Oslo: Ten Years Later

Why Oslo's hopes turned to dust.

Hate Is a Choice

Israelis are trying to process their grief -- the Palestinians are exploiting theirs.

On Being Borked

How foes distorted my record.

Tragedies and Miracles

In the wake of "The Children's Attack," two families experience conflicted feelings of thankfulness and grief.

Jewish Heartbreak and Hope in Nineveh

Climbing over the rotting garbage, I realized I was the first Jew to enter this holy place in over 50 years.

A Road Map To Nowhere

Has Mahmoud Abbas read the road map?

A Palestinian Zionist?

A Palestinian turns from radical Muslim to true Zionist.

100 Years in a Nutshell

Here's a brief look at the major geopolitical, historical, and diplomatic events from the last century relating to Israel.

Words More Telling than Deeds

We made the painful mistake of ignoring what the Palestinian Authority says once. Let us not make the same mistake again.

The 36 Year War

In order for the road map to succeed, President Bush must first insist that the Palestinians abandon their hope of overwhelming Israel by demographic or other means.

What is the Road Map?

Israel endorses the peace plan, with 14 reservations that Sharon calls the 'red line.'

Bigotry and the Road Map

Peace will only come when the world stops "the soft bigotry of low expectations" against the Palestinians.

Prosecute Abu Abbas

The world should know what Abu Abbas and Samir Kuntar did to my family.

Sending Syria a Signal

Damascus has a record of lying to Washington and getting away with it.

Missing in Action

Memorial Day is especially painful for the families of soldiers whose fate remains unknown.

Abraham's Iraq Lesson

Jewish tradition holds that even a corrupt culture can be reshaped.

Why are Palestinians So Angry?

Palestinian rejectionism flourishes.

Israeli Elections: Democracy in Action

On Tuesday, January 28, Israelis will go to the polls to elect a new Knesset -- and to showcase the Mideast's lone democracy.

Immunizing Science Against Bigotry

Beleaguered Israeli doctors now have to fend off mindless attacks from their scientific colleagues, particularly in Europe.

Rejecting Martyrdom

The daughter of an Arab warrior tells her tale.

Letting Terrorism Win

Why should Washington's plan to oust Saddam Hussein transform Iraq into a democracy prevent Israel from working a similar transformation of Palestinian society?

The Moderate Voice of Islam?

A self-proclaimed 'moderate' Islamic website condones Palestinian suicide bombings against civilians.

Why War

A reminder of some basic facts about the present war.

U.S. Aid To Israel

The Christian Science Monitor delegitimizes and sensationalizes the amount of U.S. foreign aid to Israel.

The Deafening Silence

The terror attacks in Kenya foretells troubles for the entire free world.

Eradicate Terror

Terror should not be interpreted. It should be eradicated.

Hebron and The Struggle for the Holy Land

Why are the three places in Israel that the Torah records as legal property of the Jewish people in dispute?

Learning from Sadat

Sadat's wisdom offers a model for seeking peace.

Murder at a Kibbutz

The massacre in Metzer was an attack not on the idea of peace, but on the idea of Israel.

Children Under Fire

Palestinian children are back on the front lines, throwing rocks and bombs. Who's to blame?

Arab-Israeli Conflict #7: The 1991 Gulf War

As Saddam rained scuds on the Jews, political realities prevented a counter-strike.

Anti-Globalization: The New Anti-Semitism

The anti-globalization movement should stop sympathizing with terrorists and remove the Middle East conflict from its agenda.

Saudi Arabia: Loyal Ally or Unscrupulous Adversary?

A nationwide poll shows that 63 percent of the US public has a negative opinion of Saudi Arabia. And for good reason.

Nightmare on Temple Mount

A disaster in the making.

Arab-Israeli Conflict #6: Peace with Egypt

Jimmy Carter's shuttle diplomacy resulted in the Camp David Accords -- at a high price to Israel, and Nobel Peace Prizes for the principals.

We Didn't Start the Fire

Is it any wonder that the call "Itbakh al-Yahud!" can still be heard in this land?

What Occupation?

Few subjects have been falsified so thoroughly as the recent history of the West Bank and Gaza.

In War, Sides Must Be Taken

Why we take Israel's side.

Flunking with Flying Colors

The Middle East crisis offers the world an ethical litmus test.

Betrayed by the State Dept.

The U.S. State Dept. is doing almost the least it can in capturing Palestinian terrorists who have killed Americans in Israel.

Terrorized By Numbers

The media reports Mideast casualties by lumping suicide bombers together with their innocent civilians.

Palestinians Cheer Carnage

The joyful response of so many to the death, suffering, and mutilation of students and university workers raises pointed questions about the health of Palestinian society.

Inside a Terrorist's Mind

Prior to his assassination, Salah Shehadeh discussed the logistics of terror operations against Israelis.

Human "Wrongs"

Israel's efforts to defend itself seem to constitute a moral crime of the gravest magnitude.

Holy Jihad!

Arab clerics do fire and brimstone.

Israel's Moral Right to its Life

Why reason and justice are on Israel's side.

Terror and Denial at LAX

Call terrorism by its rightful name.

Free Palestine Can Become a Reality

A plan for peace and democracy.

An Insane, Terrorist, Suicidal Society

The entire Palestinian society is responsible for the brutal, suicidal onslaught because those who do not agree lack the integrity and courage to rise up, condemn, and do something about it.

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