America political activists are intensely focused on an out-of-the-way Congressional race in Alabama. Earl Hilliard, the incumbent, is being challenged by Artur Davis for the Democratic primary on June 25. Since no Republican registered for the race, the runoff is tantamount to a general election.

Middle East politics have taken a prominent role in this race, despite the fact that few Jews or Moslems live in the district. Hilliard is considered one of the most anti-Israel members of Congress. He was one of only 20 Congressmen to vote against a pro-Israel resolution in May 2002, and one of 11 Congressmen to vote against a resolution "expressing support of Israel in the fight against terrorism."

In July 2001, Hilliard was one of six congressman who voted against extending sanctions for Libya and Iran. Hilliard has traveled to Libya (twice), sent staff to Iraq, and following September 11 introduced a House resolution to lift sanctions and normalize relations with terrorist states.

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The campaign is not without scandal. Individuals connected to Hilliard were seen distributing fliers stating that Davis, a 34-year-old Harvard-educated black lawyer, supports Israel's "policy of complete domination." The flier further alleged that Davis's "only work experience was putting black folks in jail and now he tells us that Jews are our best friends..."

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For more information on this race, visit the Birmingham News website (http://www.bhamnews.com), which is carrying the story on the front page every day.


Chen Keinan, whose mother and baby daughter were murdered in a terrorist attack in Petach Tikvah, said in an interview with CNN:

"I just want to tell everybody that they shouldn't keep even one eye closed when they sleep, because what we Israelis know today, they will know tomorrow. Every country, mainly in Europe, has its minorities and has it problems. And one day, it [the terror] will come! This is the time to stop it, and to avoid babies being scattered on the streets.

"I'll tell you how I see the future: I think Israel is like the canary in the coal mine, and... we in Israel are dying now. We are slaughtered on a daily basis, but you're next... And you hope that if you tolerate it, and try to understand its motives, and you give it reasons, whatever they are. I ask the Europeans: Do not tolerate murder!

"I don't want to use the word terrorism, because it's banal. Do not tolerate murder, do not appease the terrorists! Not for oil, and not because you're scared. Because the more fear you show, the faster it's going to be on your doorstep -- and then, God help you, because you gave it legitimacy. And my baby's blood is just as precious as any French blood. God help these hypocritical people..."

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Writing in the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, Dan Gordon, described as "a peace activist who has held meetings with Arab leaders in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza," offers some telling details on the aftermath of the battle of Jenin:

"I was in the Jenin refugee camp on April 16. In addition to noting that there was no smell of death in the camp and that the booby-traps and anti-personnel bombs laid out by the Palestinian gunmen were still very much in evidence, I heard a story, which I did indeed find chilling. It was told to me by Dr. David Zangen, chief medical officer of the Israeli paratroop unit, which bore the brunt of the fighting in Jenin. Zangen stated that the Israelis not only worked to keep the hospital in Jenin open, but that they offered the Palestinians blood for their wounded.

"The Palestinians refused it because it was Jewish blood. That is a chilling story to an American of my age, with memories of white, bigoted-racial purists refusing to accept blood from African Americans in the segregated South."

The Israeli response, which could easily have been, "fine, have it you own way," was to fly in 2,000 units of blood from Jordan, via helicopters, for the Palestinians.

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In the meantime, comic Sam Levinson says: "It's a free world and you don't have to like Jews, but if you don't, I suggest that you boycott certain Jewish products, like...

  • The Wasserman Test for syphilis
  • Insulin, discovered by Dr. Minofsky
  • Chloral Hydrate, discovered by Dr. Lifreich
  • The Schick Test for Diphtheria
  • Vitamins, discovered by Dr. Funk
  • Streptomycin, discovered by Dr. Woronan
  • Polio Pill by Dr. Sabin
  • Polio Vaccine by Dr. Jonas Salk.

Says Levinson: "You want to be mad at us? Be mad at us! But I'm telling you, you ain't going to feel so good."


Thomas Friedman writes in The New York Times:

...Yes, yes, many Europeans really do just want an end to the Israeli occupation, but the anti-Semitism coming out of Europe today suggests that deep down some Europeans want a lot more: They want Mr. Sharon to commit a massacre against Palestinians, or they want to describe what he did in Jenin as a massacre, so that the Europeans can finally get the guilt of the Holocaust off their backs and be able to shout: "Look at these Jews, they're worse than we were!"

I just attended an Arab media conference and was on a panel with Eric Rouleau, the Middle East correspondent of Le Monde, who said he had recently spoken to some French generals who told him that what Israel did in Jenin was worse than anything France did during the Algerian war. One million Algerians were killed in that war and two million were made homeless. So far 60 bodies have been recovered in Jenin, many of them fighters. You do the math.