"If it were true, you wouldn’t be meeting me."

- Hamas leader Shiek Yassin, in an interview with Newsweek, dismissing reports that Arafat had placed him under house arrest.


Yasser Arafat's Dec. 16 speech calling for a halt to suicide bombings was received with great skepticism. Even the rabidly pro-Palestinian Suzanne Goldenberg of the UK Guardian wrote: "The impact of Mr Arafat's message was blunted by the fact that none of his previous calls to end attacks on Israelis have been matched by a concerted effort to crack down on suicide bombers and gunmen."

Indeed, a mere two days later, Arafat fulfilled the prophecies and reneged on his call to stop violence. At a speech in Ramallah (Dec. 18), Arafat unleashed a torrent of anti-Israel incitement:

We are prepared to give 70 of our martyrs for every martyr of theirs in this campaign.

"We with the help of God will meet next time in Jerusalem, because we are fighting in order to bring the victory to our prophets, every baby, every child, every man, every women, and every older person, and all the youngsters, we will sacrifice ourselves for our holy places, and we will establish the guard on them, and are prepared to give 70 of our martyrs for every martyr of theirs in this campaign, because this is our holy land. We will continue to fight..."

Then, on December 23, the military wing of the Arafat-affiliated Fatah group, issued a flyer declaring that the intifada would continue: "As far as we are concerned the intifada will continue. We must prepare for a continued escalation in attacks against the IDF and settlers if Israel continues its attacks against Palestinians."

Did your contact their local media report on Arafat's latest incitement speech?

(courtesy of IMRA and HonestReporting.com)


In September 2001, public pressure forced book-seller Amazon.com to terminate its associate’s arrangement with Intifada.com, when it was determined that money raised from the sale of Amazon books was being used to fund terror activities.

Now it seems another one has fallen through the cracks. The website http://alaqsaintifada.org/bookstore/ is also raising funds through the Amazon associates program.

You can log onto Amazon.com and file a complaint.

(thanks to David K. for the alert)


Barbara Amiel touched off a diplomatic scandal on December 21 when she reported in the (London) Daily Telegraph that the ambassador of a major EU country said the world’s troubles were all because of "that sh***y little country Israel."

Though Amiel did not name the diplomat in question, he was quickly identified as Daniel Bernard, the French ambassador to London. Bernard is a close confidante of President Chirac, and previously served as the French ambassador to the United Nations.

The ambassador does not remember if he used those words.

Bernard’s defense was awfully weak. “The ambassador does not remember if he used those words,” declared the press secretary at the French Embassy.

The London Jewish community has called for Bernard to be removed from his diplomatic post.

Barbara Amiel is the wife of Conrad Black, the media magnate who publishes The (UK) Spectator, Daily Telegraph, Chicago Sun-Times, Montreal Gazette, Jerusalem Post, and others.

Aish.com has obtained rights to publish the full text of Amiel’s original column. Go to: http://www.aish.com/a/r/74.asp


A University of Maryland campus sidewalk -- more than a half-mile of it -- is now filled with the outlines and names of the 235 victims of Palestinian terrorism of the past 15 months. This was the result of work by a group of Jewish students.

The students first gathered at the campus to recite Psalms and read aloud the names of the victims, and then traced in chalk each other's bodies on the sidewalk. Aside each "body," they wrote a victim's name, age, and what he was doing while murdered. For instance, it was noted that Yaakov Danino, 17, was killed while eating pizza.

Students reported that the reaction on campus the next morning was "striking. There is not a free spot on the whole mall to walk without stepping on a 'body,' and students are taking great pains not to step on them."

(courtesy of Arutz 7)


An IDF soldier lodged an official complaint with Jerusalem police against MK Muhammad Barakei who allegedly spat in the soldier’s face when asked for his ID at a checkpoint.

The Member of Knesset entreated the Arab world to unite against the Israeli government.

It was the third complaint lodged against Barakei by a soldier or policeman in the last six months. Barakei is already under police investigation for slapping a policeman outside the Interior Ministry in east Jerusalem.

Earlier this year, another Arab MK, MK Azmi Bishara, joined Hizbullah leaders at a ceremony in Syria and entreated the Arab world "to unite against the warmongering Sharon government." Said Bishara: "We will not forget Palestine and Jerusalem will remain the focal point for our strugglers."

Another Knesset Member, Talab El-Sana (United Arab List), recently called the shooting of eight Israeli soldiers and two civilians on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv "a legitimate part of the Palestinian struggle."