Human Shields of Hamas

As Hamas puts civilians in the line of fire, the IDF does all can to limit civilian casualties and carry out precision strikes in Gaza.

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(6) Jerry, June 24, 2021 4:02 AM

Some highlights of anti-Israel terrorists using its own civilian pooulation including women and children as human shields: Dubbed: The 'Dead Baby Strategy' In 1982/3 Arafat [PLO] uses women and children in Lebanon. Elaborated in the US House of Rep

1982/3 Arafat [PLO] uses women and children in Lebanon. Elaborated in the US House; eyewitness in Lebanon; Finds by IDF. Dec, 2000 letter by Arab women on use of kids as "cannon fodders". (USA Today). [Israel To U.N.: "Keep Palestinians From Using Kids As Shields" H. Keinon, JP, Nov. 8, 2000] Letter by US doctors in 2001. 2002 increased use by Arafat's intifada, human bombs, human shields. Firing behind stone throwers... Jenin-2002, causing the soldiers to go door to door. 2002-4, usage of ambulances. (Near East Report, 2004) Nov. 2006 Beit-Hanoun, terror masters surrounded themselves by women, thus escaped IDF, reported widely by all intl. press. 2008, Hamas' Fathi Hammad openly said that they've been using women, children. Hamas explains use of human shields: "We desire death as you desire life." In 2008, Fatah men accused Hamas of forcing them to act as human shields (Reported in Ynet, Apr.01.08). The 2009 al Arabiya reported live, reacting to rocket just launched beneath. In 2014, Hamas' Sami Abu Zuhri calls on the Palestinian people to use the tactic to defend their homes: "We in the Hamas movement call on our people to adopt this procedure." In 2014 many international journalists reported on wide use 8f human shields by Hamas and some Hamas threatened them. France24 report, 2014, of launchers nearby houses. In 2014, Hamas terrorists caught using ambulances. July 2014, UN admitting its UNRWA was used. 2014 - AP's Matti Friedman's report of Hamas using and controlling journalists. 2018 used kids at the fences to get on the frontline so they can operate behind them. Hamas firing from besides offices of AP journalists; 2017-2021. 2018 Hamas' Sinwar: "We Decided To Turn The Bodies Of Our Women And Children Into A Dam Blocking Arab Collapse" In 2021, IDF aborting operations as kids were around, onstances of terror tunnels beneath schools. UNRWA acknowledges. In June-2021 Hamas' Sinwar admitting to the operations located in residential places.

(5) nishant verma, July 14, 2014 7:41 PM


Great video, NO FORCE ON EARTH can ever drive away the Jews who are God's chosen from their God given land, why cant the world learn from what happened to Pharaoh, Haman, Hitler etc....every inch of Israel belongs to the jews and ONLY THE matter how much proof exists of arab terrorism and Israel reaching out in peace, the "human rights", liberal leftist media always seems to blame proves Israel is ALWAYS a spiritual isue first and real battle is between God and's up to every man to choose which side he will stand with...I stand with The God of Israel and with His people NO MATTER WHAT....ZION IS FOREVER...SHALOM

(4) Nancy, July 13, 2014 6:47 PM

covering the face

It just dawned on me that Hamas, the Klu Klux Klan, and bank robbers all cover their faces....hmmmm.

(3) Anonymous, July 13, 2014 5:15 PM

Thanks for sharing!

Great movie!
I am gad I saw it.
I wish more would watch it too!

(2) Haim, July 13, 2014 4:32 PM

Deleted comment

This comment has been deleted.

the doctor is in, July 13, 2014 7:14 PM

Haim, I would give you half a year's session on my couch

If I felt you had a chance of recovery....
but it seems you are as brainwashed as the pals-
You pathetically castigate Jews who live in areas that are in dispute- not necessarily occupied illegally. You echo all the propagandists without knowing the facts. You obviously are disconnected from your people, through major gaps of knowledge and most probably through personal relationships
as we read your brief credo of confusion. Just in case you can open your closed brain to any simple logic, Hamas is out to kill Jews! Settlers would be happy to live among friendly arabs. Hamas targets innocent Jews not only in Israel but where ever they can inflict harm, on the ground or in the air.
Settlers target no one- they have a strong spine and backbone and strong Jewish sense of self and ongoing heritage. for you to target the settlers, demonstrates
how ignorant and arrogant some jews have become.
you really need help! Your words are a total disgrace to
our people and our values of truth & justice.

Yehudith Shraga, July 14, 2014 3:09 AM

Hope you are able to comprehend the point

Haim dear, there is a very good old soviet joke, which says, that a Soviet and an American discuss their countries and the American says that he enjoys living in democratic state, where he can come to the White House to say whatever he thinks about the US president and he is sure nothing bad is going to happen to him. The Soviet looked at him in surprise and answered: "so what? Me too can come to the Red Square to say whatever I think about US President and I am sure nothing bad is going to happen to me either".

The very your existence, dear Haim is insured by those who came to the Land of Israel, bought here first "territories" and built for us cities, villages and finally the country. There is no place in Israel which didn't belong once to somebody else but Jews during the history of exile, and the citizens of Tel-Aviv are no less "settlers" than any other citizens of Haifa, Nes-Zionna, Ashkelon, Beer-Shevah, Ariel, Hevron, Natzeret or any other place in the land of Israel, all these places and many others, which you even may not imagine belong to Jewish People according to the Torah.
Many of us came here or gave the birth here to our children knowing that there is some risks and yes, they are our shield, they are our future, they are the future of the people of Israel, these are our children who are now in the army protecting us from the rocket attacks and these are our children who do everything to create new technologies, to insure the law and peace in the Land of Israel as ordered to us by G-d in His Torah.

But it is not a question of if you believe in Divinity of Torah or not, it is a question of how it happened that you haven't heard about the Exile and the history of Jewish return to the Land of Israel, it seems you have a lot to catch up, because it seems you haven't been with us for some time.

And, please, let us know what you get in return, when you call a member of Hamas a settler.

Chuck Naturale, July 20, 2014 7:40 PM

You have got to be a hamas plant

Settlers who target no one can not be compared to a people who target everyone just because of their race and religious beliefs stop drinking the cool aid my arab friend if hamas stopped right now Israel would attack no one. G-d Bless you my Brothers Best regards your Christian Brother.

(1) Yehudith Shraga, July 13, 2014 2:35 PM

Shame on Hamas

Pulling a child as if he were a piece of useless wood, bragging with the weapons, when all the civilians already hate their own lives and origin shows once again the devastating nature of the egoistic and selfish creatures, who find satisfaction in exercising their power of the children and women, those whose pride has fallen so low as to fights the ordinary people in their own place of living as well as seeking for the ways to hurt the people of Israel, be it Jews, or their "Arab brothers".
When hate speaks, human dignity leaves, what is left?-Hamas.


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