Saving Enid

A tireless activist for Soviet Jews now needs a lifeline of her own.

How Can You Defend Israel?

Why I'm proud to stand up for Israel.

Mountain Biking Rehabilitation

Shimon Schocken's rides of hope.

Facing Death Twice

Rabbi Uriel Malka, age 32, was working as a chaplain in the Prisons Service and died tragically in Israel's worst fire.

One Incredible Week in Israel

Participants from around the world fly to Israel to study and tour with

Nov 29, 1947: The Story of a Vote

Eyewitness accounts of the November 1947 UN vote to partition Mandate Palestine into two states.

Remember Sderot

A ‘disproportionate’ victim in Sderot.

Israel Innovation

Bringing prosperity to the Jewish people and the world.

Death Trap

The situation seemed hopeless. We were sitting ducks inside a tin, rolling coffin.

Israeli Defense

Maj. (Res.) Dr. Yehuda David is on a lifetime mission to defend Israel and its soldiers.

The Prime Ministers’ Man

Adviser to five Israeli leaders, Yehuda Avner shares his perspective on Israel and what it means to be a Jew.

Echoes of a Shofar

The remarkable men who blew the shofar at the end of Yom Kippur at the Western Wall before the founding of the State of Israel.

The Happiest People on Earth

Canada and Israel are tied for eighth place. Surprised? Don't be.

My Road Less Traveled

At the height of our professional careers, we gave it all up to start over again in Israel.

From Bedouin Shepherd to Israeli Diplomat

Ishmael Khaldi tells what it's really like being a minority in Israel.

Start-Up Nation

How seven million people surrounded by enemies created innovation magic.

The Kiss of History

My daughter discovered the oldest known writing in Jerusalem.

No Dogs and Israelis

Anti-Semitism is moving into the mainstream.

A Simple Song for Israel

Israel stands for Peace.

Thank You, First Sergeant A.

A letter to Israel's Navy Seals who bear Jewish history’s burden on their shoulders.

7 Questions with Danny Ayalon

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister speaks about Jewish values, the Iranian threat, and evangelical Christians.

Cleantech Israel

10 reasons Israel is a cleantech leader.

Do It Now

Sometimes there are no second chances.

Serving My Country

Why this fourth-generation American moved to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces.

Seven Questions: Mother’s Pain, Mother’s Pride

Miriam Peretz paid an enormous sacrifice – twice -- in defense of Israel.

Rebuilding Jerusalem

No matter how Mrs. Clinton may scold, the Jewish people are rebuilding Jerusalem.

Heroes of Israel: Bankrupting Terror

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is the voice of the victims.

Dream Doctors

Medical clowns in Israeli hospitals are making a real difference.

7 Questions: From Phishhead to Israeli Army

David Sussman's brush with death changed his life

Zeidy's Prayer

How divine providence connected my great grandfather, father, and daughter across generations and continents.

Why Make Aliyah

For a Jew, there is no better place than Israel.

The Stoning

An Israeli soldier saves a five-year-old Arab girl's life.

The Cleaning Lady

Lessons from a move halfway across the world.

Daring Rescues

Remembering the most crucial mission of Danny Kellman’s life.

Aliyah Chronicles #10: The Next Move

In Israel, our willingness to take risks have grown.

A Time to be Born

You never know when you'll be part of a miracle.

Rabbi Weinberg and Sderot

It is unacceptable that the Jewish people are not mobilized on behalf of their fellow Jews.

The Search for Amichai

A missing member of the family.

Champions of Unity

Fifteen boys see beyond their ideological boxes and win the gold.

Never Too Old to Learn

My grandfather started learning Torah when he was 80 years old.

The Hebron Massacre

Eighty years ago, an Arab mob went on a rampage and murdered 69 Jews.

My Gush Katif Bar Mitzvah

By 'downgrading' the party, we're upgrading on the mitzvah.

Gush Katif: Picking Up the Pieces

Four years after the disengagement, many families are still without work.

Jimmy Carter: The Voice of Bilaam?

Sometimes blessings come from the most unlikely source.

Fear vs. hope

Israelis' anguish is too little acknowledged.

Be A Light

A group of Israeli backpackers volunteer in Himalayan village schools.

8-Year-Old Virtuoso

Maya Tamir, eight years old, playing with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Amazing!

Flash of Light

Capturing the Western Wall, days before Shavuot 1967

Israel's Pull

Why are families leaving it all behind to come live in Israel?

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