Translated by Asher Tarmon

What sort of human beings are you, you Palestinians, that you initiate, support, applaud and revel in these brutal, inhuman, suicidal attacks? What kind of society is yours that breeds this phenomenon and what kind of entity do you have that embraces this feature with such revolting delight and adoration? What kind of people are you who feed themselves on unbridled, exulting, sobbing, stuttering, hysterical and venomous hate?

The suicide bombers, which you produce from among you in such numbers, are the example and the moral lesson. He is you, all of you as a society. You are a suicidal, hate-crazed society with a self-destructive dark-mindedness and a revulsion for compromise. A suicidal society with an urge for the absolute, wanting to get it all or nothing at all -- existence, life, everything. A society ready to take down with it to destruction everything that stands in its way, trumpeting maniacally all the way to its violent doom.

The suicidal bombers are the example and you, all of you, as a society, are the moral. A suicidal society that wants to embrace and explode itself upon us in order to destroy itself and us together. But although there is an alternative between life and death, between hope and despair, between construction and ruin, you have chosen ruin in despair and death and you want to take us there with you.

You, as a society, as an entity, are all responsible. Not only because most of you aid, support and identify with every diabolical deed of this kind, but because those of you who do not agree and do not identify, lack the integrity and courage to rise up, to condemn, to denounce and even do something about it: to castigate these evil beings from among you, to persecute them, jail them and indeed dispose of them.

How can it be that until this very day, after so many lives destroyed, not one moral cry has ever gone up from among you?

Even the few of you who yesterday dared to publish a reservation regarding these attacks, did not reprimand them morally, but merely expressed the opinion that the attacks are not helpful to Palestinian interests at this stage. How can it be that until this very day, after so many suicide attacks, so many lives destroyed, so many scenes of atrocities, not one moral cry has ever gone up from among you, just a moral and crystal clear one, representing the many, which would declare -- our friends did not spill this blood, it was done only by the hands of the reprehensible, inhuman few. How can it be that a whole society of millions cannot mobilize from among itself, even though suffering the conditions of occupation, deprivation and struggle -- half a million, a hundred thousand, fifty thousand men and women who would march, demonstrate, proclaim, write, do interviews in order to state: we are not partners to this immoral atrocity.

The test of a society is not to abandon dignity especially under trying conditions and all of you have resoundingly failed this test.

Yes, it is not easy being a Palestinian, it is even very difficult and at times very harassing, but the test of a human being, the test of a society, is not to abandon dignity especially under trying conditions and you, all of you, have failed this test -- a resounding, scorching failure.

This debased barbarity, for the type of which you are all responsible, must not be justified or excused because of reasons of despair, hopelessness, land quarrel and dispute over several kilometers. The moment a person or society loses its human spark, the background and causes are totally erased and what is forever left, naked and ugly, is the deed itself with all its horror.

Indeed, you are a suicidal-terrorist society. And from now on, when we need to defend ourselves by major actions against you, no one can complain about us from any moral standpoint, if we take special care to protect ourselves and less caution about your human dignity and lives, which you yourselves have been eliminating for such a long time.

No, even now we won't be emulating your example, we won't go after the innocent citizens, the aged, the women and the infants to attack them in broad daylight and murder them with a cruel madness. Yes, it seems that even if we again must return to your cities and villages and battle there. We shall not seek the easy way, killing the righteous together with the criminal, but again apparently our soldiers will be forfeiting their lives in order not to carry out mass attacks, and will be singling out the actual terrorists so as to target them only. But if the worst happens, the blood of the innocent is upon your heads, on the heads of all of you, because you are all to blame as a society.