Gaza's Business Boom

New cars, shopping malls, luxury hotels. A NYT reporter experiences life in Gaza.

9 Flotilla Facts

The upcoming flotilla violates international law and intends to provoke violent confrontation.

The Hamas Flotilla

George Orwell, where are you?


If the UN unilaterally declares a Palestinian state, will you join the party?

Why the Six-Day War Still Matters

Ten crucial lessons that resonate to this day.

Why They Lie About the IDF

Israel’s superior moral strength is the very target of criticism against it.

Illegal UN Resolution

A UN resolution to recognize a Palestinian State within the "1967 Borders" would be illegal.

Netanyahu's Speech to the US Congress

No distortion of history can deny the 4,000 year old bond between the Jewish people and the Jewish land.

Obama’s Israeli Anorexia

Sometimes the luxury of proving you are right is not worth the cost.

Waiting for an Egyptian Revolution

As the Western media turned their eyes away, a fundamentalist Islamic state began taking root.

Abbas Rewriting History

The lies and distortions of Mahmoud Abbas in his NYT op-ed is a clear rejection of peace.

The Wrong Pact

Unity between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is a devastating blow to peace.

You Say You Want a Revolution

Is the "Arab Spring" good or bad for the world?

Why America Needs Israel

The "realists" are wrong: Israel is America's ultimate ally.

Racism in Israel?

Is it racist to treat Arab neighbors with caution?

What is an Intifada?

And why Facebook should not be promoting it.

Democracy in the Arab World

Natan Sharansky, Bernard Lewis and their differing views on the chances for democracy in the Middle East.

Itamar Massacre

What sort of human being deliberately butchers a sleeping baby?

Itamar's Children

People are no longer ashamed to parade negative feelings toward Jews.

Libya, Israel and Human Rights

Living in an upside down world.

Israel's Caution toward Egypt

Why Thomas Friedman's rebuke of Israel is wrong.

Three Middle East Myths Exploded

Will these fallacies be replaced, at long last, by a dose of reality?

Egypt & the Muslim Brotherhood

There should be no room at the table for the Muslim Brothers.

Israel's Never Looked So Good

Israel bashers could have taken Israel's democratic experiment to the Arab world.

Iranium: 30 Years of State Sponsored Terror

An exclusive clip from the new documentary film.

Why are You Protesting Israel?

Exposing an unfair double standard.

The Still Lethal Obsession

Is the threat of radical Islam overstated?

Aboriginal Rights of the Jewish People

For more than two millennia the Jewish People has kept links to its ancestral homeland.

Jews, Muslims & Power

Why are Jews so powerful and Muslims so powerless?

WikiLeaks and Iran

The disclosure of Arab views on Iran's nuclear plans has made a military strike more likely.

Israeli Security and a Palestinian State

A comprehensive overview of Israel's critical security needs for a viable peace.

Why Israel is a Rogue State

A nation unlike any other in the world.

The Middle East Problem

Why the Middle East problem is so intractable.

With Israel, Whatever the Cost

The prime minister of Canada rebukes those who condemn Israel.

Airbrushing Jewish History

Chipping away at the millennia of Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

Open Letter to Archbishop Tutu

The Arab/Israeli conflict is not a struggle against apartheid or occupation.

The Undeniable Jewish State

Recognizing Israel as the Jewish state is the critical litmus test.

8 Points for Peace

An advisory note to members of the Israeli Knesset.

In Ishmael's House

The long history of anti-Semitism in Muslim lands.

Why Israelis Care about Peace

Despite the disappointment and trauma, Israelis still yearn for peace.

I Am a Refugee

Forced out of Algeria, my father and I – and millions of other Jews expelled from Arab countries – are entitled to redress.

The Arab Lobby

The Arab lobby in America is stronger than Israel’s, says a controversial new book.

BBC: Gaza Flotilla: What Really Happened?

Watch the video of BBC's shockingly fair treatment of the Gaza flotilla.

8 Reasons Leftists should be Pro-Israel

Supporting Israel squares with the core principles of the Left.

Our Man on Al Jazeera

Mordechai Kedar: defending Israel in Arabic.

Palestinian Corruption and Humanitarian Aid

The PA receives more humanitarian aid per capita than any country in the world. Money that could have been used to fix the world.

We Owe the Jews

The most precious possession of mankind.

Who's Against a Two-State Solution?

A very important history lesson.

The Blackmailer Paradox

Game Theory and negotiations with Arab countries.

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