18 Lifesaving Israeli Inventions

Israeli ingenuity is benefiting people everywhere. Here are 18 inventions designed to save lives.

Leaving Harvard for Israel

Dr. Jeffrey M. Hausdorff is fulfilling a lifelong dream.

One Family’s Loss

Yosi Karkash was killed in the Second Lebanon War when a Hezbollah rocket landed on his platoon, killing him and 11 comrades.

Israel Memorial Day: Feeling the Loss

A tribute to the country’s fallen soldiers and civilians who were killed as a result of terrorism.

A Letter to the Fallen Israeli Soldier

The words are inadequate, but we thank you.

The Gift of Israel

Why I’m fortunate to be living in Israel.

The Year Without Purim

18 years after a series of deadly terror attacks, a unique quilt stitches together broken hearts.

Israel: A Look Back (Facebook Movie)

On the milestones you cherished and the memories you loved most - for the State of Israel.

Jewish Super Heroes

A peek behind the mask.

IDF Saving Syrian Lives

An inside look into the Israeli field hospital that is saving Syrian lives.

Ariel Sharon & Me

An incredible encounter with the prime minister is the reason my family and I moved to Israel.

The Fastest Ambulance

Thousands of passionate volunteers are saving people’s lives with their motorcycles. Meet the Israeli who started United Hatzalah.

Israel Helping its Enemies

Hamas leader seeks medical care for granddaughter in the Jewish state he hopes to destroy.

Devastation & Hope in the Philippines

An Israeli soldier’s first person account.

Godfather of Israeli High-Tech

Yossi Vardi’s astounding success came through his failures.

The Man who Taught Me to Fly

Meet Yossi Leshem, a boy who loved birds and grew up to change the world.

Six Days in October

Nineteen years ago Nachshon Wachsman was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

Israel’s Top 44 Inventions

A new exhibit pays homage to Israeli ingenuity.

Israel’s Secret Doctors

Nobody asks permission to kill. We do not ask permission to save lives.

Israel’s Freedom of Speech

Muslims can speak more freely in Israel than in Egypt, Jordan and the PA.

Hope for Heroism

After nearly losing their lives protecting the Jewish nation, injured Israeli soldiers are helping other injured soldiers.

Israel Lacrosse and Shabbat

Why we're forfeiting our World Cup playoff game.

Common Ground

Spending three days with non-religious Israelis, I discovered surprising things about them, and myself.

NY’s Israeli Day Parade

We gather for one unifying reason: We love Israel.

Israel’s Sense of Purpose

Israel’s sense of historical importance is palpable. The U.S. would do well to emulate it.

Boston/Israel Collaboration

An exclusive interview with the head of emergency medicine at Mass. General, and the Israeli doctor who trained them.

Joy of Israel

From soldiers on skis to Israeli cowboys, a family of olim discovers hidden Israel.

Barricades of Prayer

My summer with Israeli soldiers confronted my fear of living.

At the Crossroads

With gratitude to the young men who fought for our freedom.

A Time to Fight

When an Arab terrorist tried to kill Yael Mitzafon, she had three choices: fight, flight or freeze. She fought.

Israel Feeds the World

Israel displays leadership in innovative agricultural technologies.

A Bravery Fiercer than Death

The tragic yet inspiring story of the 35 heroes of Gush Etzion.

What I Saw During Pillar of Defense

I worked 20 hours a day as a soldier in the IDF, providing goods and services to civilians in Gaza.

Our Family’s Aliyah: A Video Diary

Answering the perplexing question: Why we moved to Israel.

Mobilizing Jews

Heroism, leadership and kinship during Israel's "mini-war."

Lori Live in Israel Now

AUDIO: 100 courageous women fly to Israel in solidarity.

Gaza: The Spiritual Response

How you can join the battle.

Israel's Cardboard Wheelchair

It’s rolling out from Israel and ready to conquer the world.

Gaza Escalation

What other country would tolerate this?

Rocket Attacks in Israel

My country is under attack. Do you care?

The Iranian Cloud

Celebrating Sukkot on the brink of a nuclear Iran.

Where the Impossible Happens

Building Israel, from the first grade up.

Bizrael Student Experience

An Israel trip for college students that shows the Israeli hi-tech start-up culture – up close and personal.

The Gift of a Second Chance

I will never forget that moment of eerie silence – the silence of those who were dead in every seat around me.

My Gush Katif Family: Seven Years Later

Fortunately they were able to painstakingly put the pieces of their lives back together.

Helping Victims of Terror

Liora Tedgi’s bargain with God.

Encountering Terror

If I turn my back on Israel, I am the one defeated.

Small Nation, Big Difference

Israel isn’t perfect, but it’s working hard to implement the Jewish ideal of repairing the world.

Amazing Israeli Medical Breakthroughs

Modern Israeli inventions are giving handicapped people new hope.

Jerusalem : Compass of the Diaspora Jew

Somehow we always know how to seek Jerusalem, whether it's by Babylon's rivers or the Hudson.

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