"Bomb kills two in Jerusalem"

02 November 2000

1. "A suspected car bomb has exploded in an outdoor market near the center of Jerusalem, killing at least two people. The device exploded near Mahane Yehuda Market, the site of a bomb explosion in 1997 -- ten people are believed to have been injured in the recent attack. The bomb, which may be the work of groups opposed to the peace process, could shatter new hopes of a ceasefire between Palestine and Israel."

Violation of Objectivity: Selective omission of facts

BBC headlines the horrendous terrorist attack in Jerusalem as "Bomb kills two in Jerusalem." The article then continues to report that, "killing at least two people... ten people are believed to have been injured" Although this was an earlier report from the scene, nowhere in the article does the BBC mention that the victims (if not those dead, surely those injured) were Israelis. How could the BBC have omitted such a crucial piece of information? Based on all previous BBC coverage, if Palestinians had been attacked, the headline surely would have reflected that.

Equally biased was the BBC assertion that the bomb "may be the work of groups opposed to the peace process." Was this a Jewish group or a Palestinian group? Of the numerous terrorist bombs that have exploded in the Jerusalem market in recent decades, surely none have been perpetrated by Jews!

Why does the BBC seek to cover-up Palestinian responsibility for loss of Jewish life?


04 November 2000

"Mid-East truce 'takes root'"

1. "Israeli troops opened fire against demonstrations... More than 170 people have died in the violence, the majority of them Palestinian stone-throwers shot by Israeli soldiers."

Violation of Objectivity: Misleading definitions and terminology

The BBC uses the word "demonstrations," which connotes a peaceful protest staged by the Palestinians. In fact, Palestinians attack Israeli soldiers with rocks, firebombs, and live ammunition.

"...the majority of them Palestinian stone-throwers shot by Israeli soldiers."

Violation of Objectivity: Lack of Context

The BBC has been adding the phrase "stone-throwers shot" in all of its online articles. In truth, stone-throwers are rarely (if ever) shot during these riots. Unless the Palestinians begin shooting first with live bullets, Israeli soldiers are instructed never to shoot to kill, and then, to aim only at the source of the shooting, never randomly. No other army has such restrained orders.

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Times of London –

02 November 2000

"Peace hopes rise after Peres talks to Arafat" by: Sam Kiley

"For the time being, their (Palestinian) efforts have been met with devastating force from the Israelis, who claim that Gilo is a suburb of Jerusalem itself, even though it is on the West Bank."

Violation of Objectivity: Distortion of facts

The Times of London asserts that Gilo is not a suburb of Jerusalem because, "it is on the West Bank." The BBC fails to make the obvious distinction between Arab areas of the West Bank -- like Ramallah and Sh'chem -- and other areas which are indisputably Jewish lands. According to the BBC, the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and the Western Wall should likewise be classified as the "West Bank," since they were also returned to Jewish hands in 1967.

Should Jewish neighborhoods of West Jerusalem be classified as the "West Bank?" According to Arthur J Goldberg, former US Ambassador to the United Nations and one of the drafters of the UN Resolution 242: "Resolution 242 in no way refers to Jerusalem, and this omission was deliberate... Jerusalem was a discrete matter, not linked to the West Bank."

Times of London –

04 November 2000

"West Bank torment of mothers born in Britain" by Sam Kiley

1. "...Teqoa, an illegal Jewish settlement that sits on a hilltop surrounded by Palestinian land on the West Bank."

Violation of Objectivity: Misleading definitions and terminology

By calling Teqoa an "illegal Jewish settlement," the Times of London begs the question: By what definition is this village "illegal?" Israeli citizens have every right by international law to build settlements and live in the Teqoa area. A review of historical records shows that the community of Teqoa was founded on an empty hill, and no Palestinian residents were displaced or inconvenienced by the existence of Teqoa.

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