ASA’s Boycotting Israel

It’s anti-Semitic and also illegal.

6 Ways to Change Israel's Image

How to promote Israel using social media.

Netanyahu & Iran

The prime minister's hard line on Iran reflects his deep sense of duty to defend the Jewish state against an existential threat.

Scholastic’s Map without Israel

Such a mistake should be unthinkable to make in the first place.

Teaching Hate in Gaza

Arab children are still being taught to hate and destroy Israel.

Infographic: Israel/US Alliance

How the United States benefits from its alliance with Israel.

A Black South African, Israel & Apartheid

Is the charge that Israel is an apartheid state valid or a slander? Who better to answer this question than someone who lived in a real apartheid state.

Syria & Yom Kippur

Now is the time to take responsibility, no matter how difficult it may be.

Blame Israel

Confronted with difficult situations too hard to face? Just blame the Jewish state.

The Absence of Outrage

Were Americans more shocked by the evil spiraling out of control in the Middle East, or by Lady Gaga’s latest outfit?

Israel: Small Country, Big Ideas

How Israel is making a world of difference.

Vilifying Israel

The systematic exploitation of international humanitarian law by the Palestinians comes at the expense of others in need.

The EU: Hypocrisy, Hostility and Prejudice

EU’s hostile fixation with Israel and its settlements is based on a series of deliberately misleading and flawed legal and political assumptions.

Making Peace with People

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of "Infidel," views the Middle East from a Muslim background.

Alice Walker Scapegoating Israel

An open letter by Israel's Consul General in New York.

Robert Kennedy’s 1948 Reports from the Holy Land

On the cusp of Israeli independence, keen insights from a 22-year-old American scion.

Jews & Non-Jews in Israel

Setting the record straight.

The Red Line

A peaceful way to stop Iran.

Stephen Hawking and the Israel Boycott

Sometimes very smart people do very dumb things.

Red Line for Syria

5 reasons why the Israeli strike can help stop Iran’s march to nuclear weapons.

Inside the UNRWA Classroom

Western money is backing the education of Arab children to liberate all of Palestine through an armed struggle.

65 Ways Israel is Saving Our Planet

The start-up nation is sharing its knowledge to become a light unto the nations.

Israel: 100 Years in a Flash

Celebrating Israel Independence Day and the miracle of Israel.

10 Reasons Americans Should Celebrate Israel's Independence Day

Celebrating Israel’s many extraordinary contributions to society.

Amira, Come See My Daughter Fighting for Her Life

Israeli society is in an uproar as Haaretz columnist calls for Palestinian rock attacks against Jews.

Middle East Reality Check

Knowing what Israel is up against and proceeding with due caution.

Europe's Hezbollah Cowardice

Have Europeans still not figured out that while terrorists start by killing Jews, they rarely end with them?

The UN vs. Israel

The UN is obsessed with one country’s human rights record, and it’s not North Korea, Iran or Syria.

The Dishonesty of “The Gatekeepers”

The Academy Award-nominated documentary ignores history and context, creating a distorted picture.

The Magic of Jerusalem

The Jewish people’s unbreakable bond with the sacred city that combines diversity with harmony, and modernity with history.

Middle East News Quiz

Winds of change are blowing through the Middle East. Check your knowledge of recent events.

Israel & the Environment

An amazing fact sheet about one of the greenest countries in the world.

Israel Elections 2013

Israelis head to the polls on Tuesday, January 22. Get the scoop.

2102 News from Israel You May Have Missed

2012 was a busy news year. Here are some less-reported stories you might have missed.

The Chuck Hagel Problem

Will the next U.S. Secretary of Defense downgrade cooperation with Israel and oppose actions against Iran?

Know Hamas

A glimpse behind the rhetoric.

The Palestinian UN Upgrade: Setting Things Straight

What it all really means, without misleading exaggeration.

Terror in School

The Middle East conflict explained through school bullying.

10 Facts about Hamas

So you think you know alot about Hamas?

Another Palestinian U.N. Bid

A unilateral declaration (UDI) violates all agreements and further complicates the peace process.

Israel's Support of the Palestinian Economy

What you never hear about in the mainstream media.

Evidence of the Jewish People’s Roots in Israel

The vast array of evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible.

Bibi & the Bible

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speeches reveal the meaning and mission of Israel and Jewish destiny.

Red Line on Iran

Why Israel needs to draw the line.

Israel is Not Our Enemy

The real enemies of the Arab world are corruption, lack of education and freedom, and the Arab dictators who suppress their own people.

PM Netanyahu’s Speech to the UN

Iran must be stopped. The world cannot remain silent.

The Libyan Film Riots

If we take the wrong lesson, we're in serious trouble.

The ‘Deterrence Works’ Fantasy

Deterrence worked with the Soviet Union. Here's why it won't work with Iran.

Minister Ebrahim, Resign

An open letter to South Africa's Deputy Minister.

My Life as an Egyptian Muslim Radical

Dr. Tawfik Hamid reveals the indoctrination of Egyptian youth and the election of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

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