends generations: Tisha B'Av and the future of Jerusalem are inextricably linked.

The Will To Live On

In his new book, Herman Wouk tackles the toughest issues of the modern Jewish world. His conclusions in this excerpt may astound you.

My Zadie

Can you ever be too Jewish for your grandparents? One young man tests the outer-limits.

Jewish Amnesia

Along the way to the modern world, what has happened to the Jewish People's collective sense of memory?

Israel's Strength

National strength isn't defined by military might alone. It's also based on unity, mutual respect, and a clear sense of purpose.

Still Crazy: Why We Made Aliyah

For 2,000 years of exile, Jews had cried and prayed to return to the land. Now we can do it just by hopping on a plane, so why don't we?

His Name Was Nachshon Wachsman

A mother, who mobilized the world to save her son -- an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas terrorists -- tells the story of one fateful week in the history of Israel.

Israeli Army Vignettes

Ahh the joys of army service: figuring out the difference between the dress and work uniform ... keeping your fingers out of the gun barrel ... fasting in the desert heat ...

A Place to Sigh: Israel Memorial Day

Thousands of strangers come to the funeral of a soldier who was kidnapped, tortured and killed because of his Star of David.

To Restore Our Destiny

Israel Independence Day is the time to ask: Where have we been, and where are we heading?

My Quest For Understanding: Confronting My Family's Nazi Past

I was about thirteen when I read that my uncle was accused of killing 30,000 Jews.

Belzec: The Forgotten Camp

Not much is known about Belzec, where as many as one million Jews perished. No one survived to tell.

The Kippah Debate

Wearing a yarmulke is no easy decision. It signifies to the world – and to its wearer – that it sits on top of a committed Jew.

Gulf War Miracles

Saddam Hussein thought he was a reincarnated Babylonian king; his evil plan to kill the Jews ended with another Purim miracle...

Jewish Captives In Iran

Thirteen Jews held captive in Iran are threatened with capital punishment for spying.

A Time to Weep

We avoid pictures from the Holocaust because we don't want to cry. But only tears open all the gates of heaven.

Heart of the Nation

At the mass rally on January 8 in Jerusalem, the most powerful words came from Avital Sharansky, who'd led an international struggle for the release of her husband, Soviet refusenik Natan Sharansky.

Fighting for the Jewish Quarter

Talk about dividing up the Old City stirs memories of the Jewish Quarter which was destroyed by Arabs in 1948.

Media Critique #20 - Toddler 'Dies'

Reporting a murder in the passive form changes the meaning entirely. Someone at the Associated Press tried to pull a fast one.

Media Critique #19 - Reuters Photo Bias

The world's largest news agency distributes photos that focus heavily toward the Palestinians as victims.

Media Critique #18 - Sanitizing Arafat

Time magazine treats readers to 3,400 words, painting a rosy picture of Yasser Arafat. Most of the facts are incorrect.

Media Critique #17 - The British Guardian

British newspaper blames Israel for everything. When readers complain, the newspaper blames them, too.

Media Critique #16 - Sympathy for a Terrorist

When a Palestinian murders 8 Israelis, the world media downplays the event -- or ignores it altogether.

Media Critique #15 - Harper's Magazine and The Palestinian Question

This overview of Palestinian issues is grossly one-sided. Such blatant propaganda does not belong in any respectable publication.

Media Critique #14 - Jerusalem Rally on CNN

Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Jerusalem. CNN treats it like a sneeze.

National Public Radio and Terror

NPR consistently softens the image of those who kill Israelis.

Media Critique #11 - Times of London, December 4

By manipulating fact and omitting context, The Times of London portrays Israel as initiating violence and stealing Palestinian land.

Media Critique #9: CNN

CNN continues to misrepresent events in Israel and create a climate of public opinion against Israel.

Media Critique #7 - CBS News

CBS and 60 Minutes gives Yasser Arafat an unchallenged forum for some outrageous allegations.

Media Critique #6 British Media and Selective Omission

Between the BBC and the Times of London, the British media is becoming notorious for biased anti-Israel reporting. Some glaring examples from the past week.

Media Critique #5 Barak's "Difficult Consequences"

Barak warns of 'difficult consequences' if Arafat fails to curb violence; at least 5 Palestinians killed in new clashes.

Media Critique #4 News from London

BBC and the London Times consistently distort the facts to portray Israel as the aggressor.

My Friend Taki Has Gone Too Far

Last week's anti-Israel diatribe by The Spectator's High Life columnist is almost worthy of Goebbels, says Conrad Black.

Media Critique #2 CNN

In this article, CNN distorts the facts, skews the picture and downplays an attack on Jewish civilians.

Media Critique #1 - Newsweek

Aish.com's media analysts identify a variety of journalistic violations in this "mainstream" article.

7 Principles of Media Objectivity

With the media playing a key role in Mideast events, ensure that you're more than a passive player in the process.

Tears At Rachel's Tomb

An American woman visits Rachel's Tomb, Judaism's third holiest site, and learns how Jewish destiny embraces all generations.

Shilo: A Mother's Story

As the intifada rages in Israel, one mother writes of the effect on her family and her faith.

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