Apartheid in the Middle East

Apartheid against the Palestinians is alive and well.

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(24) Jeff Allan, January 20, 2012 5:49 AM

This is true modern apartheid.Shame on the Arab world.

To the world that chooses selected morality,real facts are simply ignored.There are none so blind............ Israel is criticised for self preservation, the Arab world lauded for standing up to tyranny. What about the tyranny they extend to Palestinians. They will never achieve true peace and democracy until they reflect on what they truly stand for! Carry on being a beacon of light to the seeing world ,Israel

(23) Ellen, January 18, 2012 10:30 PM

Eye opening, informative message to the world

How powerful that short video is! Too bad more people in the world who consider Israel ,apartheid , don't see it. I wonder if Palestinians ever wonder or question why their own Arab brothers don't take them in and care for them. Israel, their so called occupiers give them every opportunity to life a free and normal life in Israel. Why isn't there more publicity about this shocking state amongst the Arab nations? All the bad press about western world companies and businesses carrying Israeli products. Shame on the world!

Jackie, January 19, 2012 3:13 PM

Wish the video's title was "Lebanon's Apartheid Against Palestinians"

If you only saw the original title you might (absolutely would) jump to the conclusion that this video is about Israel and the false claims that it is an Apartheid state against Palestinians. I wish that it was more obvious that this is NOT about Israel, but about Palestinians' Arab brothers refusing to give them equal rights. This is the story that must be told. I'm just afraid that for those who only see the title it will be neglected and misunderstood - Shared by those who want to slam Israel and not shared by those who think the title, in it's ambiguity, is positioned against Israel.

(22) ronnie, January 18, 2012 2:29 PM

Aphartheid in the middle East

Prevalent in Arab countries but only Israel is accused and falsely..

(21) R van der Berg, January 18, 2012 12:33 PM

total ignorance

the person who wrote this atricle is totally ignorant of apartheid. i am 77 years old and lived through the apartheid years. arabs living in Israel havie all the rights of Israelies. the trouble is that Palestine beongs to Israel it it the country given to them by God and in the not too distant future it will revert back to them. not all the Abrabs in the world can prevent this from happening.

ambrose, January 21, 2012 8:27 AM

Nobody denies that Mr. Van denberg, but you sound blind to the fact that helping the palestinians is also godly.

Nobody denies that Mr. Van denberg, but you sound blind to the fact that helping the palestinians is also godly. Why do the arabs just choose to ignore the palestinians? Could it be that they are racially different? Atleast you admit there is God.

Justwondering, February 25, 2012 10:34 PM

Did you watch the video? It is not against Israel.

M. Douglas, December 3, 2012 12:44 PM

..um..just wondering if you watched the video

the video was about the fact that Israel is NOT an aparteid state but the Arab states are. Just wondering if you actually watched the whole thing Mrs van der Berg.

(20) bob pollack, January 18, 2012 3:38 AM

let the arabs solve the refjgee problem they created it.

Look I am rried of the whiinig about the refugees. The arabs created the problem let thearabs solve the problem. israel is the only country in the middle East that an arab can live free so to the rest of the arab world solve your own problems and leave israel alone.

(19) Andy, January 17, 2012 8:31 PM

Should the UAS give all illegals here full rights as citizens.Tee # 18 has right idea

This is more complex than stated . The Arabs who fled to neighboring countries had no intention of remaining there,and are only tolerated until they and their descendants can return home to Palestine.An imperfect analogy may be to illegal migrant workers who come into the US to make some money and then hope to return home. In Israel the Palestinian Arabs who remained were given rights of citizens in a similar way that Jews and other minorities are given rights in the USA, however in the US minorities for the most part want a fair shot at the American dream, not to dismantle the State and replace it with one of their own. If Israel wants to be a Jewish State and a democracy it is messy but possible with a smallish minority even if their loyalty is suspect. It does not seem possible if Israeli citizenship along with equal rights are granted to Palestinians outside the green line as well. Guest workers and non Jewish immigrants add to the problem, if being Jewish and democratic is necessary. The best case for Israel seems to me primarily a religious one. God gave the land to the Jewish people with the condition that they perform the commandments of the Torah, becoming a nation of priests. The return in modern times is at minimum wondrous, if not miraculous.When Jews live in Israel according to Torah it is stated that it will benefit the righteous of all mankind. To point out that Arabs often treat other Arabs poorly seems pointless. While glad they are not languishing in some refugee camp I suspect that the Arabs you show prospering in Israel are not singing Hatikva about the Jewish soul yearning to be free with sincerity,which is not surprising given that most Haredi Jews aren't either.While they see different ends both groups view secular Zionism as temporary.

