Why Israel Must have Defensible Borders

In an unpredictable and constantly shifting Middle east, one thing remains constant: defensible borders are vital to Israel’s security.

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(3) Anonymous, January 14, 2016 11:55 AM

Time to get out of the rut

A commenter said: "Israel is a country with 6.5 million Jews surrounded by hundreds of millions of arabs interested in killing everyone here." This is true and yet there is peace with Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Hezbollah. By understanding why these countries made peace with Israel, maybe we can apply those principles to the Palestinian problem. Clearly, dropping bombs and bulldozing houses is not preventing Jews from getting killed.

Ely, January 14, 2016 2:32 PM

"get out of the rut" get your facts straight!

Hezbollah is a country?
Hezbollah and Syria made peace with Israel???
Where on earth do you get your information?
Actually bulldozing houses is considered to be quite an effective disincentive to the PA's payments to the family of the deceased terrorist (according to the PA - martyr). Nothing is perfect, but government demolitions of property to prevent murder is a legitimate measure.
Israel doesn't bomb houses. If you are referring to the Gaza war where Hamas was shooting missiles and rockets into Israel from civilian areas, please point out anyone in the world that lets their towns be shot at without responding.

Anonymous, January 15, 2016 12:17 AM

Yes, Israel has peace with its Arab neighbors

"Peace" in this discussion is defined as "Jews not getting killed". What more do you want...a Phish concert with beachballs? The Arab countries hate Israel but Jews are not getting killed by them. Figure out why and perhaps apply those principles to the Palestinians. P.S. nowhere do I mention a Palestinian state or Israel not having an effective military, so you can avoid those misconceptions.

Anonymous, January 14, 2016 5:10 PM

Egypt and Jordan are still not safe places for Israeli , or western country tourists.
They both would hop on the band wagon if they thought another collective attack on Israel would be successful.
There will NEVER BE PEACE in that part of the world unless all the muslims are destroyed.
From my mouth to God's ear!

(2) Dvirah, January 11, 2016 8:04 PM

Who Predicted the Arab Spring would Erupt into Chaos?

I did!

(1) Scott, January 11, 2016 6:58 AM

Defensive depth?

I get it. There's this need to talk this language. But its silly.

Israel is a country with 6.5 million Jews surrounded by hundreds of millions of arabs interested in killing everyone here. With missiles and fighter jets and suicide bombers and chemical/biological weapons of unimaginable horror in the world and a defensive dpeth measured in tens of kilometers not thousands, how are any borders truly "defensible" in any strategic sense?

Ask any military expert how Israel survived in 1948. They'll shrug their shoulders. An organized motivated Arab assault should have prevailed. We didn't win. The arabs did their best to lose and succeeded.

Most of them simply ran away in fear.

Who did that? You think a bunch of Jews coming after was truly terrifying? You think it was us that put fear in their hearts and confusion in their minds? You think we set them against each other so they couldn't coordinate or cooperate?

I don't like roller coasters. Find them stupid. You get on a ride that puts your stomach in your throat and jerks you around providing sensory input that tries to trick you mind into forgetting that a million people rode the ride before you and noone died so you get scared.

That's what these types of arguments are. Hashem has sheparded his people through four thousand years. We've outlasted every great civilization the world has known, including those that tried to kill us and were actually good at it.

Like any large flock those of us that get away from the Shepard or leave the pasture too long fall prey to wolves, but the flock is preserved.

I think as long as we try to earnestly follow the directions of the shephard and stay in the field he clears for us we're good. Defensive depth or no.

But in our spare time, we still ought to keep our powder dry and the idf ready for the next opportunity hashem throws our way.


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