The tapestry squares below are part of the Threads of Hope project created by The Koby Mandell Foundation and the women and families who have lost loved ones to terror. Over 200 families participated in the project, each creating a square for their loved one.

The handmade squares, sewn together to form 18 tapestries, memorialize those killed by terror and represent the unity of the Jewish people-- the power and beauty of our being together.

When we remember we say to each grieving family: you are not alone, and you are not abandoned. The Jewish people are one fabric. Though we may be ripped, we will never be torn apart. We will never be destroyed.

This Pesach you are invited to share in the memories of those who have lost their loved ones. The tapestries will be on display at the Gush Etzion Judaica Center from April 21st to May 13th.

On Tuesday, April 26th from 2 to 5 pm
there will a reception with the Mandell family.

Yafit Ravivo Yafit Ravivo, 14, HY"D

Jerusalem, One of 11 people killed in a suicide bombing on a No. 20 Egged bus in the Kiryat Menahem neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Every morning Yafit took the No. 20 bus to Beit Hinuch, the religious school in Kiryat Moshe, where she attended the ninth grade. According to neighbors, Yafit was the quiet middle daughter of three. Her cousin, Liron Rabi, related that though she was very modest, Yafit would visit with autistic children and always tried to help.

Yafit Ravivo was buried in the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem. She is survived by her mother, Rachel, and her two sisters, Oshrit and Orit.


Noam Leibowitz Noam Leibowitz, 7, HY"D

Murdered by terrorists when she was in second grade. The family was driving home from her cousin’s bar mitzvah on June 17th, 2003 when 12 bullets hit their car. One killed Noam; the same bullet entered Noam’s 3 year old sister Shirah’s hand. Noam Leibowitz’s square is covered with plastic butterflies and the inscription is part of the poem that Noam wrote. Before she was killed, Noam wrote these lines about butterflies: “I think every butterfly has a flower to guard. Sometimes I think that I am a happy little butterfly and my job is to make everyone happy—my parents, my sister, my brother and my friends.”


Sarit Amrani Sarit Amrani, 26, HY’D – Nokdim

Murdered in a shooting attack near Tekoa, on September 20, 2001. Sarit, her husband Shai and three children were on their way home after spending the Rosh Hashanah holiday with their family. Terrorists fired over a dozen bullets at the family car. Sarit was killed instantly and Shai was seriously wounded.


Assaf Avitan Assaf Avitan, 15, HY’D –Jerusalem

Murdered on Dec 1, 2001 at the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall in Jerusalem. Assaf grew up in Jerusalem's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood and was the "neighborhood clown". Assaf. The youngest child in his family and a computer freak, was a 10th grade student at the Ort Nevi'im High School in downtown Jerusalem.


Sara Blaustein Sara Blaustein, 52, HY’D.- Efrat

Murdered in a drive by shooting. A devoted wife and mother, she was a true Eishet chayil. “a dear neighbor and a wonderful friend. A friend that doesn’t come often in a lifetime.”


Yocheved Shoshan Yocheved Shoshan, 10, HY’D

Jerusalem, Murdered on Aug 9, 2001, in a bombing in the Sbarro pizza restaurant. Yocheved had gone with her mother and her sisters to the pizzeria and were seated on the second floor. The attack occurred when Yocheved went downstairs to order another slice of pizza. Yocheved was killed instantly.


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