(18) tee, January 17, 2012 1:41 PM

According to the video Arab countries practice aphartheid because they wont absorb refugees. So if israel doesnt absorb sudanese refugees are they also practicing aphartheid? Also it doesnt address west bank palestinians who dont have citizenship - The cheesy music in the background makes the video feel like propoganda. The situation in the ME is pretty complex. Yes the arab nations keep the palestinians as a thorn in israel sides - but what's the solution now? this is for educated people. Surely clever enough to understand the complexity of the situation.

(17) Do Lern Hwei, January 17, 2012 12:03 PM

Discrimination against Palestinians An Anti Ploy

I believe that the surrounding countries deny basic rights and choice to get citizenship just to instigate Palestinians to become terrorists against Israel. With nowhere to go, Palestinians will join militant groups. Hope that Palestinians are allowed to be Israeli citizens. That is one of the best possible solutions.

(16) rachek, January 17, 2012 8:43 AM

israeli arabs vs. palestinians

i'm not totally convinced...what about the palestinians in the west bank who can't even drive their cars past the border? i'm not advocating that they should- in fact, i live in the west bank, and would not want my security compromised, but not all palestinians are granted the same rights that israeli arabs have (those with an Israeli ID card)

Anonymous, January 17, 2012 11:08 AM

International Law

Rachek, Israel has not annexed the West Bank or Gaza, so the Palestinians there are not Israeli citizens but live under the British Mandate laws plus international law. Of course this situation is also unsatisfactory, but, to a great extent how "relaxed" an occupation is depends on the attitude of the people. West Berlin strictly speaking was occupied by the French, US and British Allied powers (East Germany being nothing but the Soviet occupation zone). Strictly speaking, no person was allowed to own a weapon in West Berlin or even large knife... in practice, Berliners fraternised with the "occupiers" and the "occupiers" became protectors from the Soviets and apart from certain restrictions (eg no German aircraft allowed to land in West Berlin), life was like in any city. So it depends what the ruling authority (PA /Hamas) make of the situation. At least the Palestinians there have control over that, unlike in Lebanon, Syria or Egypt. Pity that they don't make better use of this liberty to move forward constructively.

(15) JR, January 17, 2012 12:12 AM

This is unbelievable

This is sick. These people need to be held responsible for their actions like real adults and left to stand on their own feet. They will never stop blaming Israel otherwise. They don't want to stop blaming Israel now because then they would have to admit that they are derelicts who are not competitive with the rest of the world. They would have to feel shame and they want to avoid feeling personal shame, even at the cost of remaining in squalor. The Palestinians caught "in between" have voted for terrorists to rule them and try to continue to take over Israel. They have MILLIONS of dollars a year pumped into their government EVERY YEAR and they still live like this?! Their life sucks because they have chosen this, actively chosen this. It is sad the Palestinians can stop trying to kill Israel, it is worse that they don't want to! I feel bad for Palestinian children whose parents would rather glorify their suicide than fight to make their lives better. These people need real help, the kind where Israel builds a wall, stops ALL interaction with them, and the UN starts teaching them how to act like responsible adults. And if they continue to bomb Israel with their money instead of feeding their children then they are no better than the Canaanites who sacrificed their children to their god mulock. Further, if the Palestinians do insist on bombing Israel after Israel has tried to ignore them, which they will, the Palestinians should be held fully accountable, just like every other responsible group of adults in the world. This video is inflammatory. Israel deserves better than to have this on a Jewish website.

Corin, January 17, 2012 6:49 PM

How is this inflammatory?

This is saying that Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt deny Palestinians who fled to their countries more than 60 years ago the right to citizenship and continue to keep them in refugee camps without attempting to resettle them like is the proper course of action. Meanwhile it shows what has become of the Arabs (or Palestinians) who remained in Israel after the declaration of statehood was made, they are all fully excepted citizens with equal rights who serve in the highest levels of government, military and as they showed a national sports team. This video makes no mention of the West Bank and Gaza Palestinians as they are not under the control of any country and are a contested territory, currently controlled by Palestinian factions.

(14) Anonymous, January 16, 2012 9:46 PM

An Eye Opener for Me, and I lived in Israel for two years!

I was not aware that Palestinians were not given their rights in other Arab countries in the Middle East. The American press/media has a tendency to portray Israel as the perpetrators of apartheid, because of the necessary precautions against bombings during the second Intifada, when I lived there [2002-03]. I know the Pal. people were allowed to vote. Many thanks for putting this video out there.

(13) McLevy, January 16, 2012 3:41 PM


Beautiful video. Thanks for making it.

(12) Vince, January 16, 2012 2:15 PM

No hope

When the man said,"We don't have dreams anymore." That pretty much sums it up. If there are no dreams, no hope then you are nowhere and can do nothing. It's slavery of the mind.

