The Reality Dictionary

My trip to Israel disproved many commonly accepted definitions and assumptions.

Do You Remember?

Israel is bleeding. It is not enough to know it. Feel it. Take it in. And do something about it.

Virtual Tourism in Israel

One visitor finds an innovative way to express unconditional caring and support for beleaguered Israelis.

Teddy Bears for the Wounded

The terrorists want to make us feel powerless. Performing an important mitzvah like visiting the sick empowers.

Snatching Lives From the Angel of Death

Laniado Hospital refuses to give up hope.

Was I Afraid?

My two years in Jerusalem taught me an important lesson.

Israel's Grieving Families

A unique retreat helps Israeli families who have lost loved ones in a terrorist attack to cope with their grief.

Keep Your Finnish Gas Masks

Dear Finnish Foreign Minister, It's a difficult situation and I am dreadfully sorry you are so upset with the Jewish people. We are, after all, only trying to stay alive.

Living with Miracles

Why I made aliyah during the Intifada.

After the Inferno: Survivors Speak

Survivors of one of Israel's most grisly terrorist attacks speak to Jews of the world -- with words and actions.

Survivors in Netanya

Terror leaves a trail of death and destruction that lingers for a lifetime.

Dear Ari

Ari Weiss was the first person I have personally known who was murdered defending the Land of Israel.

Death of a Hero

Sgt. Ari Joshua Weiss of the Nahal Brigade was just three weeks short of his 22nd birthday when he was shot and killed by Palestinian terrorists on Monday.

ZAKA: Always There When Terror Strikes

ZAKA volunteers are often the first rescue workers to appear at the scene of a terrorist bombing or shooting -- and the last to leave.

Who's Rallying For Whom?

After meeting so many Israelis who displayed remarkable courage in the face of Israel's collective pain, it was our spirits that were uplifted.

Awaiting the Wounded

Being in charge of the only Level I trauma center from the Jordan Valley to Beersheba, I have seen indescribable anguish, and hope.

Hebrew U Survivor

Eliad Moreh survived the Hebrew U bombing and she has a message for the world.Courtesy of National Review Online.

At The Bombing

A volunteer medic in Israel describes the scene of a lethal bus bombing.

Jerusalem Stories

A woman spends a week in Israel visiting victims of terror and their families.

Terrorism Won't Break Israeli Will

This fight is for the world's future.

9 New Orphans

A Palestinian terror attack leaves 9 new orphans.

What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?

Years down the road, what would I be able to say that I did while Israel was fighting for its very existence in the war on terror?

Choose Your Music

The Israeli army plays songs about peace and the end of war. The music speaks volumes.

Coming Home, Full of Hope

July 11, 2002 -- I write to you, finally, as Noa Resi Hirsch, an Israeli citizen.

A Tale of Two Families

The destinies of two families converge in the wave of terror.

Voices from the Valley of Death

A message to the Jews of the world from bereaved families during shiva.

Fashioned in the Womb

Encounters with cruelty and compassion, and the womb that breeds them both.

Shiri, My Song

Reflections from the funeral of a Gilo bus terror victim.

Community Anguish

Once again tragedy has struck Shilo with the murder of Avi Siton.

Creating Diamonds

A visitor to victims of terror discovers a sense of family, optimism about the future, and an unbreakable spirit that carries them through their almost unbearable pain.

Mom, I'm Moving To Israel

For the Jewish people, there is no such thing as a wrong or bad time to go to Israel.

The Forgotten Weapon

Military prowess and diplomatic maneuvering have not helped. Maybe it's time to look 'up.'

Israel Update: May 2002

In this issue: Exploding myths, a visit to the Holy Land, and the question of pigskin for terrorists.

Cry of A Nation

Getting out of this mess is less of an individual challenge, and more of a national unity project.

Today We Buried Gedalia

As we remember the great sacrifice of the soldiers who were killed defending Israel, the following is a tribute to one of the latest heroes of Israel.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: Israel Independence Day: Pain and Blessings

Yom Ha'Atzma'ut will be rather painful this year, especially for those of us fortunate enough to live in Israel.

Jews At War

An Israeli soldier in the reserves describes what it is like to wage war in a uniquely Jewish army.

Why I Am Not Afraid

Terrorists want our fear as much as our blood. Whatever happens, they sure won't get my fear.

Why Live In Israel Today?

Despite the uncertainty and threat of terror, Israelis are here to stay.

Roadblocks of the Spirit

An Israeli reserve soldier describes his experience guarding a roadblock.

And We All Pray...

How do we Israelis deal with this constant killing that lurks around every corner, flaring up in periodic, spectacular displays of just how evil man can be?

Evil Is Now

For one woman, Saturday night's slaughter in Jerusalem rips apart the denial that Evil wants to wipe out the Jews.

"I am a Jew. My mother is a Jew..."

I don't know what kind of Jew Daniel Pearl was -- if he went to synagogue regularly or thought about keeping kosher. And it just doesn't matter.

Ray of Hope

A deadly attack left Karnei Shomron residents stunned, but the pain is accompanied by a ray of hope.

Lot's Wife

A mother, whose son was murdered by Arab terrorists, calls on Palestinian mothers to stop the sanctification of their children's death.

Where No Bullet Can Penetrate

First-person account of the shooting spree on Jaffa Road.

The Normal Life?

In Israel, we cannot go on pretending that all is well and normal.

My Value as a Jew

As a Jew living in the Jewish land, my value has appreciated a thousand-fold.

Understanding the Bat Mitzvah Attack

Our response to this terrorist tragedy must be activism, not despair.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This was a cruel senseless murder of a man who epitomized the hope for coexistence.

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