Why Deny the Holocaust?

Iran views Holocaust denial as a strategic propaganda tool.

Jews Wake Up!

Guaranteeing our survival begins with each of us deciding that we are willing to fight to survive. And today the challenge facing us is clear.

Conversations with the Enemy

Iran and Syria are as much our enemies today as the Nazi Reich was our enemy in an earlier era.

Deadly Logic

According to the UN's top human rights official, the side that sustains more fatalities is less to blame.

Responding to War Crimes

Hezbollah -- not Israel -- is guilty of war crimes in Lebanon.

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West (12 min video)

A 12-minute abridged version of the multi-award winning documentary, Obsession: Radical Islams's War Against The West -- a riveting new documentary.

The Roots of Jihad

Dr. Tawfik Hamid's change from terrorist to champion of peace began with a question.

The Good Doctor

Wafa Sultan, the Syrian-American psychologist who gained notoriety for criticizing Islam on Al-Jazeera, remains undeterred.

The American Interest

Compelling reasons why the United States should support Israel.

Proxy Terrorism from Iran

It's time to bring the fight against terrorists to the countries that arm and fund them.

Negotiating with Kidnappers

Exploring the Talmudic thought process involved in releasing terrorists in exchange for the freedom of the three abducted Israeli soldiers.

Demonizing Israel

For Amnesty International, "Israeli war crimes" are synonymous with "any military action whatsoever."

Pan-Muslim Fiction

The claim that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the source of all evil and that its resolution will lead to regional peace and stability is demonstratively wrong.

What Are HRW Watching?

Human Rights Watch cooks the books about facts, cheats on interviews, and releases predetermined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence.

Israel's Broken Heart

A long list of reckonings awaits the Israeli public.

Lebanon: Who's to Blame?

Two crucial questions on Israel versus its enemies.

State of Denial

The abdication of Lebanese leaders.

The Rules of War

The difference between us and the terrorists is clear: We endanger ourselves to protect their civilians. They endanger their own civilians to protect themselves.

War of Survival

In Lebanon and Gaza, Israel is holding Arabs responsible for their own fate.

Israel: One Nation Under Attack

Israel's purpose is not retribution but survival.

Lebanon: Myths and Facts

Ammunition for how you can defend Israel.

Arithmetic of Pain

Why Israel's response is reasonable and proportionate.

One Israeli's View

Imagine that Mexico was calling for the destruction of the United States, backing it up with cross-border raids and missiles.

Fighting Hizbullah

A Strategic Assessment of the Hizballah War: Defeating the Iranian-Syrian Axis in Lebanon

Israel's Prime Minister Speaks

An address by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Why They Fight

It's not the occupation. The issue is, and has always been, Israel's existence.

Battle Plans

Israel's next war has begun.

Death in Gaza

Who is to blame for grief on a beach?

There Is No Zionism without Judaism

If we cut ourselves off from 3,000 years of Judaism, we will lose the right to our existence in our historic homeland.

Approaching 6 Million

Israel is a tempting target for those who would finish Hitler's work. His successors now reside in Tehran.

A Nation like Ours

Why the American consensus in support of Israel is deep-rooted and durable.

Oppressing the Palestinians?

A comprehensive review of lifestyle and trends for Palestinian Arabs over the last two centuries.

The Reality of Paradise Now

The Academy Awards nominates a film that glorifies Palestinian suicide bombers.

Our Culture of Hate

We were brought up to hate -- and we do.

A Manifesto for Murder

The Hamas charter reveals their Nazi-like genocidal orientation to Jews in general.

Palestine without Illusions

If the world responds correctly, the Hamas victory will mark a turning point for the better.

Golden Globe for Terror

The reception accorded Paradise Now reinforces the impression that, in the current global struggle against Islamist terrorism, our blood is somehow not as red as everyone else's.

Lessons from the Fight against Terrorism

Munich and the morality of Israel's counterterrorist measures.

The End of the Beginning

Ariel Sharon personified Israel's formative era.

Yasser Abbas

One year after Arafat's death, has anything really changed?

The Origins of the Refugee Problem

Putting to rest the canard that Israel caused the Arab refugee problem.

Time to Reform UNRWA

The strangely toxic case of the Palestinian refugees' UN caretakers.

10 Essential Facts About the Mideast Conflict

Meticulous research on all the key points of contention.

Ariel Sharon's Speech at the UN

Our desire for peace is strong enough to ensure that we will achieve it, only if our neighbors are genuine partners in this longed-for goal.

Destroying Synagogues – Again

Israel respects and protects the holy places of other religions. Why can't the same be said of the Arabs?

The Civil War that Wasn't

An invisible but very tangible border arose between those who shared the pain of disengagement and those who did not.

Gaza and Redemption

True justice will be brought with Jewish observance, Jewish study, Jewish tears, Jewish love.

Lessons From The Sbarro Bombing

Wisdom can be gained sometimes from one's enemy.

And Then They Came After Us

Civilizations will either hang separately or triumph over barbarism together.

Environments of Hate

Indoctrination in the Arab World and propaganda advocacy in American university classrooms.

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