(11) Doug Mayfield, January 16, 2012 1:51 PM

The video 'Apartheid in the Middle East' answered a question which occurred to me some time ago and which is never addressed in our media. If the Arab nations, which are geographically much larger than Israel, are troubled by the fate of Palestinian refugees, why don't they simply take them in? Thanks, Doug Mayfield

Mae, January 16, 2012 3:52 PM


Very good question indeed! Evidently people do not read history to learn the real reasons for Palestinian the situation.

(10) Anonymous, January 16, 2012 4:14 AM

The Palestinians and Israelis have so much in common.

The Palestinians and Israelis have so much in common. They are hated by those around them, and used as scapegoats for each other's problems. If only they could get along with each other.

saralee, January 17, 2012 3:12 PM

Israel has tried

unfortunately its the arabs who refuse!!

(9) Ariela, January 16, 2012 12:53 AM

So messed up and so sad.

NO ONE should have compassion for countries who do this to any people. This is so very sad and deplorable. How can the UN allow this to continue. The Biggest question is. WHAT ON EARTH CAN BE DONE TO HELP?

JR, January 17, 2012 12:17 AM


How can the UN allow this to continue, for the last 60 years no doubt? The UN has a rule that says the first generation of refugees are refugees. The second generation, born in the new country they escaped to, are not refugees. This law is true for everyone on earth EXCEPT Palestinians. They could help them by revising the rules and allowing Palestinians to become citizens of the Arab countries they are being held in ghettos by. If the UN changed this rule the Palestinians in the west bank and gaza strip would also be held responsible for managing the money they are sent to buy food and build homes, instead of being allowed to use it on weapons without anyone accusing them of funds misappropriation. The UN is against the welfare of the Palestinians. The Palestinians need to be allowed and made to take care of themselves, like adults. They have more than enough money, they can do it themselves and should.

(8) jgarbuz, January 15, 2012 11:57 PM

I too was born in a refugee camp

..in Germany about 18 months after the surrender of Germany. My parents were there for nearly 3 years. But in 1948 Truman lt us into the United States and by 1956 we were all naturalized citizens. But in Lebanon, Syria and most of the Middle East except for Jordan, the Arab refugees from Palestine remained as non-citizens, in most cases restricted in their right to work down to the present day. This is not Israel's fault. Even if the world blames the resurrection of the Jewish state for the Palestinian refugees, they cannot blame Israel for the refusal of the Arab states to absorb them as citizens and to let them work and live freely for over 60 years!

Kerry, January 16, 2012 1:54 PM


But they do blame Israel.

(7) Ilene Richman, January 15, 2012 10:54 PM


The Arab community made up of several different countries treat their citizens horribly. Israeli Arabs have the right of all Israelis except to serve in the army.The Palestinians have a country called Jordan. That is where they should be moved. The Gazas (Hamas) should be moved to Egypt. They are Egyptian citizens. Arabs purposefully keep Arabs in refugee camps as a bargaining chip against Israel. It will not help. Arabs are mean and cruel to their own people. All are dictatorships ruled by cruel dictators.It is about time the Arabs got their own house cleaned up and in order and through out the dictators and formed secular democratic countries.

(6) Robert James Babuji.M.D, January 15, 2012 8:52 PM

Let the truth be told!

Israel is the only true democracy in the middle east(Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said this repeatedly in every political forum known to man!) and even under threat of destruction from surrounding Arab nations they have continued to show the love of HaShem to even their enemies, while their Arab neighbours practice apartheid! Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohenu Adonai Echad! Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim!

(5) Dr. Judy Freier, January 15, 2012 5:43 PM

Important Info to Be Distributed to the World At Large!!!

Beautifully done and clearly stated. Why is this info kept secret to the world at large? We need to spread the word about the true apartheid in the Middle East and it does not take place in Israel. Thank you Stand With Us for putting this valuable video together.

(4) Anonymous, January 15, 2012 4:12 PM

This is the truth

I've seen this with my own eyes. It is the truth and it needs to be shared.

(3) Anna Chosak, January 15, 2012 3:03 PM

Once again, the truth is not reported by the media. This is going on my Facebook page and I'm asking everyone to share.

(2) Tziporah, January 15, 2012 2:38 PM

The truth!

This should be broadcast around the world!

Anonymous, January 16, 2012 1:53 AM

broadcast around the world

I couldn't agree more. Perhaps the major TV stations and CNN will broadcast this instead the constant slanted reporting which demonizes Israel.

(1) Anonymous, January 15, 2012 2:42 AM

Awesome video!

Thanks so much for sharing! A must see for everyone! Keep up the amazing videos Aish!!


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