A Time to be Born

You never know when you'll be part of a miracle.

Rabbi Weinberg and Sderot

It is unacceptable that the Jewish people are not mobilized on behalf of their fellow Jews.

The Search for Amichai

A missing member of the family.

Champions of Unity

Fifteen boys see beyond their ideological boxes and win the gold.

Never Too Old to Learn

My grandfather started learning Torah when he was 80 years old.

The Hebron Massacre

Eighty years ago, an Arab mob went on a rampage and murdered 69 Jews.

My Gush Katif Bar Mitzvah

By 'downgrading' the party, we're upgrading on the mitzvah.

Gush Katif: Picking Up the Pieces

Four years after the disengagement, many families are still without work.

Jimmy Carter: The Voice of Bilaam?

Sometimes blessings come from the most unlikely source.

Fear vs. hope

Israelis' anguish is too little acknowledged.

Be A Light

A group of Israeli backpackers volunteer in Himalayan village schools.

8-Year-Old Virtuoso

Maya Tamir, eight years old, playing with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Amazing!

Flash of Light

Capturing the Western Wall, days before Shavuot 1967

Israel's Pull

Why are families leaving it all behind to come live in Israel?

Miracles Happen Here: Aliyah Chronicles #9

61 years after Israel's birth as a nation, miracles continue to happen here.

Hugging Mrs. H

Even as a young child, I understood that Mrs. H's tears belonged to all of us.

Aliyah Chronicles #7: Assertive Israelis

Israel is not always an easy place. But when it's good, it's really good.

Eight Souls, Eight Torah Scrolls

As I closed my eyes I imagined eight souls dancing in a circle above us and the circling Torah scrolls.

From Mother to Son

A mother's letter to her son who was murdered in Mercaz Harav one year ago.

My Israeli Election Experience

While for the rest of the country it was a day of fragmentation, in our voting room there was a unique moment of unity.

Dear Citizen of Gaza

I am the soldier who slept in your home.

My Gaza War Diary

The power of faith and unity on the frontlines.

Coming Home from Gaza

Thank you God for bringing my son home.

Praying for My Soldier

"My soldier" became like my brother, and I feared for his life.

Sderot Student at the UN

"Are human rights for some, but not for others?"

Send Your Letter of Support

Israel's soldiers and residents need your encouraging words.

My First War: The Aliyah Chronicles #6

Missile threat in New Jersey? Is this really happening to my life?

Care Packages to Gaza

Lifting the spirits of Israeli soldiers.

The First of the Fallen

I was introduced to Dvir at his funeral.

Every Soldier a Hero

The inspiring story of the hero of the Merkaz Harav massacre.

We Are All Sderot

A missile exploded just 100 meters from my home and suddenly I care about the people of Sderot.

The Aliyah Chronicles #5: My American Children in Israel

Moving to Israel has been a great lesson in parenting.

Running Out of Gas: The Aliyah Chronicles #4

My terrifying moment as a new immigrant with minimal Hebrew language skills.

The Golden Boy

However one measures strength, Shai Haim is a very strong man.

Funeral for Baruch

Instead of crying, a reason to sing.

Not In Kansas Anymore

Somewhere over the rainbow I landed in the land of Israel

Playgrounds in Sderot

Welcome to the first playground in the world that is properly protected from falling rockets.

Transient Souls: The Aliyah Chronicles #3

Moving to Israel is a daunting, if not a downright crazy task to accomplish.

Heroes on the Border

How do we respond when a Hezbollah killer goes free?

Out of the Mouth of Roni

How an 8-year-old is holding down the borders of Israel.

The Aliyah Chronicles: Saying Good-Bye

You can't transport to Israel all the piles of stuff that have defined your life for so long. What stays and what goes?

Thank You, Hero

Wednesday's hero helped us realize that education to valor is not some kind of old-fashioned luxury, but rather, it's a necessity of life.

My Response to Terror

Five years ago I needed to do something in response – so I moved to Israel. But that doesn't work anymore.

When Rockets Go Slam

In Israel, nobody expects miracles, but everybody takes them for granted.

A Soldier and an Old Woman

In Israel's darkest moment, outnumbered and surrounded by enemies, an old woman sees what no one else can see.

A Blizzard in Shilo

Longing for redemption; longing for home.

Only in Israel

The joys of living with the family.

Just Words

It's no accident that we should be repeatedly compelled to explain our presence, to have to figure out what we're doing here.

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