Boycotting Israel?

Then unplug your computer and throw away your mobile phone.

The Middle East's Forgotten Refugees

I was born in Iraq and my family survived the Farhud, the Arabic pogrom of 1941.

Saboteur or Shahid?

By granting shahid status to the murderer, the PA media are portraying bombing as a positive religious act.

Raising the Children of Terrorists

Not one parent owned up to contributing to a culture in which suicide bombers were teen idols.

NGOs and the Anti-Israel Agenda

The role of NGOs in exploiting human rights to demonize Israel.

Take Israel Off Travel Warnings List

The U.S. State Department should stop telling Americans to defer travel to Israel.

An Islamic Reformation

I realized that I had grown up behind a wall of fear, media lies and deception that separated us Muslims from the rest of humanity.

The Incitement Yardstick

Media incitement per se is not the problem. The problem is Palestinian aspirations for Israel's destruction.

On Demographics

Each year an estimated 50,000 or more potential Jewish lives are aborted in Israel.

Arafat the Monster

He left this world peacefully, unlike the thousands of victims he sent to early graves.

Yassir Arafat, 1929-2004

HonestReporting's biography, with links to important sources.

Higher Ground

The role of time-honored Jewish values during war.

Making Terrorists Pay

Applying the banal instruments of civil law to combat terror.

The Apartheid Propaganda

Labeling Israel as an "apartheid state" is the embodiment of the new anti-Semitism that seeks to deny the Jewish people the right of equality and self-determination among the nations.

Arafat's Spots

Understanding Arafat before his attempted rehabilitation.

Presbyterians' Shameful Boycott

Unless the church rescinds this immoral and bigoted denigration of the Jewish state, it will be contributing to anti-Jewish bigotry and the encouragement of terrorism.

Israel: The Defining Moral Issue

The way the world treats Israel exemplifies a global moral sickness in which truth and goodness are ignored or attacked, while lies, wickedness and their perpetrators are appeased and supported.

Who is Humiliating Whom?

The average Israeli is "humiliated and harassed" by being searched far more times a day than the average Palestinian.

Israel's Response

Israel's response to the UN General Assembly on the ICJ fence decision.

Eradicating the Right to Self-Defense

The U.N. handicaps Israel, along with the rest of us.

The Pattern of Palestinian Rejectionism

Palestinian suicidal self-pity has led them from one historic calamity to another, and is precisely the reason why Israel is now building the fence.

Why Israel Needs a Fence

None of the arguments against the security fence have any merit.

A Bigoted Hague Decision

Israel is under neither a moral nor a legal obligation to give any weight to the International Court's predetermined decision.

Solidarity With Terror

A long, hair-raising article gives an inside look at the training practices of the International Solidarity Movement.

Rules of War Enable Terror

Human rights are being used to promote human wrongs.

Blaming Israel for the Iraq War

Putting to bed the insidious charge that the primary interest of the Bush administration in going to war against Saddam Hussein was to defend Israeli security interests.

Does Oppression Cause Suicide Bombing?

Some overprivileged Muslims support a culture of death, while impoverished Tibetans celebrate life

Defending Israel's Positions in Rafah

Israel has no war with the Palestinian people but with terror; and with those who are determined to destroy the Jewish State.

Abandoning Gaza Won't End Terrorism

The Hatuels opposed Ariel Sharon's proposed Gaza pullout because they understood that unilaterally surrendering land to Hamas and the PLO could only result in more terror and bloodshed, not less.

America - Hatred Among the Arabs

If Americans are hated in the Arab world, much of the blame can be laid to the influence of thugocracies like Mubarak's.

Disengagement from Genuine Peace

Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is rewarding terror and encouraging more bloodshed.

Fair Targets

No reasonable argument can be made that the decision to target terrorist commanders is unlawful under the laws of war or under international law.

Israel's UN Statement on Rantisi

Rantisi turned his craft from the healing of children, to the killing of children.

Israel's statement at the UN

"There cannot be peace and terror. There cannot be peace and Hamas."

Four Points: Arguments for Israel

In this age of sound-bites, here are some key facts at your fingertips.

Israel's Anti-Terror Fence: The World Court Case

Although the ICJ proceeding is, in reality, a political attack on Israel's right to self-defense, here's a comprehensive explanation why Israel's security fence comports with international law.

The Liberal Dilemma

Having been a liberal for my entire life, I was plunged into confusion by the world response to the situation in Israel.

Israel's Gift to a Terrorized World

No country's soul has been more severely tested than Israel's.

UN Emergency!

The United Nations cynically calls an emergency session to stop Israel's construction of the security fence.

Geneva: A Blueprint for War

It would put Arafat and the Palestinian dictatorship in position to accomplish at last the goal they have never abandoned: the liquidation of Israel.

Answering the New Anti-Zionists

The Jewish people's rights to a sovereign state in their historic homeland.

Palestinian Corruption and Poverty

Yasser Arafat is one of the world's richest men. His people languish in poverty.

Existential Questions

Destroying Israel is not a legitimate Mideast option.

Denying Muslim Anti-Semitism

Mahathir's views are emblematic of current Muslim discourse about Jews. This evil has already taken innocent lives; unless combated it could take many more.

Palestinian terrorism, American blood

In the past 10 years, 51 Americans have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Israel Wants Peace

Three talking points that highlight Israel's commitment to peace and shared Western values.

Arafat's Personal Record

What exactly does Israel have on Yasser Arafat?

Dealing with Hamas

Is Israel's policy of assassinating terrorist leaders legal under international law?

The Problem, Not the Solution

As Israel decides to remove Yasser Arafat, the UN Security Council seeks to protect him. Here, Israel's UN ambassador gives the Israeli view.

15 Things I Don't Understand about the Mideast Peace Process

Ten years after Oslo, am I imagining things -- or is the situation truly insane?

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