23 October 2000

"Peace Under Fire: Palestinians and Israelis on the Brink of War," is the cover story of the Oct. 23 edition of Teen Newsweek, a magazine distributed to middle school students across America.

On page 4 is a prominent photo of three Palestinians, with the man in the middle holding up his blood-covered hands. The caption reads: "In the West Bank city of Ramallah, bloodied Palestinian protestors express their rage."

Violation of objectivity: Lack of context

The implication is that the Palestinians are bloody because they are victims of Israeli aggression. There is no mention whatsoever that these Palestinians are bloody because they just got finished beating, stabbing, burning and disemboweling two innocent Israelis.

And how does Teen Newsweek's photo caption refer to these heinous murderers? As "protestors!"

Imagine how many layers of editors needed to approve this photo caption. This is an obscene violation.

Write to Charles Piddock, Executive Editor at: ed@teennewsweek.com. Demand that Teen Newsweek reprint the photo with the proper caption, and a full article detailing the Ramallah lynching and other acts of Palestinian terror against innocent Israelis.

On page 8 of Teen Newsweek, a chart illustrates the number of Palestinian and Israeli children killed since 1987. The Palestinian numbers, represented in bright red, many times exceed Israeli losses, shown in a less visible yellow.

Violation of objectivity: Using true facts to draw false conclusions

But omitting the circumstances of the deaths involved, Teen Newsweek distorts the truth and creates a false equivalency between the deaths of Palestinian and Israeli children.

Is Teen Newsweek creating equivalency?! In what circumstances did these children die? Was it a Palestinian child, killed while throwing a deadly firebomb at Israeli forces, having been brainwashed by textbooks which call for Jihad, suicide bombings, and elimination of the State of Israel? Like the 10th grade Palestinian textbook which declares: "Martyred Jihad fighters are the most honored people after the prophets."

Or was it an innocent Israeli child, killed while sitting on a public bus or in a cafe, blown to smithereens when a Palestinian suicide bomber decided to greet the 70 virgins promised to him in heaven?

It's bad enough that the Palestinian Authority brainwashes children into hating Jews. But does Teen Newsweek have to subject American children to manipulation as well?

With thanks to Camera. www.camera.org