Birzeit University is a leading Palestinian institution of higher education. In November 2000, the Development Studies Program ( conducted a poll of 1,234 Palestinians in 75 locations throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, on questions relating to the intifada and the peace process.

Here are excerpts. Answers are in percentage points, with a margin of error plus-or-minus 3 percent.

1. Do you think that the Palestinian leadership should declare a Palestinian state despite Israeli and American opposition?

Yes 70.9
No 24.2
No opinion 5.0

2. Do you think that the Palestinian leadership should declare a state even if that declaration would lead to a military confrontation with Israel?

Yes 68.5
No 26.3
No opinion 5.2

3. Do think that the Palestinian Leadership accurately informs the public about political developments?

Yes 28.5
No 58.9
Not sure 12.6

4. If East Jerusalem comes under Palestinian sovereignty, will you accept Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem?

Yes 21.1
No 74.3
Not sure 4.6

5. Do you believe that peace is possible between Palestinians and Israelis if Israel does not recognize the right of Palestinian refugees to return?

Yes 4.9
No 91.5
Not sure 3.5

6. Have your living conditions improved or deteriorated since the start of the peace process in 1993?

Improve 14.3
Deteriorate 45.0
No change 40.8

7. Do you think that the Oslo Accords and the subsequent agreements have lead to positive changes that benefit Palestinians?

Yes 16.5
Fair 24.2
No 54.9
Not sure 4.3

8. Do you think that there is a chance for peaceful coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis?

Yes 32.6
No 60.2
Not sure 7.2

9. If negotiations continue, who should guide and watch over them?

USA 3.2
UN 38.9
Others 39.9
Not sure 18.0

10. Do you think Ehud Barak is a leader the Palestinian leadership can negotiate with?

Yes 8.8
No 84.9
Not sure 6.3

11. Do you support or oppose military attacks against American targets in the region?

Support 72.9
Oppose 21.7
Not sure 5.4

12. In the case of establishing an independent Palestinian State, would you view a friendship between a Palestinian and an Israeli positively?

Yes 30.7
No 64.8
Not sure 4.5

13. Do you support or oppose military attacks against Israeli targets at the present time?

Support 80.0
Oppose 15.1
Not sure 4.9

14. If you support military attacks, what should be the target of these attacks?

11.7 Support only against military targets
03.0 support only against settlers
33.1 against both military & settlers
00.4 against civilians in the 1948 proper
62.3 against all Israelis regardless